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  1. Thanks Andy, hopefully the gen3 Prius will also be available soon. I will ask.....
  2. Gen 2 Prius – GBNGACATLOC7 Gen 3 Prius / Gen 2 Auris Hybrid – GBNGACATLOC9 2nd should be available in August I am told.....
  3. Good news ! The timescale is very similar to that for the Prius Gen 3 - maybe a coincidence ! Good point with regards the part number, I will check that I have..... I just to find a secure lockup in the meantime ! Good luck, Alex
  4. Yes quite possibly agreed, but I have not been able to contact Fleet Talk either by phone or email. What appears to have happened is that On Board Defence owners of Catlocks have made a supply chain agreement with Toyota, which is obviously fine. But both Toyota and OBD have confirmed to me that the bespoke version for the Toyota gen3 will not be available until later in the summer. I guess I just need to find a secure lockup in the meantime !
  5. OBD told me that they plan to supply a bespoke system to Toyota in the coming months, I have gone back to ask if they have a more specific date. It might be worth enquiring about the Auris, they got back to me very quickly.... They also said that the universal fit is suitable for the gen2 Prius but they could not comment with regards the gen3. thanks, Alex
  6. My catalytic converter recently stolen from my gen3 Prius Hybrid Plugin and I am looking for some protection so that it does not happen again. Toyota tell me that their approved catlock is avaiilable for gen2 but gen3 not until the end of the month. It looks to me as though this part should work Does anyone have any experience of fitting ? Or any other ideas ? Many thanks, Alex
  7. Thanks ! I will try that...
  8. Hi Eghtan, I am undecided to be honest. I have worries about the size too, although I believe it should be a straightforward job - instructions are supplied. I have not been able to contact - I suspect they are defunct. There are some of the universal catlocks on Ebay ! Toyota UK got back to me today, originally they said I could have their approved lock fitted at my local dealer. I pointed out that their own doc says that it is not yet available for the gen 3 Prius which is what I have ! They then say this will be available at the end of the month, but I don't have 100% confidence in that ! Its a worry ! If I find out any more I will let you know ! Also going to post new on here, you would think someone would have experience with this ! thanks, Alex
  9. "We are developing one for the third generation Prius" Contacted Toyota today, Toyota UK told me they can sort, I should contact my local dealer, which I have done, they didn't mention its only for 2nd gen. Will let you know how I get on........
  10. Good luck with getting catloc sorted for your Auris. I am trying to sort out the same for my Prius. Maybe some dealers are more knowledgeable about this form of protection, certainly it was never mentioned when I had my cat replaced
  11. It appears to be a reasonably straightforward job to fit, I would think my local garage would sort.....
  12. I had cat stolen from 2013 1.8l Plugin Hybrid. All sorted now, but I wouldn't like it to happen again !! I want to get a cage or lock, never heard of the Toyota model, is there a link, it was certainly never mentioned when the local dealer replaced mine ! I dont have a ramp to look underneath the car to check dimensions, but I think this would fit ? Or would I need two of those !