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  1. Thnx. Yes there are leather seats available, not even hard to find. But they are all electric. No manual leather seats out there. But the point of other model seats would be to avoid extra work (adding wiring) . So if installing other model seats would mean modding seats to get them fitted, I'm kind of missing my own point 🙂
  2. Hi everyone, Let me introduce myself, Im fro Amsterdam, Netherlands and recently bought a 2004 Avensis T25 Hatchback. Before that I owned a Prius, as was my car before that. So been driving Toyota for about 10 years now. My Avensis is pretty basic compared to the Prius. I'm exploring options to make it a bit more comforable. I'd really love leather seats. But I've read on here about the electricity wiring (mine doesnt have electric seats so no wiring for that) and to be honest, I dont want to do all that. So I was wondering: would it be possible to swap the front seats from the Avensis with Corolla or Auris leather seats, as they are not electric? Thnx so much!