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  1. Hi, the thing that alarms me on my 2012 Toyota Avensis is the VERY low sound when the indicators are on. On several occasions I have spotted that the indicators were still on 😱 I bought a wired buzzer unit to enhance the ‘indicator on’ audio note BUT cannot find a suitable spot with easy access to wire the beeper to. Any ideas? Please.
  2. Thank you 🙏 bottom line... Toyota wanted £491 for a aircon amplifier module (which it wasn’t) plus £225 for a aircon sensor/pressure switch. PLUS LABOUR. In actuality it cost us.... Aircon amplifier from eBay £34.99 Aircon sensor/pressure switch. £56 £40 Labour 🤗🤗🤗
  3. It is Automatic 1800 Avensis....shift lock button seems to serve no purpose, maybe it’s a blank? Thanks y’all 👍
  4. SOLVED!!!..... It WAS the aircon pressure switch/sensor, our local one man band garage swopped it FREE OF CHARGE (I gave him £40) and it is working! 🤗 The local Toyota dealer had the car all of on day, kept it overnight ‘for diagnostic purposes’ and said it was the aircon amplifier. Local guy swopped that for one I got off eBay no difference. Local guy said....”there is excessive pressure in the system, I bet it’s the pressure sensor” and it was! ..... thanks to those who replied and advised me on this forum, it is appreciated 👌
  5. Thank you very much, does anybody know what the ‘shift lock’ button does on the automatic 2012 Avensis 👍
  6. Hi, Has Toyota Avensis 2012 got start/stop technology? my wife’s 2009 Yaris has but cannot find it on my 2012 Avensis . thanks.
  7. Thank you for your advice, I will try the multimeter and clip shorting and see what happens. Should there be a continuity beep (short circuit) on the pressure sensor pins or not? * THREE wires to sensor cap, which should be shorted out? Thank you.
  8. Thank you all for advising 👍 next week I will receive a new air con pressure switch and get it swopped - here’s hoping !
  9. MY ERROR! The pressure reading was 121 bar.
  10. UPDATE. obtained a tested replacement air con amplifier from eBay, swopped it over today - still the same!! Local, non Toyota dealer, garage said the car had an aircon pressure of 151bar 🤬 he suspects it’s the aircon pressure sensor switch. They are £225 from Toyota, but got a new one on line from AUTODOC, £56 including postage. THE QUEST FOR COLD AIR CONDITIONING CONTINUES - anybody got the feeling that Toyota are fleecing their owners 🤬
  11. Hi, Toyota had the car overnight, no leaks, compressor is ok, the told me it was the amplifier module ‘the brains behind the air conditioning’ as they called it. Just wondered if it was a 10 minute DIY job to exchange it??? thanks
  12. Thank you very much indeed for taking the time to help 👍
  13. Hi, Toyota dealer wanted £550 to swop my wife’s Yaris TR 2010 1.3ltr air con amplifier module for a new one, the part costs £491. I obtained the part number from Toyota and bought a used (but guaranteed) one online a lot cheaper. Is it a simple job for me to attempt. PLEASE let me know how 😱Especially if you have swopped one. Thank You 👍 This diagram shows where it is supposed to go???