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  1. That worked - very grateful.
  2. Has anyone been able to set up Phone Messages with an iPhone on the 2019 Corolla Hybrid? Any advice gratefully received :)
  3. Just drove 10 miles today from cold. Wish it would stay that way, though!
  4. The Corolla wheel nuts seem to have a small dome end, a larger dome and a spacing washer. So should be good for both (I hope!)
  5. I've had my 1.8 Design Estate with 17" wheels for 2 weeks. Dash showing 70 mpg. Using "fill to brim" method about 63. I'm happy with that though not sure why there should be a discrepancy. I don't know if that will continue - wife has a heavier foot than me :)
  6. Yes - there's a threaded hole right underneath the carpet where you would expect it to be. Small operation with a pair of scissors :) I was fortunate in that I had a retaining bolt left over from a previous vehicle (Kia) that was the required length/thread size.
  7. I've just taken delivery of a 2019 Corolla Design 1.8 Hybrid TRK. TRK indeed! The dealer suggested that if I couldn't use the useless tyre repair kit, I instead use the breakdown cover if I have a puncture but in rural Scotland that could be a very long wait for a repair. I was quoted silly money from the dealer for a space saver steel wheel so I found the wheel geometry somewhere and it's the same as an Auris Space saver. So I purchased the Auris one and it fits both the wheel studs and under the boot floor. I placed the order on Friday at 4pm and delivered via DHL the following Tuesday. Purchased from The Wheel Shop. https://www.thewheelshop.co.uk/toyota-auris-space-saver-spare-wheel-17-and-tool-kit.html Don't forget you'll need the retaining bolt.
  8. I must have been very fortunate - ordered my Corolla Touring Sports Design 1.8 hybrid on 22nd June and took delivery on 2nd July.