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  1. You could download VLC app if you want to play music through AA from your phone. I think most of the other apps are paid for subscriptions. You can switch between apps in AA and the music will still play.
  2. After USB1 not working I went straight to 2 and 3. Then back to 1 (System Replicate) then updated to the latest FA10 kwi to 1140. I looked at the shell script, it's been around since March 2019, looks like it'll only run if it needs to. All seems to be ok at present. Out of interest, on the instrument cluster under 'Settings', has the feature always been available to change the 'Trip Average MPG' to 'Tank Average' or 'Total Average'? Also, I don't recall there being a graphic next to the options to switch from "Analogue Speed cluster" and "Digital Speed cluster". It
  3. I've reduced the lane assist sensitivity down a notch. The highest setting was too aggressive for me. Although I barely use it.
  4. I've just looked up a replacement O/S wiper blade is £32...However, the N/S is £8
  5. You're obviously comparing it to your previous vehicle. I don't find it an issue, I wasn't sure about the CVT at first, I'm use to it now.
  6. Yes, I got my vehicle in Sept 2019 and the wiper blades were shoddy from day one. I've yet to replace mine too.
  7. Sport mode stiffens up the steering. I doubt you'd feel the difference on the motorway though.
  8. I thought recirculation mode on a really hot day was proven to be worse, as the initial air is hotter than the outside ambient temp. I think you're better off getting the feature enabled that allows you to open all windows from the key fob. When you're walking up to your car open all the windows to let the air out. Then have the aircon on fast and pulling air from outside. Just my 2 pence worth.
  9. What driving mode are you in? Eco seems to keep the batteries top up more, Normal and Sport less so.
  10. I wondered about this, I've tried this but wasn't convinced it was worth putting extra strain on the engine to save a few pennies. I'm getting 55mpg on average. I drive in normal and occasionally sport if i need to get away on a roundabout or to have a bit of fun on a clear country road. That's why I bought the 2.0
  11. Incorrect, it turns itself off...
  12. I have the same marks. I don't get your logic with regard to using 2 separate clothes etc. They are cracks not scratches. Why in 2020 are car designers still putting piano black in interiors.
  13. Looking at Toyota UK Sales Report they sold around 15.5K Corollas in 2019. Looking at the Toyota worldwide sales for 2019 (which was 10.7 Million), the Burnaston factory made 147 thousand vehicles. Out of those 147 thousand sales, how many people actually know what AA or CarPlay is? And how many of those purchased the car because it was promised as a retro upgrade? The vehicle has been out a year and who knows how long in design and testing, the 'E' store is still empty. I've seen people on youtube build quality apps in a day for all sorts of platforms. So I'm not holding my breath w
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