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  1. I witnessed a set on my friend's car and they were really good. You can easily choose them!
  2. LOL everyone seems like looking for it :D
  3. jonlaw

    Panel gaps

    Are you sure that it is attached well enough by the mechanics?
  4. Second one might work on your issue mate.
  5. I agree ! Also, some facts such as; tyre condition, road conditions and weather might effect the MPG Performance too. However, if you need some alternative results while comparing them you can use I do some comparings monthly for checking out the condition of my car :)
  6. Check out the bulb mate! +1
  7. I had same one too but it's not resistant I guess. Mine kept fall off :(
  8. I just bought a second hand 2014 Yaris to sell again. However, the right fog light is not working. Left one is working perfectly though. How can I fix it? or what is the reason ?
  9. Any picture about the floor ??
  10. Don't worry mate it's normal ;)