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  1. I take it you mean a new wiper blade?? Have you tried Halfords? You can look up your car by registration number or by supplying a few details and hopefully they will come up with something suitable. Even if you don't buy the blade from there you may get a part code that you can look for online. You can look all this up at Halfords online or in store. If it's not the blade then I agree that Ebay might be worth a look.
  2. Out of curiosity I went looking for the @ sign today - you need to "Change type" and select the "123" screen where there are numerals and a few other unusual characters. For English language speakers all we appear to need are the ABC and 123 screens. Other screen "types" appear to be for various foreign language keyboards.
  3. It is my understanding that you can download and install updates yourself (via "My Toyota" web account), though it can be a time consuming process for some. I've seen reports of an hour or more for the download and/or the car to install the software. It might be possible/quicker to download the file/s to a USB stick and use that to update the car maybe,I don't know. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. I expect you could ask your dealer to do any updates for you when you go in for a service but it's possible they might request some sort of payment for this. Again, I really don't know so it would be best to check with your individual dealer if this is what you would prefer.
  4. Thanks to all who replied. It sounds like the first 3 years of updates would most likely be free, then. I hope that the camera info will be updated too. I don't have a suitable mobile data plan so can't use Waze or any apps or live updates of any sort unfortunately but thanks for the additional ideas. It's not a big issue for me. Ah but I do! I am a careful female driver with decades of experience, not a speed freak by any means. But as I've got older I feel I do need to stay more focused on what speed I'm doing, I want to drive safely. I use the speed limiter on the car quite a bit now that I have it and the warning beeps of approaching fixed cameras are a helpful reminder too. I was just idly wondering if they would be updated with the maps. Some years ago I used to download this manually from an online database but that was for a standalone SatNav device.
  5. A bit of an idle question here... I was perusing another forum here and came across a query about satnav map updates for the Yaris. Owners were saying they get free map updates for the first 3 years as did one Prius owner. Now, at the time of ordering my 2019 Corolla I asked the salesman about this and he seemed a little unsure but thought the updates for the Corolla would NOT be free. I left it at that but now I'm wondering what the true situation is because said salesman, though generally quite good, did get a couple of other facts wrong. So my question is this: does anybody know anything factual about the cost, free or otherwise, of any future satnav map updates in the first years of ownership of a new Corolla? Has this info been published anywhere?? Also, being new to built-in satnavs, are these updates likely to include updated speed camera information? Cheers.
  6. This is incorrect. As you say, park assist does do parallel parking but it also helps you reverse into a space between two cars e.g. in a typical car park space. Both only work when the target space is on the left hand side of the vehicle. I have done both and I have the UK Corolla version. To operate you pull up with the intended space on your left. Then press parking assist button once for parallel parking or twice for reversing into a space between two parked cars in a car park. You can also exit a tight space when you leave but I'm not sure if this is just for parallel parking... if you're boxed in a bit this could be useful as the system will get you to a position where you can take off safely (using indicator to tell car which way you want to get out).
  7. I am loving this car. 2019 Corolla 1.8 Hybrid Design:
  8. My partner is the one who deals with the screen and sat nav as I like to keep my eyes on the road. From what I gather the trip history is only populated by trips you have "clipped" (e.g saved). Previous best and current best are also shown. All in all it's not a terribly useful system.
  9. Thanks for sharing that information. I did not know that the converter unit was positioned at the front of the car, so that's useful info. Fortunately I have a garage at home that I have always used for my car (unlike most other residents around here!) so I will continue to do so and resist the temptation to leave it out on the drive occasionally.
  10. I have a 1.8 Hybrid Design hatchback (17" wheels). Just had a longish trip away with quite a lot of motorway driving. The mpg was not any better than my more usual town driving use. All my calculations so far have been between 60-63 mpg regardless of journey type. I'm pretty happy with those sorts of figures, though.
  11. We have loads of speed bumps in my area, different types and heights, but I don't think I've heard my suspension clicking or creaking. So I would say it's not a "normal noise" as the dealer seem to be claiming. But as it's a new car maybe it's something that will bed in and settle down with a few miles under its belt. It does sound annoying, though.
  12. I use the centre console cup holder for both my key fob and my smartphone. It's so easy to pick up both as I leave the car.
  13. My salesman appeared to know fairly accurately when my order would be built - their Toyota computer system shows them what the factory production schedule is and when they, the dealer, can expect delivery of a particular model/colour. It is subject to change from time to time, of course, but sometimes delivery dates are brought forward so nothing is set in stone. He gave me early May for white, late May for blue. I wasn't interested in the other colours as I've had all of them before (though red is rather fetching, I must say!). It all went pretty much as expected. I've had a few new cars over the years, several different brands as I'm not loyal to anyone 😁... and timings just seem to get longer and longer. I had to wait 3 months for my last car, a VW, but at least that had the excuse of being shipped over from South Africa! Never mind. It was well worth the wait.
  14. You were very lucky then, six weeks is excellent. I could have got a white one a few weeks earlier but I wanted a blue one so had to wait until these were scheduled for production.
  15. East Midlands here. I ordered my Corolla 1.8 hatchback Hybrid Design in late February, shortly after it hit the dealership, but had to wait until June 10th for delivery. In fairness it did arrive 10 days earlier but I was away on holiday (dammit!!). So a good 3+ months wait here. Most frustrating, particularly as the car was being built less than 20 miles up the road from me. Rather like Brexit I kept yelling "Get on with it!!!" every time I passed by the factory, LOL. The only thing you can do is just to put it out of your mind for most of the wait. Agonising, I know, but it will be worth it. I'm delighted with mine. 😊