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  1. I find it depends on the ambient temperature - so far this winter I've experienced 55-60 mpg but in the warmer weather last summer around 65-70 mpg (I keep the drive in ECO mode, btw). It also depends on where you're driving. I live in a semi rural location and most of my miles are at 40-55 mph on a 10 mile commute - on longer runs I can get up to 5mpg more. And it also depends on how you drive. If your right foot is generally heavy with harsh acceleration/deceleration then expect much lower mpg. I find that a hybrid is much more sensitive to these three factors than other non-hybrid cars I have had. It might be coincidence, but I have a feeling that wet roads can knock 2-3 mpg off what I would normally expect as well.
  2. I purchased my Corolla via a PCP deal with my local Toyota dealer and they included 2 years free servicing. Worth haggling?
  3. My dealer offered me a deal with the Nextbase 380GW as well. Neat package and fitted unobtrusively to the left of the rear view mirror. And hardwired - cables hidden. Haven't bothered with the rear view camera yet.
  4. I tow a Kia Picanto behind my motorhome, flat towed with an A-frame. As far as I understand it, towing with a dolly is illegal in the UK though I don't know what the position is in other countries - the only UK options are a flat tow with an A-frame or a car transporting trailer. Also at nearly 2 tons in weight, a Corolla may exceed your Gross Train Weight. Sorry can't help with how to disable the steering lock.
  5. Just wondering if anyone is having problems with the "Automatic High Beam". Mine only works 50% of the time so I've just about given up using it.
  6. Well, 6 months into owning a TS Design 1.8, indicated mpg has fallen to 55 from 65+ in the summer. My commute of 10 miles each way is mainly on country roads with hills, bad bends and quarry/farming traffic, limiting speeds to between 45 and 50 mph on average. The colder weather has obviously had a big impact as well, I think, because the ICE has had to run for longer to keep the engine warm, and then there are the headlamps (dark both ways) and seat heaters. But 55 mpg still respectable I think.
  7. I had my firmware upgraded to version 1530 (from 1520) today. But the dealer didn't know anything about it and it took a reference to this thread before his "master technician" went on-line to download the appropriate version. Only 10 minutes to install but over half an hour for them to search through their system to find and download it. I had an interesting chat with the salesman who sold me the car - he confirmed that the Apple CarPlay retrofit will cost £50 if included with a service or £120 without - available May 2020. And he also said that Corolla hybrids are in such great demand that he will be on the phone half way through the PCP deal to make me an offer. But then how long to get another I wonder?
  8. Piece of BBC News this morning about a huge increase in catalytic converter thefts. Hybrids vulnerable and Toyota mentioned in the piece as being a target. Cost of replacement into 4 figures, if the parts are even available. Owners can fit a CatLoc but even that won't always stop the scallywags. I have a security camera located just above my Corolla but that's as far as I have gone. Any other thoughts out there? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-49767195
  9. Has anyone been able to set up Phone Messages with an iPhone on the 2019 Corolla Hybrid? Any advice gratefully received :)
  10. Just drove 10 miles today from cold. Wish it would stay that way, though!
  11. The Corolla wheel nuts seem to have a small dome end, a larger dome and a spacing washer. So should be good for both (I hope!)
  12. I've had my 1.8 Design Estate with 17" wheels for 2 weeks. Dash showing 70 mpg. Using "fill to brim" method about 63. I'm happy with that though not sure why there should be a discrepancy. I don't know if that will continue - wife has a heavier foot than me :)
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