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  1. constant flashing means no codes stored. so nothing is wrong and the sensor should be fine. you got me. your sensor should be located in the exhaust manifold it justs bolts in to the manifold
  2. i failed mine mot as well 96 celica st202 turned out it was the oxygen sensor code 21. you can test this your self by going to the diagnosis box in the engine bay lift the cap get a paper clip bend it in half and bridge point TE1 + E1 NOW GO BACK IN THE CAR TURN ON THE IGNITION but dont start the engine. AND COUNT THE NUMBER OF TIMES THE CHECK ENGINE LIGHT FLASHES. 2 flashes pause 1 flash indicates an oxygen sensor problem which usually means replacement they have a service life of 50-60k from what i hear and are easy to install mine cost me 220 euro from mr toyota. but if it is gone it does not matter what you put in your petrol tank because the sensor regulates the amount of air that is mixed with the fuel no working sensor wrong mix high mot reading which means you are probably wasting a lot of fuel as well. i know i was hope this helps.
  3. toyota sells the outer cv joint and drive shaft as one part which comes with a cv boot and the grease new outer nut and cotter pin that why they are so dear.
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    yes the only thing is my wife did not think it was funny but hey what the hell can't win them all.
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    the last car i had a corolla parked out side my house i looked out the window and caught 2 little ****s dancing on the bonnet of it. i dont lose my temper often but i saw red went out and caught one lifted him with a kick in the ***** and i never saw him again. but even worse the neighbour use to let there dog out in the morning and he used to come in and crap right on the back patio said it to her but of course she fobbed me of. so after a few days there was a build up of dog crap so i went out got a spade took the lot up went out to her car left some on the the bonnet the roof and the boot that soon made her take control of her dog because he never craped in my garden again
  6. could be your oxygen sensors on the way out mine was the same way just scrapped the mot. but on the next one it was 3 times what it should be does not matter what you put in your tank if the oxygen sensor is worn it wont help. only cure is replace oxygen sensor which is costly. there is a test you can do yourself to find out if the sensor has failed there is a diagnosis box in the left hand side of the engine bay lift the cap you need to bridge TE1 + E1 this can be done with a paper clip bend it in the middle and stick it in to these 2 points go back in the car and turn on the ignition but don't start the car you will see the check engine light flashing on the dash it will flash on and of rapidly if there are no codes. if the sensor has failed it is a code 21 which is 2 flashes pause 1 flash.
  7. i picked up a toyota oil filter today for my celica just looked and it said made in japan its a different colour. i like the way the rubber seal comes pre greased and covered with plastic saves you having to rub oil on the seal before installing it. got to love the japanese always coming up with little ways to make your life easier.
  8. hi slopesurfer what makes you think you need a catalytic converter
  9. i noticed bit better responce and a few more miles than usual out of a tank of petrol since i put in a set of iridium denso ik20 plugs in my celica 44.65 inc delivery would not go back to standard plugs. for plugs
  10. hey there wizard i had eibach springs in two rollas the plastic cover that wraps around the bottom of the springs for the rear is there because when the spring is fitted the first 3 coils sit on each other it must be there to stop ware and rubbing. is that the the pro-kit and are you using it with standard shocks.by the way i did buy the splitfire spring adjusters but never needed them there was no knocking either.
  11. My wings west supra style gen 6 this spoiler was a perfect fit for my car its a tidy one and not to high like some of the custom jobs you see. not trying to knock any one else pride and joy. every one to there own.
  12. sorry asha :D just adding fuel to the fire
  13. the split in the brake disc some times gets small stone chippings stuck in them which rattle like hell when at slow speeds. jack up car and remove wheel turn brake disc by hand and check the slots in disc. happens to me all the time.
  14. just an update the wheel was a space saver T135/70/16. doh if we looked in the glovebox at the info on tyre pressure it gives the wheel size there. and even with the space saver in it still requires a raised piece of the boot floor.
  15. when i went to buy my 96 st202 i was told the same thing that the car would have no under seal but when i looked under the car it was under sealed and it had not being done by the importer.
  16. looks awful like the air conditioning sight glass and the discharge or filler valve for the refrigerant.
  17. sorry it is a 96 st202 and GT-FOUR NZ is right there is no way any wheel but a space saver is going to fit in tried to put a standard wheel in but it sits to high. he picked up one today from the breakers yard £32.00 and it fits like a glove.
  18. my friend bought a celica and the space saver spare wheel was missing and he wants to buy a second hand one. does any know if it is a 15 inch or 16 inch wheel
  19. thanks for the info lads i think with the higher service intervals alone that is enough to sway in the direction of iridium plugs. i will try sparkplugs.co.uk i see on there website they do denso and ngk iridium plugs so it is just a matter of choice.
  20. hi all was looking at buying some iridium sparkplugs for my celica gen 6 and was wondering are they worth the money £40+ did any one try them in a celica and was there a difference.
  21. why buy a new caliper when you recon the old one all the working parts for the caliper can be brought from toyota like sliding bushing, pins, and the piston and put back in to the old caliper. it will be as good as new. my rear caliper seized on my jap 96 st202 but lucky i caught in time all it did was ware the pad at an angle.
  22. Hi looking for some help have to fit new shock absorber to a celica 96 st202 and need to know the torque spec for the two steering knuckle to strut bolts/nuts any help would be great. looked in the haynes manual american issue and it says 224 ft-Ibs but this seem an awful high torque value.
  23. the toyota dealer should have a jap EPC parts catalogue the skirts you are looking for are in it. they can order them direct from japan takes about 2 weeks. the dealership i go to never has a problem getting any parts for jap imports.
  24. there seams to be a lot feed back coming up through the steering wheel the car feels lose at the front end while driving. the shocks, outer tie rod end and ball joint are fine. i was talking to friend today he said that it could be ware in the joint between the inner tie rod and the steering rack going to get it up on the ramps in the morning take of the rubber gaiter and have a proper look. what ever it is its definately effecting the front end handling of the car
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