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  1. That should of course read that my Skywing is the second-worst I've seen, otherwise :"The worst was a Zace" doesn't make sense. My favored alternative would be a Datsun 520/620 pickup truck but they are getting rare and commanding classic prices now,
  2. Yeh, just thought someone might have South African connections or experience, I'll try SA posts later. Re why a Zace, saw one for sale at a fairly good price, and they seem to be relatively low tech and potentially fairly rugged (eg pushrod OHV engine, RWD). Also roomy with camping car potential, and still fairly common here. The Skywings were common when I got here but are almost extinct now which is impacting spares availability. eg so far cant find points in-country I suspect commercial vehicles last longer because the Chinese/Taiwanese bling/face thing is less of a factor. Private cars have to be new and shiny to avoid unbearable shame. Came under noticable and specifically targeted pressure from the University where I work to get rid of my Skywing, one of the reasons I've kept it so long. Its the worst-looking car I've seen here. The worst was a Zace.
  3. Current car (1986 Daihatsu Skywing) is getting hard to keep drivable and probably wont pass the next inspection. Thinking of replacing with a 1996 Toyota Zace Snag (apart from fuel consumption, which will be high, but I don't drive much) is lack of tech info. I THINK it was sold in South Africa and I saw some information in English online some years ago, but if I saved it I don't have it now. If anyone knows of any sources I'd like to too, electronic or paper, not necessarily free I'll have a look for South African sites to post queries on too.