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  1. Thank you all for your responses so far. Yes, this is a car wash where the wheels engage with a rolling track that pulls you slowly through the wash. I have used this car wash several times before without this problem so this battery issue came as a complete surprise today. Maybe my previous washes just happened to be when the battery had more charge in it. Points I am taking away from the thoughts so far: ensure AC/heating is not active when using a car wash (neither was on today BTW) maybe only use this type of car wash when the hybrid battery is charged more fully - maybe 6 bars+ / 75%+ ? consider getting car washed by hand instead - plenty of these outfits around here My current theory at the moment is that when the hybrid/traction battery maybe gets to around 50% the car starts thinking about topping up the charge. Anyone who has sat around waiting for a lengthy map update to finish installing with the car switched on but in P mode will know that it will periodically fire up the ICE for a few minutes every now and again to top up the battery. Presumably the ICE is prevented from doing this when in N mode so it responds by activating this warning alarm to alert the driver to the threat of a draining battery when it gets to that <50% mark. I am not able to wash the car myself these days so all talk of doing it properly by hand and thoroughly cleaning under the body is just wishful thinking on my part. It's probably the safest way to protect the paintwork but it's just not an option for me.
  2. Hi all, I would like your input on this please... I've just been to an automatic car wash where they require you to put the car in N neutral. About half way through the wash the car started kicking off with a persistent warning alarm and message on screen about needing to protect the traction battery (see screenshot). I found this rather disturbing but could not actually do anything about it for a good few minutes until the car wash ejected my vehicle at the end of the wash. I then put the car in D drive mode, the message disappeared and all seemed to be perfectly normal. I checked the hybrid battery display and it was showing 4 bars - 50% full - so it's not like I was almost out of juice. I'm not overly worried about this as no harm appears to have been done but curious to know what/why this warning was triggered. Do any of you have any ideas? It's rather off-putting to think this might happen again in future. 😟 Cheers.
  3. Me too. It's actually just THREE quick touches on the screen to change the time, for goodness sake, plus one more action to get back to the home screen or map. Hardly an arduous or lengthy task. Maybe it's the shortening days making everyone a bit tetchy around here... 😂
  4. This year I availed myself of my dealer's collection service and just stayed at home while they took the car away, serviced it and brought it back. So length of service time wasn't an issue. Didn't cost me anything extra and was a far more pleasant experience than usual. Personally it wasn't a problem being without a vehicle for the best part of a day but that down time may not suit everyone, of course. I'm guessing this is not a common thing offered by dealers as nobody has mentioned it before?
  5. I've just returned from the Whitby area where I encountered a couple of 20% inclines. Always a bit hairy but I did not hesitate to use B mode on the way down to help control the vehicle. I'm pleased to say the car handled the steep uphill journeys very well too. I don't know the technical ins and outs of energy savings and whatnot, I'm just a regular driver. I just wanted to chip in and say that personally I use B mode at every opportunity including the short-ish downhill approach to my home address. It helps with controlling the speed of descent and reduces the amount of time my foot is on the brake pedal. You do have to remember to switch back to Drive mode when done, though. I have delayed doing that on occasion and wondered why the car wasn't quite as responsive as usual. LOL. ðŸĪŠ
  6. I had the same problem a few months ago - TPMS sounding off more often than necessary with no apparent pressure changes. Thinking the system might be faulty I took the car to my dealer. It turned out to be a puncture which they repaired free of charge. Don't know if it was free because they supplied the car to me, it's still under warranty and I have a service agreement with them, though, so your mileage may vary. I imagine any repairs would probably just require a TPMS reset maybe?
  7. Thanks for the confirmation guys. Sometimes I really do wonder if I'm missing something blindingly obvious. Particularly so with a website that is so poorly laid out it's very easy to overlook something! 😂
  8. Nope. I've had another look in the eStore and the options described in the above document are just not there. There's a map of the update online showing the areas covered by the map but you can't select or ignore individual countries. There is no request to supply software information and all of the screenshots in that document bear no relation to what I see on the eStore|Maps website or on my vehicle's head unit. As far as I can tell it's all countries for both the download and the installation. Perhaps things changed when the new Corolla came along - or maybe I'm blind and can't see the obvious. Can anyone else confirm or contest what I see regarding map updates for a 2019 Corolla??
  9. No, that is not an option with my headunit. You cannot choose which countries you want, it's all or nothing with the USB download. I've not done it myself as I don't have enough mobile data but the over-the-air download can give you smaller/quicker GB maps only. I gather that this option doesn't include speed camera data,though. I did not know you could edit the files... but I don't feel inclined to do that. I would probably mess it up. I don't mind the long wait, the car's usually In my garage when I do it, where I can keep an eye on it. Or it can always be done while driving somewhere, it's no biggie.
  10. I will just add that when the website offers you a "download to USB" that does NOT mean it will copy the file to your USB stick. What you ACTUALLY need to do is download the file to your PC. Then you unzip the contents and copy them to your USB thumb drive. You should end up with a single folder (I think it's called "FMU" or similar) which typically contains four files. Don't just copy the four files - that doesn't work, as I found out! Plug the thumb drive into your car's USB port on the underside of the dash. The car should see it straight away and start the process. You will need a long code to authorise the installation*. Once the install is underway leave the car in Ready mode. Go and have a few cups of tea. The whole process takes over an hour to complete. The car may fire up briefly to keep the battery topped up. *If you didn't write down the code when you downloaded the file go back to your Toyota account and look for the new map under "purchases". I think you'll find the code there. All in all a weird website, a weird procedure and a bit of a faff but you get used to these idiosyncrasies once you've done it once or twice. 😏
  11. I agree with Rambler56 - it's a bit of a faff to use the feature and can be stressful if someone is waiting for you to finish parking so they can get past you in a car park or on a narrow-ish street for example. It's fun to try it once or twice, though, is pretty cool and works surprisingly well. I recommend a large quiet car park to practice it first. I will just add that this feature is of no assistance whatsoever with getting your car into a garage so forget that idea.
  12. I opted for that on delivery of my 2019 Corolla (Gen3-Glasscoat + fabric protection inside). It's a good call as I do believe it toughens and protects the surface. I don't really have a problem with scratches or bird droppings (which I clean off ASAP). Washing the car is a breeze too - comes up shiny with no waxing. Some people swear they can get the same or better protective result by washing, waxing and buffing a car with expensive products. That's not for me, though - too old and lazy!
  13. I have a 2019 Corolla 1.8 design with spare tyre supplied on delivery. I don't think it would be practical (perhaps impossible?) to drop the floor as there are various fittings to support the raised floor and tool holders around the wheel for the jack & tools. Maybe you can work round these things, I don't know. Just don't get your hopes up.
  14. These sorts of figures are my experience too with a 2019 1.8 Corolla Hybrid hatchback. I am what you might call a steady, relaxed sort of driver. I think driving style makes a difference to overall consumption and certainly seasonal variations are factor too - cold weather gives lower mpg.
  15. Some time ago another member posted here about his car alarm going off randomly at night. He believed the culprit to be a moth trying to get to the street light outside. As far as I recall the moth was removed and the problem solved. I have no proof one way or the other but I also suspect that a window left opened just a little bit can sometimes set the sensor off in windy conditions. I had an alarm problem whilst on holiday in 2019 and that was the only explanation I could come up with. These alarms are a wee bit too sensitive if you ask me. 🙁
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