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  1. yes trip button just cycles through a and b trip counter things. I thought maybe he left something disconnected so ive tried my obd2 gadget and the ECU is working as normal.
  2. The car is now driving very well but I've noticed on the radio panel where it usually showed the mpg range etc information has gone blank the only thing showing is the time and temperature. Does this have something to do with the ECU resetting itself because battery was disconnected for a long time.
  3. OK update all the work is finished and the car is driving better than new although i bought it second hand anyway. They never mentioned anything about any break in period or driving style but ive read online that i need to take it very easy on the clutch for the first 500 miles if someone could enlighten me on this please. They used a blueprint clutch kit and charged me £300. Also the guy mentioned there was slight noise coming from the gearbox.
  4. Hi I'm at the garage as I type this message getting the clutch done. I haven't been to this place before but it's the quickest I could find it is a Japanese car breakers yard where they have 2 mechanics or I hope they are by the look of things. Currently they have both drive shafts out and working on it wish me luck.
  5. Hi thanks for this info where do I look for the exact engine type of the a code somewhere I must look for.
  6. well its a friend of mine who was a mechanic at Peugeot for 20 years and id rather give him the money than some other garage and since hes done other work ive needed i can trust he will do a good job as long as i can get a quality part but i want a middle of the road part not very top end and not crap either.
  7. Hi I just read the comment I see what you mean should I in this case just opt for eurocarparts where I will get a warranty
  8. Hi thanks for the reply i am looking to get the below linked item or if anyone has better options then my Reg is LR53VJY https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/294590948208
  9. Hi so I have had the car checked out by a mechanic now and it has been established that the clutch is slipping as and I need to replace the clutch. I've had a look on eBay and seen a varying prices ranging from £50 for an unknown brand to £170 for Luk kit. What would be advised please should even buy a part like this from eBay as the mechanic has agreed to fit what I purchase.
  10. Oh right I'm not that mechanically minded thanks for the info considering this car has done 1.5k miles now and 30.000 of those were done by me the plugs are probably cooked I'll start there at least by making an inspection of the condition.
  11. Hi the engine size is1.3 manual gearbox the coil packs replace what used to be spark plugs shine years ago and mainly cars now have coil packs otherwise known as an ignition coil. I read the OBD2 data as mentioned when the problem first happend this is how I was able to establish it was indeed a dead coil pack which i replaced. Because I am lacking power again when accelerating I am thinking maybe it's the same issue again with the remaining coil packs because only 1 was changed.
  12. Hi I'm hoping someone can advise I have a Yaris tspirit 03 reg I have been experiencing some intermittent lack of power issues while accelerating. My troubles first began about a year ago when while driving along suddenly the car lost all power and staled. Upon using my OBD2 software i identified the issue to be one of the coil packs which when changed resolved the issue and I was also able to clear the engine warning light. Fast fwd to now and as of the last month or so I am having the power lacking issues again which happens when trying to pick up speed eg going from 2nd to 3rd gear and accelerating the car will hold back as though there is a lagg before any power like it is accelerating buy the car is not responding for a few seconds. I am suspecting since I only changed the culprit coil pack that now the others or one of the others is also on its way out. I don't really want to be stranded somewhere since I have to take my elderly mother to hospital appointments regularly so I need this issue resolved properly. I have considered strongly to buy a while set of coil packs and replace the lot since I think this is the issue again but I need real advice before doing this and the OBD2 software can't pick up any error until the coil fails. I do not want to go to garage's done this is an intermittent issue which sometimes didn't even happen and they will happily extinguish me of funds and say we didn't find anything in which they would also be right because the problem may not occur during there testing. The car is an insurance write off which I've bought back since it is in good condition so I don't want to start spending money I cannot afford on a car which is already past it's best in terms of use. I hope someone can chime in and advise if changing all the coil pack idea is logical. Thanks all for reading.
  13. Thanks I will look into getting this.
  14. Thanks allot grief all your replies I will look into the bulbs mentioned at least now I have a better understanding of these things. Come to think of it I doubt the led bulbs would even fit on passenger side as the isn't enough clearance since they stick out to far. I guess I might try to source a second hand lens from the breakers yard for the left side since it clouds over to frequently compared to the drivers side.
  15. Thanks for the reply I see so the led bulbs are so bright they will fail mot and dazzle other drivers. I am surprised they sell them on Amazon in that case. I read about the osram night breakers but people are saying they only provide slightly more light and don't last long. Also one of the lenses always clouds over and I need to clean it every 2 months but the drivers side lense has always stayed clear which I don't understand.
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