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  1. Unfortunately I can’t take the hit to trade up. I’ve had to borrow to buy this one as I don’t work due to health issues. It was get some sort of automatic or give up driving altogether. On the plus side I won’t be putting an awful lot of miles on it so hopefully it will behave.
  2. Yes I think I’m unclear how to use it. If for example I park on the downhill slope in reverse gear and turn off the car, how do I then get it back to N to restart? Can I shift the gear stick without the car being on and if I can’t how else can I do it?
  3. I bought a 2010 MMT today with no experience of them or indeed any kind of automatic. The guy I bought it off (private sale) said to park it in N and start it in N and moving the gear stick while the car is off will destroy the gearbox. Having read the manual I now know to either park it in E or R, but it will only start in N. Will moving the stick to N without the car being on damage the gearbox, as he said? Is there something obvious I’m missing here?