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  1. Well got it replaced by dealer. Still think it’s unacceptable that such a major component would fail at 70k and the car 10 years old
  2. Thanks for chipping in Robster- Im hoping the same- they did go through one of those service bulletins so assume that was them eliminating potential easier faults. The day before I was pumping up kids bike tyre using the 12v port in the boot. When I was done and went to remove the pumps 12v plug/ bit you insert it fell apart/unsprung itself, I got the metal part out of the 12v port in the boot ok. I told the dealership about this and they said it was just coincidence that the EDU went the very next time I drove the car after this happening. Was thinking it’s too much of a coincidence - something electrical going wrong after something electrical messed up! What do you guys think? When they refit new part it I will get them to test the 12v port in boot. (It works ok like I tested with a usb charger, but just to see if it sets off the EDU / dashboard lights again)
  3. Thanks gjnorthall for replying, it’s truely appreciated. Would the £171 tests they done (he mentioned doing a bulletin) have physically checked the ECU or just software?
  4. Hey AniW I be the same problem - I started a new thread about it hoping some folks could share their experiences. I’ve a suspicion that the dealers are going to start replacing parts they don’t need to and milking my wallet because they can’t pinpoint the exact problem.
  5. Those batteries hate the slightest bit of oil/moisture from your fingers. Just one to watch for.
  6. Hi all, im in uk, will detail what’s up with my rav and see if anyone else has had issue/joy/experience. Engine management light came on and alternates between ‘check engine’ and ‘check 4x4 system’ messages showing error code p1271 car went into limp mode for about 2 weeks (low power/no acceleration, uphill was a slow process) codes were cleared, came back on car was still in limp mode local mechanic said to go to Toyota dealer to get in depth diagnostic got some ‘life’ back into it yesterday but not 100% was at the Toyota dealer today they said it was the EDU (NOT ECU) electronic driver (or driving) unit Said they would check it /but if needing replaced would still charge me for the checking So paid them £171 today they then quoted that the new EDU would cost £1250 + £90 to fit I asked my local mechanic and he said that they could fit it ok but would need to tow it to a Toyota dealer to get it programmed. Am i being ripped off?!