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  1. Thanks Avalon, Totally agree, the specs on the A129 knocks spots off many of the bigger players and a lot cheaper. I have the ACC hard wire kit ready to install. Just need the car to put it in now.
  2. As my car was due to arrive at my dealer today, I thought I would give them a ring for an update, and surprise surprise it has been delayed. The reason for this delay is Toyota won't release any of the cars that have just arrived into the country, as they need to replace a small part on the breaking system and doing it now means they don't need to issue a recall. They did tell me it arrived on TRITON LEADER which left Southampton on the 10th July. I guess I'm going to have to wait a while longer.
  3. I wanted a front and rear dashcam fitted but was not prepared to pay the £400 the dealer wanted to fit it. So after too many hours of research I purchased a VIOFO A129 Duo, it will be a permanent fit and hard wired. Does any one know the best route for the rear camera cable to minimise interference to DAB radio, I'm guessing routing it along the floor rather than the head liner should keep it away from the Radio antenna.
  4. I'm I missing something here? Checking the position on AIS Marine Traffic it says DAEDALUS LEADER is a couple of days away from Japan and ALAIR LEADER a couple of days out of west coast of America. I ordered my RAV4 on the 26 May with an original delivery date of November/December. Then out of the blue they said 1 is available and due in the country 19 July (presumably someone cancelled their order), then last week told the vessel would be docking on the 12 July. Which all sound good to me. So fingers crossed I get my new motor in a couple of days.
  5. Been there and done that, it tells you what they all do and what amps, but not what size!!!
  6. Hi All. I am due to get my RAV4 Hybrid next week and want to fit a dashcam. I want to install permanent power cables and intend to use a piggyback fuses for the power and ACC. What size of fuses does the RAV4 Hybrid take. Thank, Keith