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  1. I can only tell you what I did... I downloaded the update file from MY Toyota to my computer desktop. The file was called This is a zip file containing one folder called FMU. Inside this folder are four .iso files. I extracted this folder from the zip file then copied it, with its four files, to the empty USB stick. As for your problem, I don't know what you've done. But you CAN try again, I've just done it... don't try to buy it again, go to your account and look for the link to your purchases. There you can find a record of your new map update. First click on the link called "Download instructions". This explains what to do: Step 1 Download file to your PC. Step 2 prepare USB and copy files to it etc. I know the link title is misleading but now click on "Download to USB". This actually initiates a download to your computer. This is the zip file I mentioned above. You may actually have this on your computer already and not realise it. Have a quick search for it in case you have! So you know what you are looking for the attached pic shows mine in my Download folder and what's inside the zip. Good luck!
  2. I made the mistake of unzipping the file and just copying the four .iso files I found inside to the USB stick; that didn't work. Perhaps you have done this too. You need to copy the FMU folder and the four files it contains to the USB stick. It was the presence of that FMU folder that made the difference.
  3. You could keep an eye out for something on Ebay maybe, if a used replacement is an acceptable option for you. My son used to break old cars for just this purpose (not Toyotas) and made a good living selling anything usable that he could find a buyer for. Facebook was another outlet for him to find customers. There are probably sellers like him who specialise in Toyota parts, you might just have to wait until your model becomes available.
  4. Oh, that's a shame. Maybe the system/website is just having a bad hair day today and an attempt another time will be more successful. Just so you know - under "My Vehicles" I can see my car details (model, VIN, Reg etc.) next to a picture of the car. Then below that there is a record of my device: ToyotaTouch2Plus17MMToy followed by the Multimedia device ID of about 18 characters. So the system knows all about my car, the individual MM system and satnav and presumably all about my 3 yrs free map updates etc.
  5. Is your car registered on your online account? If not then this could be the problem and maybe why you are being asked for this information. Having said that I must admit I'm still puzzled because I would have thought you would have been prompted to add your car to the system before the purchase could proceed. If your car is on your online account then it does sound like there is a problem if you can't get the update. You may need to ask your dealer about it.
  6. How far have you got with obtaining the map update from the estore on your MyToyota account? To get the update you have to go through the map purchase procedure for the car in question (although you are "purchasing" something you don't actually pay anything for a new car). You will be given an activation code during this procedure - copy it down or print it out as you will need this when installing the new map on the car. If you've already got the map update but missed the code bit then go back to your MyToyota account > eStore and look for the "Purchases" link (towards top left of the page). There you will find a record of your map "purchase" together with the code. I hope this is the information you were after.
  7. 1. First of all you need the four files inside a folder called "FMU" on the USB stick for the update to work. The files alone won't work. 2. I don't believe Accessory mode will work. You need to turn on the hybrid (brake pedal plus start button). You can leave the car in P (park) mode or take a drive, just keep the hybrid switched on. While "parked" the petrol engine may start up now and again but only for a short while to top up the battery. I did mine in P mode on my driveway. 3. Plug in the USB. It should be quickly recognised. You will be asked to enter the registration code you were given when you downloaded the zip file so have that ready. The update process will then begin. I saw that some 21 "packages" needed to be processed. It was a slow process... took just over an hour. Don't switch off until the job is done.
  8. Yes, I'm sorry, my mistake, I was just copying the original enquiry without checking. It is indeed a folder called FMU containing four .iso files.
  9. I'm not clear if you did this or not so I will just mention it... you need to copy the FCU folder plus the four files inside to the USB stick. I made the mistake of just copying the files (from my PC) which doesn't work. I don't think it matters how or where you unpack the zip, the key thing is to copy over the whole folder.
  10. I had the same experience as GilesC. The dealer (well, the salesman, who perhaps didn't know everything) couldn't understand what was required as they apparently have no way of "activating" anything. In the end I didn't pursue the matter because I only have a limited data allowance with my smartphone so can't use these online services anyway. I was just curious to see what was available and if I *might* use it on the odd occasion. Sorry this is of no actual help, I just wanted to confirm it's not just you having this problem.
  11. I'm sure most motorists would pay something towards the cost; most insurers I've dealt with have some sort of compulsory excess on their policies. In my case it's £50 compulsory plus a £200 voluntary excess. So even with comprehensive insurance if someone swiped my cat I imagine I would be £250 out of pocket and pretty cross about it too.
  12. I take it you mean a new wiper blade?? Have you tried Halfords? You can look up your car by registration number or by supplying a few details and hopefully they will come up with something suitable. Even if you don't buy the blade from there you may get a part code that you can look for online. You can look all this up at Halfords online or in store. If it's not the blade then I agree that Ebay might be worth a look.
  13. Out of curiosity I went looking for the @ sign today - you need to "Change type" and select the "123" screen where there are numerals and a few other unusual characters. For English language speakers all we appear to need are the ABC and 123 screens. Other screen "types" appear to be for various foreign language keyboards.
  14. It is my understanding that you can download and install updates yourself (via "My Toyota" web account), though it can be a time consuming process for some. I've seen reports of an hour or more for the download and/or the car to install the software. It might be possible/quicker to download the file/s to a USB stick and use that to update the car maybe,I don't know. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. I expect you could ask your dealer to do any updates for you when you go in for a service but it's possible they might request some sort of payment for this. Again, I really don't know so it would be best to check with your individual dealer if this is what you would prefer.
  15. Thanks to all who replied. It sounds like the first 3 years of updates would most likely be free, then. I hope that the camera info will be updated too. I don't have a suitable mobile data plan so can't use Waze or any apps or live updates of any sort unfortunately but thanks for the additional ideas. It's not a big issue for me. Ah but I do! I am a careful female driver with decades of experience, not a speed freak by any means. But as I've got older I feel I do need to stay more focused on what speed I'm doing, I want to drive safely. I use the speed limiter on the car quite a bit now that I have it and the warning beeps of approaching fixed cameras are a helpful reminder too. I was just idly wondering if they would be updated with the maps. Some years ago I used to download this manually from an online database but that was for a standalone SatNav device.