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  1. I believe it is only the Excel that has smart entry ((keyless, fob in your pocket). The other three models, including the Design which I have, need remote control key fob operation to lock/unlock.
  2. I just had this done on mine today. Window closing is not automatic when you lock with a quick key press but if you press and hold the lock button for a couple of seconds the windows will then all go up... which is what you are wanting, I assume? Likewise they all go down (as far as you want) when you press and hold the unlock button. My dealership didn't know about this tweak until I told them and it's taken me a while to persuade them it's possible - I've had the car two months. The service guy who did it today said I was the first customer to ask for it. It's just a setting on the computer - easily done and there was no charge. Apparently Toyotas aren't usually equipped with this feature so it's a new procedure for them. Ah well, they got some good practice in on my car today and will know for the future! 😄
  3. Thank you for that, Mooly, and I appreciate you taking the time to answer in such detail with what sounds like a very good idea. I'm not afraid to wrestle with cmd.exe but fortunately your partitioning exercise is not necessary as I've just tried my USB stick again with some test album folders and it worked perfectly! So it looks like I'm good to go. I expect it was just me getting something wrong somewhere, in the flurry of getting to grips with a new car and lots of unfamiliar tech. The USB option will probably suit me better than using Bluetooth to access music on my mobile (which I suspect goes wrong whenever the mobile gets an update!). Thanks again.
  4. Thanks very much for that confirmation, Pete. I think I had that sort of arrangement (mp3s, a few files in each of two test album folders) but perhaps the labels weren't right or something. I will try again! Cheers and my apologies to the OP for veering off topic a little with this.
  5. I'm interested to find out if you are just using a normal USB pen drive thingy with some copied music files & folders for this? I tried this on my Corolla to see if I could play music this way but was unsuccessful. My USB stick is formatted to FAT32 and I know the car can "see" it because I have loaded a few routes/POIs this way but music? No. I assumed it was maybe looking for an iPod or similar so I didn't persist for very long. Maybe I just need to try again?? Thanks for any confirmation or insight on this!
  6. I think I get four beeps when I have the speed limiter* on and the car is going faster than that, typically when picking up speed a little going downhill. *By speed limiter I mean normal urban roads where I have set a 30mph limit so I don't get busted for speeding. It's so useful to read about the various beeps and experiences of other owners here so I'm just adding my tuppence worth. It may not help the OP but it may be informative to some.
  7. Thanks for that confirmation, Si. I shall have to have words with my dealer, then... 😕
  8. Wow, that's looks the business, Si, very smart! Enjoy your new motor!! 😃
  9. No harm in asking, though, is there, Si? I would be very interested to hear whether you get the same response regarding this alleged dealer "customization". I wasn't expecting a powered hatch either, it was just that the remote image you posted above doesn't match reality, it's just two very simple buttons to lock/unlock the doors. 😉 I had the auto close/open all windows on my last car (via the key in the door lock, though, not the remote) and it was useful on occasion. A couple of times with the Corolla I've turned off the ignition/hybrid system only to realise I had a couple of windows cracked open for ventilation. You then have to switch the vehicle on again just to close them. It would help if you could do that in the minute or so before locking the car but unfortunately that's not the case. Oh well, it's no biggie.
  10. I asked my dealer only yesterday if they could enable the window function on the remote, as stated in the manual... I was told no. This is not an option in the UK. 🙁 The remote for the Design only has the two top buttons by the way, not the rear hatch button.
  11. I ordered my 1.8 Design Hatchback at the very first opportunity it became available at my local dealer - February 20th. I had to wait around 3 months for delivery even though it was being built less than 20 miles away at Burnaston (Derbys)! I chose the Denim Blue colour so had to wait for when that was in the production schedule. The default white would have been around a month earlier. Car arrived at the dealer on May 30th. Due to my being on holiday I didn't get my mitts on it until June 10th. So a stupidly long wait for me but boy was it worth it.. I am beyond happy with it. It is such a joy to drive. Coming from a 2010 VW Polo this is so luxurious and packed with so much great tech. I love it, and the colour is great, I'm so glad I went for something other than white. I hope/expect you will be delighted with your new car too, Si - just two days to go from the sound of it! Enjoy!!
  12. Just as a point of interest for folks looking to buy a new Corolla - a space saving wheel is an alternative, and FREE option to the standard offering of a puncture repair kit at the time of ordering. This does mean the loss of a few inches of boot space as the floor is a little higher to accommodate the wheel so you need to think about what's more important to you when it comes to ordering - wheel or the space. I chose the wheel option for my 2019 Corolla and am not missing the extra boot space (yet!). I wasn't offered this option, by the way... I had seen it mentioned on the Toyota website and had to specifically ask for it when I placed my order but it was all arranged with no quibble.