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  1. Avensis 1.8 petrol 2012 - re-mapping?? Anybody had it done? thanks
  2. Konrad C. Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to find the pictures it is appreciated and will be kept for reference 👍 But being a lazy sod, I took Yossarian247’s advice and turned the dial rather energetically and it worked 🤗🤗🤗 Thank you 🙏
  3. Can anybody please tell me how to remove temperature control unit/panel without marking it? Avensis 2012 Petrol 1.8 ‘New shape’. thank you.
  4. Thank you, I have the 2012 model, underneath it there is a plastic tray between bottom of radiator and road.
  5. In an effort to sort the problem out in my previous post (temperature control intermittent) Can anybody tell me where the outside temperature sensor is situated, thanks.
  6. Over the last few months it has become harder to select specific temperatures using the drivers side ‘Temp’ knob. It’s easy enough to select up to 16 degrees, but when temperature knob is turned UP to increase the heat, it flips to ‘Lo’. Any ideas please, ‘Lo is not suitable for January in the U.K. ⛄️ thanks in anticipation.
  7. Hi, has anybody come across a decent pair of REASONABLY PRICED after market DRL’s which simply slot into the apertures on a U.K. 2012 Avensis thank you
  8. Thanks for the advice. But will that physically remove the particles?
  9. No drop in coolant levels, they were topped up 6 months ago. AC is spot on, just this !Removed! dust. * does evaporate cleaner just clean inside the evap? I think the aluminium dust is from the outside coating???
  10. If anybody comes up with an alternative/workaround, please post here.
  11. It is an actual condition, it was confirmed on last service/inspection. The cabin filter was changed after the fault was spotted, I thought it may have been the cabin filter breaking down. But it continued.
  12. From searching online I believe there is a growing number of complaints regarding Toyota cars with this fault. My wife has a lovely 2010 Yaris, only done 24,000, and about every three weeks the dash has a sprinkling of white debris. See attached picture to get an idea of the cause. If you have found any solutions, other than the multi million pound solution outlined in the attached article, please post details 👍 thanks
  13. Hi, the thing that alarms me on my 2012 Toyota Avensis is the VERY low sound when the indicators are on. On several occasions I have spotted that the indicators were still on 😱 I bought a wired buzzer unit to enhance the ‘indicator on’ audio note BUT cannot find a suitable spot with easy access to wire the beeper to. Any ideas? Please.
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