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  1. I am aware of the Lexus/Toyota connection. Motorline presumably want a sale. On a general point, I don't think I could buy a car without a test drive, which appears to be the norm these days?
  2. I've received two emails and a text from the local Lexus dealer and wondered how they had my details. Apparently they have a forthcoming "event." Toyota and Lexus are next-door to each other in Cardiff, and I found both are owned by the Motorline Group. Had a look online at a "UX" but bearing in mind my Corolla is less than two years old, and on 0% PCP ( whereas a Lexus, as far as I know, would not be), I can see no incentive/ good reason to change). This is without consideration of the loss in value of the Corolla, which I am more than happy with. (The car that is). Inci
  3. i have the pano roof but confess to having opened it once only in 13 months ownership. SWMBO "suggested" its inclusion in an attempt to lighten up the dark interior.
  4. Car had first service today. My first visit to my local dealer. Had one of those mini videos of the underside, with commentary, which seems to be a feature carried out by other garages. Pleased to obtain 10% discount via TOC membership. The saving paid for half of the tank of petrol I bought, first fill up since 9 March. Dealer was pushing service plans to me and to another customer, making the point that their prices would increase in January.
  5. @allen2502 I'm in Cardiff and have a 1.8 Excel with pano roof and which you are welcome to have a look at. Away on holiday though until 20th of this month.
  6. Thank you Pete. No option in settings to change from Celsius/Centigrade to Fahrenheit. Me being "old school". But I can live with"C"
  7. Having looked at both online and hardcopy of the manual, and having "twiddled" with steering wheel controls, I cannot find how to 1. adjust dashboard display for brightness 2. change temperature setting from C to F . Not important, but I'm old school. Perhaps they cannot be altered? 2019 Corolla Excel 1.8
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