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  1. The power socket in the boot is switched.
  2. I have the Viofo A129 Duo. Both front and rear cameras work really well. The only thing I have noticed is this camera has continuous record mode when parked, I have it powered by the hard wired kit which monitors the car battery and will power down the camera when the voltage drops to 12.4volts. The issue is this happens after a couple of hours of being parked, not a problem with the camera, the 12volt car battery must be a very small amperage for it to drop so quickly.
  3. Hi Buff69, I'm not sure where the antenna cable runs. But I have fitted a front and rear camera to my Rav and I have absolutely no interference to the radio (DAB, FM or AM). I ran the camera cable from the front camera to rear camera by tucking the cable up into the head liner just in front of the windscreen, then down the nearside of the car, again tucked inside the head liner to the boot. I then feed the cable through the left hand (near side) rubber tube that carries other wires to the boot door. The rear camera is mounted top/centre of the back screen. Hope it helps.
  4. Other than my own, this is the first one I've seen on the road, northbound M6 carpark at 17:00. I almost felt as thou I should of waved.
  5. I had the same impression of Toyota customer services. I rang them and they where very shady about giving me any info, but they did manage to confirm the same as my dealer was telling me. My dealer was very good at keeping me updated, they even managed to get the car from Toyota before the brake boost pump was replaced on the understanding they would have the work done at the dealer garage before releasing it to me. I am convinced this is the only reason I have the car now.
  6. Wow, I thought I was the only one effected by this brake issue, mine arrived in the country 9th July (?) and I collected it on Sunday. But the wait is worth it.
  7. Hi SponsorUK Both the power and rear camera cable tuck under the roof liner to the nearside "A" pillar. The power cable then drops down tucked between the pillar/airbag cover and the door rubber, straight to the fuse box which is under the glove box. The rear camera cable continues from the from the top of the "A" pillar all the way to the rear of the car tucked under the near side roof liner. I then dropped the roof liner at the rear of the car by removing the top of the boot door rubber (be careful of the grease that's under the rubber) and the 3 plastic plugs, remove the top centre boot door trim. The hardest part was getting the cable though the rubber tubing that runs from the car body and the boot door. I removed the tubing from both ends and used a length of garden wire (same as a wire coat hanger but thinner) with the end tapped up so not to puncher the rubber. Once through tape the USB cable to the wire and pull it back through. Both the cameras are working well and the only visible cable is about 2inches from the front camera and the roof liner. I have the added benefit of being able to monitor the video live on my phone from inside the house via its built in Wi-Fi. All in all I am very pleased it. IF you need any more info let me know.
  8. Thanks Buff69, I took a gamble when I ordered the car as the only thing I had to go on the brochure, but as I didn't get the pano roof I wanted to try and lighten the interior, and I'm glad I did as it looks great.
  9. At last, it has arrived. Excel with no extras, ordered 26 May and collected it on Sunday (thank you to whoever it was who cancelled their order). Spent most of Sunday afternoon setting things up and most of Monday installing the dashcam which is a VIOFO A129 Duo, with hard wire kit. I've only done around 100 miles so far and I am quite impressed. Its the first auto I have had so I am sure it will be great once I stop stamping on the brake to change gear, but at least I know the brakes work dam well. The only 2 things I thought could of been better, the indicators are not LED's and the spare tyre would look more in place on my motorbike. Just got to work on getting the MPG up, currently at 39mpg, but it's early days.
  10. I got the Excel with no roof, I was expecting a full size spare, but I got a space saver that looks like it has come of my motorbike.
  11. Hi, my Excel was built in "Toyota City (Aichi Prefecture), JAPAN". I'm just going to pick it up now.
  12. Hi Sameera. I had the same issue, but because my car was delayed I never needed it. I did find the following from Thule, fitting kit 3177, foot pack 753 and wing bars should fit the 2019 RAV4, I already have the foot pack and bars, so hoping I just need the fitting kit. As I still haven't got my car yet I can't confirm 100% yet. These maybe available off the shelve at Halfords.
  13. Has anyone taken out GAP insurance for their new purchase. Up to now I've always bought it with the car via the dealers, I've never thought of getting it from somewhere else, but after a bit of searching on google I have found a policy with ALA Insurance which looks a lot better than the one offered by the dealers. It offers a claim limit of £20,000 and vehicle replacement cover of £7,500 which is more than enough for a new vehicle of the same spec, with a cost of £274 for a 3 year policy (use promotional code MSE25). Does anyone know of any better deals around?
  14. Mine has also taken almost 2 months, arrived in the country 10th July, delivered to my dealer 25th July. Now it is ready for me to collect (I am now going to wait until 1st September). Apparently mine was effected by the braking issue (brake boost pump) that has caused a hold up, although I've not heard of any others in this country, but quite a few in USA. I was told they have to check every Toyota arriving into the country, not just the RAV4's.
  15. I would question how many window replacement companies would have the know how or equipment to re-calibrate the cameras and lane assist. Never gave it much thought of how advanced the windscreen and associated parts have become.