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  1. If it helps, my 2011 Auris hybrid has 17" wheels & Advics brakes. These are the relevant Toyota part numbers: Front disks 43512-42050 296mm dia (Textar 92168803) Front pads 04465-42180 T04465-YZZDY w 146.5 ht 56.8 (Textar 2433701) Rear discs 42431 02190 259mm dia Rear pads 04466 12150 When I replaced my rear pads & discs I found I could get genuine Toyota parts at good prices from Toyota dealers on Ebay.
  2. My money is on your new Delphi coil is defective.
  3. I was reflecting on Toyota's advice on hybrids: 'We recommend you put the car in ‘Ready’ mode for about 60 minutes before switching it off again and repeat the process at least once a week' If the battery say has capacity of 35Ah and is 1/2 charged; then it will need 17.5Ah of charging. If the charging current in Ready mode is 5A: then that suggest you really need to have it in ready mode for 3.5 hours to fully charge it. So that says to me if you left your hybrid for some time then you will need to give an initial charge of several hours before you can adopt the 60 minutes a week re
  4. I would check that the battery connections are sound & that the earthing strap is firmly connected as a first and easy step. Next step would be a Techstream check for error codes.
  5. Jonas, does 'low mileage (5-8000km) from 2013-2014' mean low annual mileage i.e. 35,000km to 56,000km?
  6. OK have you checked that your glowplugs are all functioning? I presume that the fuel filter has been replaced not too long ago & the fuel tank is not empty.
  7. Is your car petrol or Diesel? Could you have more water in the fuel filter?
  8. Have you checked the glowplugs & has the fuel filter been renewed? Is a blocked DPF or 5th injector problem?
  9. The TNS510 takes a SD card. Here's the details of how to check if you've got one already in your unit: https://www.toyota-tech.eu/aimuploads/{AA1D1449-9E87-E79E-E0BA-A85EA4D19E87}/01955_TNS 510_OM_LR.pdf
  10. If you do your research you will find most people agree that the nearside (UK car) is clockwise but differing views re the offside. I can say definitely that on my 2011 Auris hybrid that the offside had to be turned clockwise as well. I found it took a fair bit of pressure and was best done with the right tool If you try to do it without this; then watch what you're doing as you can accidently screw the piston out of the calliper if you're uncertain which way to turn.
  11. My 2011 Auris had a slight leakage into the boot so I followed the above advice to get the rear light clusters off. Incidentally I found that a 8mm ring spanner was helpful to compress the blue clips & I found it easier to unclip the electrical socket from the outside with the lamp cluster slightly pulled out. I found that my gaskets were intact & the leakage was down to the accumulated dirt (as TonyHSD had posted above). While I had the light clusters off I took the opportunity to replace some of the more aged light bulbs. I found my Auris manual only specified the wattage of the
  12. How strange. I would try the easy to check & do things first. Namely check the 12v battery voltage is good and the connections on the battery including the earth point are sound. Then I would check the fuse blocks for good connections & non corroded fuses. Then it gets harder but I would want to check the wiring plug to the instrument panel is firmly in place.
  13. I was able to bleed all 4 wheels on my 2004 E120 Corolla normal fashion by getting someone to press on the brake pedal (with the engine off) while I opened & closed the bleed valves. Suggest you try this before looking elsewhere for problems.
  14. I had to replace one. I tried a cheap non OEM version which didn't fit very well & didn't last so I had to replace it. I recommend getting the genuine Toyota part.
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