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  1. I paid for access to the repair manuals available from Toyota-Tech many times before. I generally just pay for an hour and snapshot as much as possible and save it for offline use. Over the past few days this has stopped working. I have twice bought one-hour access but when I try and access the repair manuals it doesn't recognise that I have paid. This also happened with the GTS (Techstream) activation licence. Again, I twice paid for one-days access but it did not show on the GTS Subscriptions page and I was never sent the software activation code. Has something changed recently and has anyone recently used it successfully? Any tips most welcome. Obviously I have emailed their billing folks to get refunds but I just want to be able to use the service. The repair manuals are very useful and techstream too. Thanks
  2. I'm don't have the knowledge to answer that question. I'm pretty sure it has been covered on this forum before though if you search. I chose 0w/20 simply because i thought it might be more fuel efficient during the winter
  3. Diesel or Petrol. Mines a Petrol. I know some of the Blueprint ones say they are only for the Avensis diesel.
  4. Silver Sealey was too big. Although fluted part was ok size wise, the outer rim fouled on the sump. Black DEDC branded one worked fine. It just engaged on the fluted part of the filter cap and didn't engage with the lugs further down but was okay. Use d 0W/20 Toyota oil off ebay for £35. Noted that previous services at Toyota garage by previous owners had used 5W/30. Not sure it makes much difference unless I'm driving in the Arctic.
  5. For a dash cam i would run it into the fuse box behind the glovebox using a hardwire kit. Just done it on my sons Yaris which has fusebox in same position and orientation. Only problem was that with the piggyback fuse jn place you cant put the lid back on the fuse box. Not really a problem as long as you keep it handy as it lists the function of the fuses on the lid. Other option is an inline fuse and tap into the cig light wire.
  6. Good idea Paul. Sounds like an ideal solution 😁 I've ordered another one now which I hope will fit. It looks slimmer anyway. Wish i had an elevated drive like yours Konrad. Would make things a lot quicker.
  7. Although a review for the Laser tool on Amazon for someone using it on a T27 said he had to cut the tool to make it fit 🙄
  8. Thanks Sam. I've got this Sealey one- Sealey VS7112 Ø64.5mm Oil Filter Cap Wrench 14 Flutes - Lexus/Toyota. I'll get the Laser one instead and give it a go.
  9. Konrad. Can you please tell me the exact brand and part number of the filter removal tool. I have one that should fit but fouls on the engine block where it is very close to the filter cap. I've read other reviews of tools where they have had to cut out part of the tool to make it fit. Just drained the oil and couldn't get filter cap off so put old oil back in for now. Cheers Steve
  10. Toyota service kits are good value for older cars. Got one for my son's Yaris and it was only about £36 for Oil+filter, air filter and cabin filter. I appreciate the fact that they at least try to help with service items. Can't say the same about parts though.
  11. Sorry i meant right in front of the qindscreen in the corner blowing onto the small triangular side window.
  12. Rifht in front of the corner. Pressing it stopped the buzzing .
  13. T27 2011 Avensis Sam. I had two noises one of which i fixed which sounds more like yours. The buzzing sound came from the front right quarter light air vent and i fixed this by removing it and siliconing it back in place. Crude but effective.
  14. I wondered if anyone else as fussy as me had noticed a creaking coming from the curved part of the dashboard, the bit above the binacles. If i press down on the front it stops. Also stops when car warmed up inside. Just a minor irritation
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