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  1. When I reported the crime to the police at 1pm, the officer said they had already dealt with 3 stolen cats in the morning, all of them from Toyotas. 😔 i will get a catlock as it’s better than nothing, but having had my cat stolen twice, I’m starting to think it’s not financially viable to keep my otherwise much loved Auris.
  2. So I spoke to Toyota to get a catlock on my gen2 Auris. They booked me in but said they’ve had thefts despite the catloc. whilst waiting for my appointment my catalytic converter has been stolen again!! Anyone had their cat converter stolen despite the catloc? Wondering if I should just get a new car!
  3. This is the response I got from OBD: "Thank you for your enquiry into Catloc. We currently have a Bespoke solution for the Gen 2 Auris, which we believe your vehicle is based on the year. We expect to deliver these to Toyota Central Stores at the end of this month and should be on sale from your local Toyota dealership early to mid-august. Unfortunately this is an exclusive Catloc designed for Toyota and such will only be available from your local dealership. We expect the part number to be GBNGACATLOC9 I hope you find this information useful," This is very promising for me and hopefully it will be available when they say- mid August. Thank you everyone for your help and advice!
  4. Sorry I’ve just seen frostyballs post- thank you. I will try contacting obd too. Cheers
  5. Thank you for this info Alex. What is OBD? i hope they come up with something soon!
  6. Altough63, do you think you will get One of those universal cat locks? im quite reluctant to do that as don’t know if it will fit and my local garage doesn’t know how to install it. May be difficult trying to find someone to install.
  7. Thankyou for this info. Near future sounds promising and am actually surprised that they say they are making a catloc for the Auris as the Auris is no longer in production. I have contacted Toyota UK as you suggested (thank you) and they suggested getting a tilt alarm (will sound if the car is lifted or tilted) but couldn’t recommend where to get one.
  8. Limshady, sorry to hear this. It’s becoming such a common crime. My car is not the first to have been targeted at the car park I was parked in, and probably won’t be the last. I have seen cctv footage of mine being stolen and it was very slick. Frostyballs, thank you for raising this issue on our behalf. Do you know if there is an email address that I can contact? I have a phone number but they were not very helpful. Thank you again
  9. Thank you all for your replies. i have spoken to catlocks and they have vehicle-specific locks for Toyota hilux. They are mainly aimed at commercial vehicles so couldn’t advise me on whether one of their universal locks would be compatible with the Auris. Have also spoken to a couple of local garages and they are not familiar with fitting cat locks. thank you also for the article. I have read it and contacted Toyota and they said that they may manufacture a lock for the Auris in the future but there isn’t one on the way as far as they know. As this is such a widespread issue, i suppose I am hoping that there is some sort of generic protection device that is available for small personal-use vehicles like mine. Unfortunately I have to park in the same car park everyday for work and I suppose this is why my car was targeted. It is also why I am so keen to get some sort of protection for my car. It may happen again tomorrow!
  10. mrph, I have no idea. Apparently catalytic converters are easy to steal from toyotas. It was done in under 10mins and all that was left was a flap of flimsy metal dangling from underneath my car. was advised by our mechanic to contact Toyota for a cage but they only do them for the Prius.
  11. We had the catalytic converter stolen from our Toyota Auris hybrid. It has now been replaced but I would like to get a lock or cage to prevent this from happening again. Toyota only have a lock that is compatible with the Prius. I have rung a few companies that manufacture catalytic converters but they are mainly for commercial vehicles. Has anyone ever had a catalytic converter lock fitted for an Auris? Where did you get this from? Thank you!!