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  1. I'm just wondering if they're a particular favourite for any reason or if they really are just out dated old tech, nobody would want to use a garmin satnav from 2006 so I suspected the latter until I looked at the asking price of others...
  2. How popular is the B9004 head unit? Probably selling it, I've got one, thinking I'm gonna replace it with a cheap Chinese touch screen unit, they're probably crap, but things have moved on since 2006 and the touch screen and nav system on b9004 is very outdated by today's offerings, I can't even get the nav to read the new dvd I bought for it, I think the lens is faulty, and you can't add any AUX input, so it's basically a double din fm / cd with Bluetooth phone connectivity, but have I overlooked something because the b9004 has some quite high asking prices?
  3. It looks more and more like trying to solve a problem that doesn't exist! Sorry I brought it up!
  4. That's true it could be left shorted if not careful, I'm not sure how the system works, if you short it briefly is the vsc off until ignition reset or is vsc only disabled while the short is in place? Would there even be anything on the display to tell you it's disabled? I also read something from Toyota saying that if you get stuck off road, turn off vsc and you'll get more power to rock yourself out of the predicament! But they didn't (in this model at least) fit a way of turning it off. It's all a bit strange and possibly unnecessary.
  5. I saw the thread on the guides page and thought it was some sort of problem, I've only just got the rav so I don't know the details but I just thought to solve it an easy way would be an on/off switch, on it's shorted off it's not. Not really sure why there is a guide to something that doesn't really matter then! Thanks for the replies though.
  6. It's in the title, on the rav4 guides page on this forum there are two posts about vsc and turning it off for Mot testing. Just thought it'd be a well known thing but no one knows what I'm on about!
  7. Does anyone know if I'm right or wrong? Seems simple so maybe someone would have done it before?
  8. So I've just read this and it seems to me that based on method 2, shorting the pins, we can easily fit a switch into the wiring loom so that when it's pressed the pins are shorted and the vsc is turned off, when is not pressed the vsc is untouched and works as normal... Whats wrong with that plan? Have I missed something?
  9. Just got a rav, first Toyota, 170k new engine fitted at 70k, lets see what happens!