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  1. Am I seriously the only one with extremely annoying crickety wind noise on a driver side? I have 18" Falkens summer wheels and 16" Continental winter wheels and there isn't much difference in between them. No matter how I drive, what the weather is, I'm getting that extremely annoying noise as soon as I hit 100km/h. Can't identify where it's coming from. Sent from my motorola one vision using Tapatalk
  2. Any concrete news from other European markets? Slovakia and Czech Republic extremely confusing, seems like nobody knows what is the plan. If it will or won't be possible to retrofit and when. Sent from my motorola one vision using Tapatalk
  3. Do you have 18" or 17"? I have 18" tyres and I completely agree with your comment. I would go even further than you and I would replace them completely for 17" which should be more than sufficient, cause I don't think there will be much improvement if you just swap them for different brand. I've got myself nice 16" Continental Wintercontact TS 860 for winter and I'm expecting noise reduction in order to prove the point. Sent from my motorola one vision using Tapatalk
  4. Not sure what are the legal requirements in Croatia, here in Slovakia I have these sizes legally allowed: 225/40R18 92W 18X8J ET40 C1 C 205/55R16 91V 16x7J ET40 225/45R17 91W 17X7 1/2J ET40 Sent from my motorola one vision using Tapatalk
  5. Hi buddy, personally I'd go for 16"(should be better fuel economy, bit quieter), but 17" should be fine as well. Definitely don't get 18" for winter. As for rims, I think I'm getting https://www.elektrony.sk/brock-rc30-farba-sg-cierny-lesk-7-16-592958 Don't look at complex designs, look at simple ones with 4-5 beams, it's much better for maintenance. All good mainstream brands should be suitable for winter as well, but double check with seller if in doubt. Good sellers should be able to confirm compatibility with car/model. As for tires, according to Czech/Slovak independent testing agency these were best rated 16" winter tires compatible with Corolla: Don't look at cheapest options, your car is sitting on these four wheels. You can get pretty good quality for reasonable price, do research, read some reviews and decide what suits you best (do you have snow, below zero temperatures or just wet winters?). And don't forget you'd need tpms as well. Sent from my motorola one vision using Tapatalk
  6. Hi Sidrat, does it work while car is in motion? Did you install something besides Sygic nav app? Sent from my motorola one vision using Tapatalk
  7. Fixed! Noticed this gap today. Pushed the seal in, tested on motorway, noise is gone. Love my Corolla again. Sent from my motorola one vision using Tapatalk
  8. Wish it was, going to take out everything from the car (fortunately, there is not much space to put stuff in new Corolla, smh) to test if I'm not the one causing the noise, but I'm afraid it's something in B pillar/door panel. Good think is that the noise is pretty consistent, my other car (Suzuki Vitara) is making all kinds of noises randomly. She's very moody. Sent from my motorola one vision using Tapatalk
  9. Hi guys, new Corolla Sedan(saloon) is making crickety noise while I'm driving on a motorway (90km/h - 110km/h). Sound is comming from driver's side (left side) and it is extremely annoying. I'm on 18' wheels, but this doesn't sound like the noise from the wheels,but rather like something in a B pillar. Anyone with similar experience? Sent from my motorola one vision using Tapatalk
  10. krk_man, great news. Thank you for the update. You inspired me to contact Toyota Slovakia and they've just confirmed me that HB/TS should be produced with this packet from 11/2019 and SD from 12/2019. Unfortunately, they couldn't confirm yet,if it will be possible to retrofit. Although I'm positive after your post, I'm still remaining cautious. Sent from my motorola one vision using Tapatalk