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  1. Displayed, once I start driving it to work (Bath) I will be able to get a more accurate figure. I test drove both, the 1.8 was impressive but the 2.0 blew my socks off! I couldn't believe the power, I've owned an Evo 10 years back and its nearly on par with that for initial power delivery. I love the fact that you can have economy and power in a car or maybe I've just been driving a 1.6 diesel for too long!!!!
  2. Hi all, I took delivery of my 2.0L excel last Friday and travelled from the Wirral to Bath and then onto Pembrokeshire with 55 MPG. Its not on par with the MPG that some of you are having with your 1.8 but for a 2.0 its very impressive. Another thing that is impressive is showing the so called sports cars a clean set of heels, I put the car into sports mode and pull away from them on the motorway with ease. The car is fantastic I love driving it after having a Peugeot 308 (2014).