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  1. Awww, my baby! I hope you take good care of her. It's interesting how the Thunder Grey changes colour in different lighting conditions - she looks quite beigey in those photos. If you catch her on a sunny day she will look a lot more silvery.
  2. All questions answered. Thanks Fella. Nickg Welcome to the forum by the way! :)
  3. Hi Nick, sorry for the delay. I've not been on the Toyota forum much since selling my car. I'll reply to your PM too.
  4. She's a 53 plate (Jan 2004) pre-facelift with just over 35k on the clock and full leather (but not a CD autochanger any more!). I bought her for £11,000 in Jan 2005 (the day before I joined this forum!) so I guess the depreciation isn't that bad really - over three years (and 25,000 miles) of motoring for less than £6k! Apart from a petrol, roadtax, a new pair of front tyres, servicing, MOTs, etc. but no huge repair bills and she's never let me down once. Problem seems to be with the CTS is that people who don't know what it is will see the "Corolla" badge before they see the "TSport" (I got tired of having to explain the VVTLI engine to every dealer that had never heard of a CTS before!!), plus the group 15 insurance tends to put a lot of people off too. It's quite a specialised car but due to Toyota's minimal styling approach it doesn't really look all that special (not if you compare it to what Honda did to the Civic Type R). By the way, I did also wonder about getting a Ford Focus (possibly an ST or just the 2 litre Ghia/Titanium)... they seem to suffer really badly from depreciation though so if I kept that for 3 years I'd be losing a lot more than £6k!
  5. After three years of owning my CTS I've just agreed a part-ex price of £5500 which is a bit disappointing but most dealers don't seem to want to touch Corollas any more. I'm going to need a car to do a lot of motorway cruising (comfortably!) and I don't think it's what the CTS is really suited for so I've finally settled on a Volvo :o :D I was originally looking at a part-ex deal on an Auris/Avensis or an IS200 for a while but Toyota dealers don't seem to be interested in having their old cars on their forecourts any more and I'm a bit concerned about the MPG and tax on a Lexus. Nothing else in the Toyota range seemed suitable so I decided to look elsewhere - bit of a shame really as I've owned mostly Toyotas for the last 15 years! If the Volvo turns out being really cheap to run then the plan is to buy another SW20 later in the year as a "weekend car"... I'm keeping that plan quiet from my girlfriend for the time being though. ;) I've got the CTS until Thursday so I'm going to spend most of this week playing with lift for the last time, I think that's the one thing I'm really going to miss. :(
  6. I used to have an old shape Cupra (only the 180bhp version though) - it seemed to suffer from wheel spin if you tried to push it too hard from a standing start and I didn't think the performance and handling were really all that special... but better than a CTS. The big problem I found with the Cupra was the build quality though, I was expecting something really solid and reliable but mine developed a few problems that seemed pretty common with other Cupras and Cupra Rs (suspension, knocking noises, coils, etc.) I wouldn't mind test driving a new shape Cupra just to see if they've improved the package. The photos don't look so good though so I suspect they're not much better than the old shape.
  7. http://www.well-lane.co.uk/ Well Lane Turbo Centre, Batley, West Yorkshire WF17 5HQ I just noticed they've got an R8 for sale BTW, be careful on the roads around Batley - there's mobile speed cameras in the area.
  8. PDF version of the manual... http://www.megaupload.com/?d=2YE5PRQK
  9. I'm planning on popping in at some point but I'm not sure what I'll be driving by then so no point going on the rollers. If anyone fancies the 6CD autochanger out of my CTS then please let me know as I can bring it along.
  10. If you're struggling for numbers it might be worth mentioning it on some of the other forums (Supra, MR2, Scooby, etc.). As I'm local I was thinking of popping along on the day (but not bothering with the RR) - I might have part-ex'ed my CTS by then.
  11. Are we talking about the official Toyota repair manual in pdf format? There was a thread about how to download this off the net a while back. I've got a copy if anyone wants it. AFAIK it was (and still is) free to download.
  12. Was driving back from Manchester at the weekend and at one point the head unit flashed "A L A R M" and beeped - anyone know what that means? I couldn't find any problem with the car, everything's fine in fact. I've got a Sony CD changer connected to the back of the Toyota head unit so I wondered if it was something to do with that. Never had this problem before though so I'm stumped at the moment.
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