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  1. Where do you keep your space-saver spare wheel ?

  2. Thank you for that information. As yet, I have been unable to undo one of the nuts holding on the alloy wheels, by using the spanner in the toolkit ; but am hoping to ask a much stronger, younger, larger friend , tomorrow, to try. If that fails , I shall pop over to my local Toyota dealer - or better still a tyre seller. I need to be able to see the thread to buy a set of four tapered nuts. Perhaps the main dealer will sell me an expensive set, perhaps not. Yes, the steel wheel that I have bought has tapered holes, like all steel wheels that I have known in the past. So w
  3. Sally190

    IQ Wanted

    I have a manual iQ2, 2011, which is excellent buzzing around town; I was surprised at its nippiness. How does the auto cope with getting into the traffic flow, on roundabouts ? Is there any lag when one’s foot goes down, into a gap in the traffic ? The clutch take-up is rapid on the manual.
  4. I have just bought a Yaris space-saver wheel , for my iQ. Now I want four nuts. I assume that the Yaris wheel-stud threads are similar to iQ. Where could I buy them ? Presumably the Toyota dealer would sell a set ? I don’t want a locking nut, necessarily.
  5. I found my jack , by chance. My advice to new buyers of this model is to take the manual to bed and read it through, more than once, over several nights. Like the clever iQ stowage, there are some items of information tucked in little corners of that manual. I make notes of useful stuff in my little iQ book . This is an excellent forum for information.
  6. OK. Recently bought an iQ2 manual with just over 21,500 miles on the clock, I decided to have my local Toyota dealer change the gearbox oil. As far as I can make out, this oil also lubricates the front differential. Now this oil is said to be sealed for life but who knows what treatment that box has had, from its previous two owners. Now , probably most of you will think that the cost of £65 was wasted, but they also give a visual inspection, which covered items listed on two sides of an A4 sheet. Also a free car wash was offered, which I declined. Many of you would have done th
  7. ‘Tis interesting how people get hot under the collar over trivia, and talk of seeing that they were moving in reverse. I bought a different make of car, 14 years ago, and paid extra for reversing detectors. Over the years, these detectors have proved most useful by far, especially when having parked at the side of the road. At the moment of the short reversing distance , before leaving a parking place , by driving forward, the world seems populated by thousands of pedestrians who decide to cross the road behind me and step off the kerb at the sight of me moving backward. Fortunately my de
  8. Sally190

    Air Horns?

    I haven’t heard Fiamm air-horns for a very long time. I thought that they might be illegal. Wasn’t there a wolf-whistle ? Very naughty , these days of course.
  9. Thanks folks. That cover fits a treat. I keep the rear seats down, anyway. I found two black , plastic knobs in a door and found that they keep the rear “boot” tray from being loose. What an enjoyable toy this car is to own.
  10. It’s your choice. But all gearboxes produce a small amount of debris, from new, especially as you don’t know how well that box has been treated ( by men or women drivers ). I note that Toyota does not recommend renewing that oil, even at the first service (2 years). If your budget runs to it, change that 2.5L of oil , at 40,000 miles. New washers/gaskets for the plugs should be used, as should the Toyota recommended oil. If you pay a mechanic , make sure that the correct oil and new washers are used. A faulty gearbox would cost a lot of money to repair/replace compared to the p
  11. Thank you. I had noticed the small black plastic button covers, on the side of the car, but was loath to prise them off. The material cover doesn’t look used, and from the debris under the rear seats, I guess that the car often carried children, so the seats would have remained up. I will see if this fits, later.
  12. I have just bought a 2011 iQ2 , manual. I have found the jack, wheel-nuts, tyre foam , etc. But I have also found a black, shaped , piece of material with 3 press-studs down opposing sides. Top of the piece is shaped with some limited padding in. Could anybody enlighten me as to its use, please.
  13. I have often wondered how comfortable six-footers are , in many cars. The maximum height that I grew to, was 5 feet 7.5 inches. Now , 80 years old , I have shrunk by 2 inches, which really kicked in at about 70 years old. I have just bought an iQ2 2011 for fun, and am really enjoying it ( as well as the comments ). My long-distance car being a Volvo XC70. Be polite in your comments , chaps. None of us are here for long.
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