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  1. Hello guys I'm in need I believe of a auto gearbox for my Toyota Estima Hybrid. I'm really at my wits end with this vehicle & all the alleged specialist who have taken over £2k from me to repair this vehicle yet after 2 years, yes 2 years it's still off the road. About two & half years ago it was involved in a rear end accident which pushed it into the car in front causing the bumper to crack. After the repair it drove OK for about 4 weeks when it developed a slight grind noise when it changed gear. This got worst over the next 4 weeks (say 750 miles)but never more than a slight grinding noise. So I stopped using it & booked it in to a local import specialist. He informed me that the front radiator which doubles up as a oil cooler for the gearbox had a crack on the spigot going to the gearbox & the engine coolant was getting in to the gearbox. He replaced the radiator & flushed the gearbox saying it should be OK. It didn't last one journey to which he said 'oh well, it needs a new gearbox which we can not do !!' So over the next few months I looked for a second gearbox & found one in London from a Breaker with a 3 month guarantee & got a local auto gearbox specialist to fit it. It lasted 2 journeys, always felt rough & packed up by refusing to start with a Japanese warning display. The gearbox specialist said it was now an electrical problem but meanwhile the 3 month gearbox guarantee period had expired. The car then sat at home for 3 months refusing to start until one day, when it started but this turned out to be a bit of hit & miss, although it did drive twice for 10 miles albeit with clumsy gear changes. I then found someone who could allegedly read the fault codes for this vehicle but another 4 months have passed & this has been another fiasco as he isn't sure of the codes but believes it needs another gearbox. Again I feel that I am at the mercy of someone who is not definitely sure what is wrong but doesn't mind gambling my money again. Please there is anyone out there who knows what they are talking about when it becomes to these specialist vehicles & can help me. Many thanks https://getrobuxcodes.com