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  1. BigR1ch you are the winner. It was indeed a breadcrumb trail. I want to know where I'm going, not where I've been. Now turned off. Thanks All.
  2. Thanks Catlover, no idea, I'm in work so no access until later.
  3. Does anyone know what the purple dotted line is on my sat nav, and how do i get rid of it.
  4. Took the car into the stealership today and they confirmed "there is nothing wrong with the battery". Which doesn't help me at all. So as a result I have removed the hard wiring for the dash cams, the technician thinks the voltage drop senor could of been causing some feed back and keeping a relay open somewhere, hence running the battery down. Apparently the 12 volt battery only supplies power to 3 relays, I'm guessing these would have to be Smart Key System, Alarm and what ever its needs to start the hybrid system at start up. Dash cams now powered via cigarette lighter, if the batter carries on being drained then it will go back to the stealership for a voltage drop test for half a day. I did get the headlamp aim adjusted as it was quite low, so not a complete wasted trip.
  5. Thanks everyone, I think I may of learnt something here. I was thinking the 12volt battery was charged the conventional way via an alternator driven off the engine. I never thought of the HV battery would be doing the charging, you never stop learning. I have just done a check on the 12 volt battery. With the car in ready mode and the engine not running the 12 volt battery had a reading of 14.45 volts which is normal, with the car turned off and everything turned off that I could turn off the voltage dropped to 11.85 volt almost instantly. I'm aware that there are still sensors and things that will still be active when the car is off but I'm quite sure the voltage should be around 12.4 to 12.6 volts. It's now booked in to the stealer ship on Friday for a check.
  6. It's looking like it's not so rare, the AA would certinally cover it, the question is should it need to cover things like this on a 3 month old car just because it's not been used for just over 2 weeks. Not to mention the lost time in arriving in work a couple of hours late while waiting for the AA to arrive at 05:30. Luckily I had the use of my wife's car. I may go and ask the dealer to have the battery checked out and replaced if needed.
  7. Thanks guys, the battery in the fob is fine, I did put the key fob into sleep mode before I went away, mainly to reduce hacking. I find it a bit worrying that people are having to carry portable chargers with them just in case the 12 volt battery goes flat (which they obviously are), I would expect this on an older cheaper car, not on a £35000 3 month old car. I have front and rear dash cams fitted and they are hard wired via a voltage drop sensor, after the car is parked I only get around 4-5 hours before it turns off due to the voltage dropping to 12.4 volt. The car mainly does short trips of around 7 miles each way to work and back. I'm in work until 18:00 so I cant get any more details I have another trip coming up which I will have to park at the airport and this doesn't give me any confidence at all. Am guessing running the car briefly yesterday done no good for the battery at all, lights and heater where probably taking more amps out of the battery than what was being put in.
  8. My Rav4 has been parked up for 17 days whilst I was away on holiday. Yesterday I started it up and drove around the block (about 1.5 miles) just to make sure it was all fine before returning to work today. I all seemed fine and the engine was running for all of the trip because the heater was on. I parked it back up, but when I tried leaving for work at 05:30 it wouldn't start. A message on the dash said "smart entry & start system malfunction", tried leaving the car and locking it but it would not lock, other messages then appeared such as "parking brake not available". I have heard that the 12volt battery is a bit weak so before I went away I disconnected the dash cam to reduce the battery drain, but surely a brand new battery shouldn't drain in 2 weeks of not being used. I am at this point it is just a drained 12 volt battery. Anyone else suffered anything similar.
  9. Has anyone with the heated steering wheel tried it out yet. The last couple of mornings I've had to deice the car, with temps at 3 degrees I thought perfect time to try out the heated wheel. And I must admit I am a bit disappointed. My last car was a Hyundia Santa Fe Premium, and the heated steering wheel as very impressive, heated up fast with even heat all around the wheel. The RAV4 heats up, but it only appears to heat at the 3 and 9 o'clock positions, leaving the rest of the wheel cold. Are they all like this, or is it just mine?
  10. The power socket in the boot is switched.
  11. I have the Viofo A129 Duo. Both front and rear cameras work really well. The only thing I have noticed is this camera has continuous record mode when parked, I have it powered by the hard wired kit which monitors the car battery and will power down the camera when the voltage drops to 12.4volts. The issue is this happens after a couple of hours of being parked, not a problem with the camera, the 12volt car battery must be a very small amperage for it to drop so quickly.
  12. Hi Buff69, I'm not sure where the antenna cable runs. But I have fitted a front and rear camera to my Rav and I have absolutely no interference to the radio (DAB, FM or AM). I ran the camera cable from the front camera to rear camera by tucking the cable up into the head liner just in front of the windscreen, then down the nearside of the car, again tucked inside the head liner to the boot. I then feed the cable through the left hand (near side) rubber tube that carries other wires to the boot door. The rear camera is mounted top/centre of the back screen. Hope it helps.
  13. Other than my own, this is the first one I've seen on the road, northbound M6 carpark at 17:00. I almost felt as thou I should of waved.
  14. I had the same impression of Toyota customer services. I rang them and they where very shady about giving me any info, but they did manage to confirm the same as my dealer was telling me. My dealer was very good at keeping me updated, they even managed to get the car from Toyota before the brake boost pump was replaced on the understanding they would have the work done at the dealer garage before releasing it to me. I am convinced this is the only reason I have the car now.
  15. Wow, I thought I was the only one effected by this brake issue, mine arrived in the country 9th July (?) and I collected it on Sunday. But the wait is worth it.