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  1. Hi Mate, Yeah I have been looking for those years, not much about on eBay. Not sure where else to look. Called a couple scrapyards but no luck. Plenty cars available but costing a lot more than a few hundred pounds engine. Had someone quote me £150 for an engine swap, not sure if that's too good to be true but working out cheaper than a new car. Not in the best financial situation, all my money is tied up in my business at the moment and prefer to keep it there.
  2. Hi again all, Where's the best place to look for a replacement engine? If someone can help me find a decent rectified replacement 1zz engine, I'd really appreciate it. Not having much luck myself. Thank you Yaqub
  3. Thank you both for responding in such detail, appreciate it! I'm burning through the oil so fast, I never need to change it.😅 The car only covered 25k after 10 years, no wonder the problem didn't show up. I once overfilled the oil on the car by about 2 litres. The car was on a flat surface, engine off for about 30 minutes and poured 3L in, only to find I had overfilled. Mechanic advised I keep driving and eventually it will burn away. There were no apparent problems that arose from overfilling on that one occasion but I'm still confused as to why it would happen. I have also run the engine dry once by mistake, engine got loud and felt rough. I didn't think oil would be the problem as I wasn't aware of the engine defect and had the car fully serviced 3 weeks prior. It's only when I had to emergency brake I noticed the oil light flash on the dash. Quickly, pulled into the petrol station and filled it up with oil. Not sure if this caused any problems but no obvious signs of damage. For the last couple weeks, I've been using premium grade fuel and have filled up with a Castrol fully synthetic 5w-30 oil. I feel that certain premium fuels work better than others and the oil I use works better than the one my mechanic puts in; but maybe that's just all in the head. Will have to wait and see how much better it performs. I've decided to keep the car as it is until it becomes too costly to repair. There seems to be a gearbox issue alongside the defective engine. I don't know what car I'll be getting but I'll cross that bridge when I get there. Last couple questions, if the car has sufficient oil and is covering about 2000+/- miles per month, can there be any engine defect related breakdowns I'm unaware of? Or am I ok to drive it as normal? I drive the car all over the UK with no problems but not sure if it is a good idea in the long run. Thanks again
  4. Oh, wow. I did try using the search facility but never came across anything so detailed. As long as oil is in the car, is there anything I need to be worried about? Not sure what to do in regards to repairing/replacing
  5. Hi all, I have a 2004 Toyota Avensis HATCHBACK - 1.8 VVT-i T3-X 5dr and it has been in my family since showroom. Generally can't fault the car one bit. Nice smooth comfortable cruiser on the motorway, has a ton of decent features for a 15 year old car. I found the build quality to be great and repairs minimal and inexpensive. Over the last couple years things have started to change as the mileage has increased. Currently it is on about 90k, with about 35k done in the last 2 years. During this time I've noticed a gradual increase in oil consumption. Initially it started off using all the oil in about 2-3 months, then slowly moved to 6 weeks and this year has jumped to every four weeks and now every 2 weeks. The car only ever indicated low oil when it was pretty much empty, and since last year I've made sure to check the dipstick every week. The car has been to my local mechanic, he's been my go to guy and has never let me down on repairs. I've always told him about the oil consumption, He's checked for oil leaks and did not find anything, I took it to him again today because I couldn't believe how much it was burning and again no signs of any leak. He recommended I replace the car 😥. It has been well looked after and passes MOTs first time. Decent fuel consumption, no lights on dash, all electrics work fine, and no exhaust smoke either. Headlights are dim but I've come to understand from this forum that it is normal for my model. I'm constantly using it for long drives across the UK and it mostly seems fine other than the oil consumption. I've come across a thread that mentions one avensis engine using a lot of oil but not sure if that engine is the one in my car. To summarise above and a couple other points, below are 3 problems I'm facing Heavy oil consumption, every 2 weeks I'm having to fill it up again Car goes in to 3rd-4th gear without using the clutch and carries on driving as normal Chain rattle on left hand side of the car under heavy acceleration. That's pretty much everything about the car. What do you think and what would you recommend I do? If I keep driving it, will there be bigger problems relating to the oil consumption? Many thanks Yaqub