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  1. After a few days of driving with my tablet I've decided I don't like looking at the main screen for navigation. I've picked up the Miracase phone holder as suggested by cbatody (thanks) but got mine mounted over on the right.
  2. Doesn't work Edit - Step 6 doesn't show up, I did get it to work, but it's horrid and costs 5 quid. Un-installed and refunded.
  3. What apps are you using? Ah, nevermind I googles it 🙂 Thanks for the heads up
  4. My temporary solution until I can use Waze with AA.
  5. tbh, I wouldn't trouble yourself too much. It's a 1+ hour update for no real gain....If any...
  6. And the whole "My Toyota" experience is just toilet!
  7. Good job Toyota, the've not even fixed MM17 after 6+ months.
  8. I done a quick search and couldn't see any mention of this..... For anybody thats interested, the Geniune front rubber floor mats for the 2019 Corolla HB also come with the rear mats. It's not mentioned on the Toyota ebay store. Really nice fit too. The standard cloth mats don't look like they'll last 5 minutes.
  9. I had this issue last week. Two insurance companies couldn't find the ABI number for the 2.0 Design HB. Even after 6 months of being on sale.
  10. I believe Mirror link works during motion and Miracast stops during motion (to stop you casting videos etc).
  11. Sounds odd, this model has been around for at least 6 months, I doubt anything has changed since then... Picked my HB up Thursday 5th, got my V5C on the 7th.
  12. It would help if the Toyota website facts are correct. Two sources told me I would get a space saver as standard. I didn't.
  13. I wonder what fuel savings there are to be made not lugging around a space saver & jack etc compaired to having to purchase a new tyre.