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  1. I f I remeber correctly i have read somewhere or maybe the dealer that if you do stop the car with it unfinished it will start up again when the car is on.
  2. Yes, did mine also a couple of weeks ago all went well while on the move.
  3. To alleviate using cloths of any description for the final drying I have invested in a small blower. It has a soft nozzle so if you do make contact with the surface of the car it causes no problem with scratching. Using this helps stop swirls and cobwebs appearing in the paint finish. I now snow foam, hand wash with a lambswool mitt with the two bucket method, pressure wash off and finally blow dry. Using all Ph neutral products currently from EZ (other products are available).
  4. Same here, during the day they never leave my pocket.
  5. Hi Díarmuid. Welcome to the TOC. I have just changed from a 2019 Corolla Sport Tourer to a C-HR GR Sport 2 litre.
  6. FIve year guarantee. Inspection to be carried out every year so when it goes in for a service will include this. There is a kit for the dealer to use that comes with it.
  7. Only had mine 4 weeks. It had the Toyota finish as an extra and their instructions say not to use wax. Other than that all products used are PH neutral.
  8. Chrisg99


    Hi David, When I did mine I lowered the back seats, took out the parcelshelf and the deck board. Then lifted one corner to an angle and eventually the original polystyrene 1 section box came out. Lot easier putting the new in only piece that had me scratching my head was the piece that goes underneth the wheel but eventually placed i where it needed to be. Put the wheel and bits in, putting the original tyre pump and sealant in the right hand cubby, job done! Hope this helps. Chris.
  9. Chrisg99


    If you have ordered a 2 litre then you do not require the deck board as already with the car due to the battery being in the boot where as a 1.8 has the battery in the engine bay. If you wish to look back on this thread I posted the prices from Stoneacre that I paid ( the jack price is now revised at £20).
  10. All service and accessory records are input online at the dealer. Therefore making the book slightly irrevelant. For my previous 19 reg Corolla there was not even a book supplied all service, waranty details were provided as a printout once logged onto the Toyota service web site. Like a lot of manufacturers this is the way they are going. While I was waiting for my C-HR I had two cars to fill the gap between order and delivery one being a BMW and the other an Audi both had verylittle service history so went to the local dealer and they printed off all that was relevant to these cars. Yes it is nice to have a service book (which I have this time but only partially completed) and will ask for a print out every time I go to the dealer for any work.
  11. Chrisg99


    For mine I just left it loose andfound the best sitting position for it and put the wheel in and screwed the clamp down.
  12. Welcome to the TOC, Steve.
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