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  1. Maybe you could work out where that critical junction is and set it as a waypoint on your route home?
  2. I have a 2019 Corolla 1.8 Design which indeed does have TPMS - I think I knew this from the published specs before I even bought it. A small anecdote for you all: Last year I had the TPMS warning light come on repeatedly. I say repeatedly because several times it came on - I checked all the tyres - a small adjustment of 2psi to one tyre was required the first time but after that the pressures remained constant. After re-setting the TPMS the warning light would just come on again. Puzzling, and rather inconvenient as I didn't particularly want to take it to the dealership at the time (Co
  3. Interesting topic. I had the Gen3 Glasscoat protection applied to my 2019 Denim Blue Corolla 1.8 hatch when I bought it. I guess this has indeed protected it because I don't think it has the scratches you guys are talking about from chips or washes. The paintwork still looks great 20 months later. I would be pretty annoyed too if it didn't! Likewise my previous car, a pearlescent black VW Polo had a protective coating applied on purchase that did what it said on the tin. I had that car for 8+ yrs and the paintwork was still in great condition when I parted with it (apart from a small ding
  4. I may be misremembering the exact details as this was some time ago, but I did experience an unexpected movement while waiting longer than usual to get going. What you say makes sense so I probably did something wrong then. Could be I was still learning how to handle an automatic.
  5. Heh heh. These cars can be a bit temperamental sometimes when you don't follow "procedure". But it's all designed to keep us and others safe I guess. Without that warning your car could have rolled away and wreaked who knows what devastation. It certainly taught you a lesson didn't it. 😂
  6. Yes, it's the multi-way rocker button on the left of the wheel. (From memory) I press "left" to switch the speed limiter function on. Then I press& hold "up" to set the speed - the reading starts at 20 then jumps to 25 then 30 (or more if needs be). Single presses increment the reading by 1.
  7. Sure. The brake hold button is on the console to your left, next to the Parking brake button. When set you get a round green "Hold" indicator light on the driving display. Brake hold engages automatically when you come to a full stop, at traffic lights for instance - the brake comes on so you can take your foot off the brake and not move forward. A slight word of caution. It doesn't remain set for more than a few minutes, though. I've been sat at a railway crossing for longer than usual sometimes (5+ mins), on a very slight incline, had the brake hold turn off without warning and found
  8. No, you can't save your set speed. There's probably a good reason for that as Timmon says. For most of my local urban journeys I usually set a couple of things before driving off from home. One is the Auto brake hold and the other is the speed limiter as my local area is infested with speed cameras that I would rather not have to argue with. I set the speed limiter manually rather than while under way though as it's less distracting. Both are a slight nuisance but only take a few seconds and are now a routine part of my pre-flight checks. You get used to it, just like buckling up. 😏
  9. Transfer speeds PC to USB will depend on whether you have USB2 or USB3 ports on your PC. The difference is marked and I suspect you probably have the slower version 2 if it's taking two hours. For anyone with USB3 capability then do invest in a faster USB3 thumb drive to match the port speed. It makes jobs like this far less tedious.
  10. I took delivery of my 2019 Corolla in June last year. It came with a printed manual/handbook. All the instructions are there for various models and body styles, a lot of which is irrelevant to my model and, I might add, rather confusing... so I went through the book and put a line through the stuff that didn't apply. It was a lot! But at least everything I need to know is in there and with me in the car if ever I have a query or problem while out on the road. Strange that not everyone gets a proper handbook. Personally I find digital documents difficult to navigate and use so am g
  11. I'm not in a position to check right now but I think so, yes. Some months ago I transported a few large items, furniture and stuff, and the whole area with folded seats created a large flat surface which was ideal.
  12. Yes, the floor is raised with a space saver. The difference is noticeable. A showroom car with the lower floor makes the boot area look quite deep and capacious. I have a 1.8 HB Design which I bought with a space saver. The boot is adequate for my day to day needs but the floor is a few inches higher, just below the sill of the hatchback. I can live with that, I really don't like the idea of relying on a TRK.
  13. There seems to be much confusion here. As I understand it these are the two main functions we're likely to use: 1. Hold down brake pedal and push button once to start the hybrid and drive off. In this state you can leave it in P park/READY mode if you need to wait some time in car and listen to radio or to update the mapping (which takes an hour+). The engine will periodically fire up for a few minutes to top up the battery. You would also use this mode if you are quarantining (not going out for weeks) and need to maintain the car's battery while it's out of use - for this Toyota reco
  14. I don't have the version numbers off hand for you but I will just mention that the update takes some time to do so to anyone who still needs this doing do be prepared for this. I had my car's first service a couple of weeks ago, which took an hour and 20 mins while I waited. I asked about the software update (I'm still on the original 2019 first version) and was told this can't be done while being serviced so it has to be done afterwards. The update takes a further 90 minutes. As the wait that day was already so tedious I didn't bother getting that done and will wait for the next service
  15. On my car if you dial down the temp as far as possible so it shows "Lo" (and not a number) then it blows chilled air. On a really hot day and in a baking car it can take a couple of minutes to begin to feel the benefit but it does work. Seems to me that if you are setting a temperature like 17 then that is soon going to be reached so maybe that's why it cuts out so quickly?
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