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  1. Previous owner had fitted a chain to ours. Chains do have a life - if you ever owned a corsa then youd know. It does have oil on I presume? And it's not something as simple as alternator bearings? I'd go down the second hand engine route if its that bad and maybe source and mark this down to experience.
  2. The pedal height us correct but it's ridulously high. Is there any reason why I can't turn the stop screw anti clockwise and then adjust the clutch at the gearbox end?
  3. Where is the best and easiest place to connect a switched live connection? I have a wire piggyback kit and in my saab it's a breeze but looking at the manual the best connection place is the speedo binnacle?
  4. Thanks for the reply. Just looked at the adjuster on the pedal and it's nearly all the way in, maybe only another turn possibly. Only solution would be a longer bolt! I might turn it in all the way and try adjust the cable out a bit. My daughter is trying to learn clutch control and there was a lot of slack in the accelerator cable too...
  5. To fit a 2009 model
  6. It's had a new clutch a few years ago but I find the bite point high, do these little things have adjustable clutches so I could maybe bring the biting point down on the clutch.....or free play on the pedal how d I measure it?
  7. I used to have a Renault, some horror stories on Renaultforum!
  8. gotagetz

    Aygo wanted

    Just picked it up and it's got Toyota history to 2014 then serviced my the girls ex mechanic father. So in the past few years can see it's had a new alternator (2018) this year alone exhaust, timing chain kit, wishbone, in 2017 pads and discs and I can see clutch receipt 2014. He's kept all receipts and it's had a service every year by the looks of it. Not a perfect car by any means but for a first car no bad.
  9. gotagetz

    Aygo wanted

    His daughter put some deep scratches into it. On the hyundai forum I'm gotagetz as she has a hyundai. Dirtyleeds on Renault and saab.....I ve drive a 93 anniversary. Someone uses Dirtyleeds on here already.
  10. gotagetz

    Aygo wanted

    Went, saw and bought. Starts on the key, clutch possibly a bit high (just had a new one in my saab so not a good comparison ), brakes sharp, mot until April next year. No knocking or rattles. Knocked on his door, I knew him from playing 5aside. Only slight downside was the bonnet and bumper had been resprayed in a darker shade of red (motor factor gave him it and didn't notice until it was too late). Daughter is happy. Cheapest car to insure and tax by a mile so I can live with the different shades of red.
  11. gotagetz

    Aygo wanted

    my daughter is wanting an Aygo as her first car, it's small and cheap on insurance and tax. i presume apart from water leaks and clutches on earlier models problems will be the same as other manufacturers. hopefully going to look at this later: MOT history is Ok.....
  12. good morning, ignore my profile as we haven't bought an Aygo yet! My daughter wants an aygo for her first car - and we are in Cambridge