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  1. Could always check on the MyT app to see when it was in EV running etc. But both my Hybrids have only ever shown green or not if the ICE is running.
  2. I decided against the side steps ( not worth the money, in my book. Looking at around £700 fitted). Went for the side and rear skirts instead. £345 fitted about the price of the rear skirt that was already fitted! Shame no rear diffuser currently available for the GR Sport. Some in Japan but do not say or give any dimensions, but if they do not fit!!!!!
  3. Will this be another "**72 CHR registration number?
  4. Hi Paul, That will be somewhere near. Usually 6-8 weeks from leaving. The usual Ro-Ro is the "Spica Leader" which leaves what appears to be a regular route, Turkey to Spain, Rotterdam. sometimes back to Spain then to Portbury. Then the car on a transporter to Derby for PDI. Then to dealer who fits any extras that may have been specified. I found a shipping site which tracks worldwide shipping www.vesselfinder.com. but others available. If it is not "Leader" there are other "Spica" ships.
  5. I bought one from Euro Car Parts as during the pandemic the car was not getting used and got sick of calling out the AA. They work brilliantly and I use it for my laptop and various other electrical items. Streetwize Power Bank with Jump Starter (300amp) £55.79 they do a larger one @ £85.49, the smaller one works just fine and when I was using it got easily 4-5 jumpstarts with one charge up.
  6. NFU quoted 452.55 so nearly £200 out like for like.
  7. I would never use a car wash! I always do my own then there is only one person to blame. Also the products used are a known thing. For me all washing aids are Ph neutral, mainly as the C-HR has the Toyota protect applied and previously always had ceramic coating ( not the ones that last 3-6 months) therefore I like to lookafter the finish.
  8. Appears strange, my similar model ordered 3 moths earlier and did not arrive until May. So one never knows with delivery dates.
  9. similar here with my 2019 Corolla. Not tried on the C-HR yet.
  10. Dial quoted £494.08. and similar the reviews were not so good. Vitality appear to have good review, but a bit of a wrench to move from IAM after 13 consecutive years but neve needed thier services just keep giving them money.
  11. I ordered mine Nov 21 with an estimated delivery of April/May 22. The build was allocated to a MY21 model but as it was mid year delivery I requested a MY22 which added 6-8 weeks to delivery. It finally arrived and collected it on May 20th and enjoyed it since. Yes it seemed a long wait. Like it better than the 19 reg Corolla Touring Sport it replaced.
  12. There maybe some light at the end of the tunnel Vitality have quoted £333.05 like for like for my renewal. You can earn upto 25% of the base premium cashback over the year which for my policy £69.52 Having just spoken to them for a little more clarity of how this cashback is earned the bar appears not to be set to high. Speeding, Harsh braking etc. are all taken into account but you also get credited for car free days, so providing I drive normally (as an IAM driver should!) even getting some cashback could easily make it under £300 per year. May just give it a go for at least one year, nothing to loose. They check out and do not think they will disapear overnight.
  13. Roger, Just recently over the past week or so it has always logged into my account instead of the guest account. Fingers crossed. I have done nothing but just currently appears to do what it is supposed to do!
  14. Mine is from Maxton as I have a local agent and fitting was done in quick time. Not so sure of the diffuser!
  15. I had a new Corolla Excel Sports Tourer from 2019 and have now changed to the C-HR. Changed like for like i.e 2 litre but instead of the Excel have the GR Sport C-HR. Diferences after 2 months, SUV so easy access for me with a dodgy knee, Boot capacity smaller(of course) C-HR Quieter C-HR is more stylish to me anyway. Usually only me in the car so the rear seats and legroom do not come into the equation. Enjoy the higher visability (previously had four Ford Kugas. Fuel consumption appears to be better n the C-HR, even thought he drive train is similar. Have not looked at the price of the current Corollas so cannot comment. Personally I prefer the C-HR.
  16. As I originally was going to to have what appeared to be a rear skirt extra which turned out to be what was already fitted to the GR Sport I have gone for the added roof spoiler extension cap (As photos) I was going to have the boot lid extension cap but to me was not worth the money. I may add the rear diffuser but currently undecided.
  17. Surely cannot be a blind spot as I go to the same places as I did in the Corolla!
  18. Similar here, 19 reg Corolla no issues the new system in the MY22 C-HR keeps missing journies. Is it the new infotainment system.
  19. Thank you Graham, but still nowhere near renewal @ £494.08.
  20. Already have done. First attempt £669.18 then suddenly dropped to £365 but looks a very bare bones policy.
  21. NFU now quoted £452.95. Only item better than my renewal is 24 months cover for car replacement instead of what appears to be the norm of 12 months.
  22. Claire, Just done a Saga quote comes up Cheapest £524.15 to £719.03 for best so do not think they will get my business.
  23. Unsure how Kent compares to the North-East.
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