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  1. Don't think it's as easy as just swapping it. It would have t he programmed to the car I think due to the immobiliser. What's the problem? How do you know it's the ECU?
  2. Remove the gasket and run a bead of sealant around the light and refit. Job done
  3. Cars rely on the battery do much more these days. They gave to be 100% so if yours is 11 years old it's done well. Get a good brand, yuasa , bosh etc.
  4. Wonder if the break light problem could be a faulty pedal switch? I'd plump for oil pressure switch, not hard to replace.
  5. Guessing it would fit. Without suggesting another place to ask, you might be limited on here for replies. Basic body is the same, so hinges should be on same place.
  6. gotagetz

    New tyre

    Goodyear, Avon , yokohama all under £70 fitted for 165/60/15.
  7. City driving will make the consumption higher than driving on a motorway. Are your brakes binding?
  8. Avon's on all our cars.
  9. Or pour water onto the windscreen, it should drain behind the front wheel arches. If not it's blocked on the scuttle.
  10. Sound like an iffy excuse to me. Have you monitored how much oil you are losing / mileage? And £800 to replace you can buy from a well known parts supplier and get your local garage to fit. Warning light? Which one. Could be oil pressure switch. Do you have oil in it?
  11. Varta are good batteries. I sometimes use ECP to check parts against other suppliers.
  12. Good mod that. Been thinking abut one for daughters car. Did it come with the pod too?
  13. What is the battery reading with the alternator installed? If it's not 14v I'd suggest it's the alternator. Presume your battery is healthy.
  14. Wrist's truly slapped. Think a revision of rules could be on order. I wonder if I was on Facebook and said "there's a Toyota forum" don't think that would be frowned upon.
  15. Sorry about that, it's not a problem on uksaabs or renaultforums. Won't do it again.
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