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  1. oldcodger my Corolla is a UK supplied 2l diesel model. My Haines workshop manual also shows the diesel having a pressure cap on the reservoir (expansion) tank. But it looks like it shows the petrol version as having a different arrangement.
  2. In answer to tarantula_123 question; my Corolla has not got any other radiator cap. So the cap to the expansion tank allows the expansion tank & the cooling system to build up pressure. So if you look my cap's ebay' picture; it shows the cap has a pressure limit of 108 kPa (16 psi). I think the boiling point of water at this pressure is 120 C.
  3. I had a problem of coolant loss recently on my 2004 Corolla. In desperation I thought I'd try replacing the expansion tank cap as it hadn't been replaced in 14 years. Found a genuine one on ebay for £13.90 It solved the problem.