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  1. I forgot to mention that i had washed the car the previous day and hadn't driven it straightway. In fact it stood all night. Perhaps that contributed to the problem in conjunction with previous overheating as mrfixer said (hence the new caliper). All speculation but sounds llikely. Can't believe how rusty the calipers get. I did the fronts aa well recently and ended up grinding off all the rust and painting with hammerite (except the mating surfaces). Must remember to drive the car after washing next time. Thanks for the replies.
  2. A few weeks ago I went to reverse off my partner's drive and the rear brake was binding. I assumed that the Parking Brake Actuator wasn't correctly releasing but it made all the right noises and no warning lights showed. I forced it, producing much noise and smell and it was fine driving forwards, just binding on OSR in reverse. Drove to work paranoid and noticed rear discs a bit warmer than I thought it should be so skipped off home and took the rear wheels off. On removing the caliper I could see that the OSR outboard bad had debonded. The friction material completely separately from the metal backing plate and so obviously causing the binding. As I've only had it a month or two I don't know the history. However, comparing the OSR and NSR calipers it was obvious that the OSR had been replaced at some point- fairly recently judging by the condition. Cursing whatever muppet would change the calipers without changing the pads (duh!) I simply replaced the rear discs and pads. Despite the debonded pad being Pagid I still fitted Pagid replacements as that was all I could get locally. Don't really know what the point is of sharing this other than perhaps a warning to check any Pagid pads in case there's been a bad batch. I did check the Caliper for leaking brake fluid as I thought that may have caused it. All has been fine since. I did think about taking photos and sending to Pagid but on reading some lengthy and very boring document they had produced on the fault-finding guide for knackered pads I lost the will to do it.
  3. Fine looking car. Certainly getting your moneys worth.
  4. Thanks Paul9. Ordered one now and will do as you suggest.
  5. Thanks for your advice Konrad. Yes, it was reading your post about EPB problems after the rear pad change that prompted me to look at techstream. That said it looks like connecting pins together in the OBD2 socket also works. The reason i asked about the cable is that it seems like a few suppliers throw in a free trojan with the driver files. Just got back to an Avensis after a four year break. Used to have a 58 hatchback (previous generation) and now have an 2011 tourer. Love the car (except the EPB) and looking forward to non-diesel diy. Used to have to decoke the throttle body on my VW TDI every 18 months and just waiting for the EGR to go again and the DPF to fill- partly the reason that I returned to petrol (miss the 56mpg though!)
  6. Just after recommendations for a decent cable without the normal bundled techstream software- which is free to download anyway. Any recent recommendations appreciated. Many thanks Steve