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  1. Thanks folks for the help I called the local yuasa dealer in Norwich and was quoted £181. I was about to order via eBay, but decided to call the local dealer who had always seemed expensive [ as i hoped i could get a battery today. To my surprise I was quoted £131.00, so i asked is that the cheapest you can do? and got it for £111.44. So all sorted, maybe always worth a telephone call and ask for a discount.. Thanks again
  2. Flash22 - i went on the ebay page and after putting in my details - it says it isnt compatible for my model?
  3. Thanks for all the help folks Eddiefh - is that a Toyota part number? I have had another look there is no mention of Agm on the battery. I managed to get the bracket to confirm I have a Yuasa battery
  4. Flash 22- Thanks for the link But do you know what type it is? Start/stop / Agm? /Ordinary?
  5. Thanks for the replies - My concern re the jumpstart was that it was direct to the battery & not via the Jump start point under the bonnet [ my fault as i only remembered later on ] my charger is a very old [ non smart charger] no voltage measure. the 20 mins - standing was everything switched off.
  6. I have a 66 reg auris hybrid Last week my 12 volt battery failed? I had driven appox 20 miles to drop off a friend, the car stood for about 20 mins, but when i went to leave, the dashboard and interior lights kept flashing & clicking sounds. After trying 2/3 times the dashboard lit up but the 'ready icon' didn't appear. I called auto aid and a local breakdown company arrive, after checking the 12 volt he said that his device said the voltage was low, the device i think was also a booster pack., and the car started. I drove home , but there was a big red battery & sign saying 'Check voltage system' i have charged the battery on trickle charge and it seems ok. questions I realised that his device was connected directly to the battery[ in the boot ] & not to the Jump start point under the bonnet, could this have caused damage? I have been looking at battery prices, Halfords have different types - ordinary & start stop/ Agm ? I guess i have a start stop? Prices range £85 - £151 [ b20[jis] S34B20R] 20Hr 35Ah CCA272A I recently had a Toyota full service under the extension - Relax scheme, do you know if i ma covered for breakdown cover by this scheme? I don't want to ask to many questions for the dealership as I feel that they just want to charge me more each time I have dealt with them. Last service they quoted me a price but their own website said £35 less, I had to strongly query before they would lower the price to their own website & got a load of waffle about environmental treatment in the cabin. so I am not impressed, but I thought I would take the extra warranty. Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks for all the comments,the document I read said that any service should be completed by an authorised Toyota dealer,so I guess that means main dealer Warranty Terms & Conditions_tcm-3060-2316494.pdf
  8. I am not sure ,the car came from a relative, in Norfolk, the 4/2017 was in Derbyshire. 12/2017 was in Norfolk I have got the car July 2017 so have paid for the last 3 I guess my relative must have bought the car with 9600 miles not new?
  9. Register date 1/9/2016 Warranty book just says 60k for spark plugs I bought the car s/hand from a family member,who bought this new. Service April 17 9600m Dec 17 15158 miles July 19 25270 miles Jan 20 35156 miles Feb 21 40600 miles the mileage is now 47000 miles
  10. I have booked the car in for Monday, with SLM Attenborough Norfolk,but there website says £365 Inc petrol treatment & a disinfectant treatment for the cabin.but when I called they quoted £386. I will query that when I am there.They offered to do that price £365 with out the 2 treatments. I feel they are just pushing for more money. My next nearest dealer is the same dealership group Also the car has 47k on the clock @ 5 years 5 months old, but the dealer says it needs a 60k service and new spark plugs.Surely if it needs plugs at 60K they should be changed nearer 60 k miles ( approx next service) Now the car is out of Warrenty, I was going only for the Relax extended warranty. Any advice?
  11. Thank you folks for your reply's & opinions- much appreciated
  12. I have a a auris hybrid 66 plate 45k on the clock [ 5 last sept 21] I have a service due in the next month, the local dealer did mention relax? [ i think that is the name} the local dealer in Norfolk- seem to like find extra costs, when i have taken it for the service. I am i correct - while it has a Toyota service it continues to a toyota warranty? where i could take it to a local independent Toyota dealer - for half the service costs. full service £170 I understand that I still need to have a Check on the hybrid side of things [ as they have a 10 year warranty?]I may on a limited budget, so the independent dealer in Norwich - sounds appealing. suggestions and opinions appreciated. Any other members in the Norwich / south Norfolk area?
  13. thanks for the info, i have placed the battery on charge,[ i found a tester that said it had just 12v] I have it booked in for Monday to be checked over for the alarm & a fuel gauge that seems to have a mind of its own. The car is a couple of months left on the warranty left
  14. an update same thing happened again, the alarm went off about 10.30. pm [ but any other time of the day] Is this possibly the 12 v battery dropping in voltage? generally are the dealers expensive for things like batteries?
  15. I have a an Auris Hybrid est on a 66 plate. to nights ago the alarm went off. on checking nothing seems wrong, after 30 minutes it went off again. I moved the car to different place. I checked the car over in the morning, nothing seems wrong. i left the car all day and again at 11.00 the alarm goes off again [ same time as the night before] i have booked it in to the dealership as it has 2 months left on the warranty, but they cant look till next week It seems odd to me that both occasions were are the same time 11 pm. Has anyone any ideas? Thanks in advance
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