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  1. 79k miles! Advert says it drives mint! After the ones you've enquired about I thought you'd have at least considered this or worth a look. Good luck with finding something
  2. It's on the aygo fb group. Car is I'm Birmingham, can ask seller for contact details if it's within travelling distance for you.
  3. Yes, yes and yes to all of the above. Saab are so chest to insure! There's pent of time.
  4. They were glued to my saab and came off pretty easy. I'd go with the matt black paint.
  5. I pay £240 for my remapped saab. Love that car.
  6. My wife has a 3 cylinder diesel and it's not smooth at take off. It's certainly imbalanced in lower gears.
  7. If it's a decent garage fitting a clutch should be easy. Can't think what it would be. Maybe they haven't tightened something quite tight enough when they put it back....suspension wise.
  8. My 17 yr old daughter only pays £750 with Churchill. usually works for me. You'll probably get a discount with a private car sale. Good luck.
  9. Have you got a spare or know someone with a good wheel to replace the buckled one and see if that helps? Just can't see the garage ripping it all apart that's all.
  10. I'm a fan of lower number of owners probably better. Engine running you might hear a tiny tappet noise - that's OK. If you can get you head in see of the water pump or alternator look like they've been replaced. Easy job but it's bumper off which could explain why some don't seem to fit. My daughters doesn't fit too well. We paid £1k but it had new exhaust, brakes, timing chain and evidence of a clutch. Sadly previous owner sprayed bumper on wrong shade or red. Hey go.
  11. Even something like this is you are going over the 2k price New&onesearchad=New
  12. Clutch plate could be slightly off centre possibly. But in meantime check yer wheel weights!