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  1. I was told by Toyota UK via a DM on Facebook on 3rd December, I have been a right royal pain in the bum to Toyota on all social media platforms for months, £150 inc vat or £50 if it's being serviced called my dealer and they hadn't heard, they called me this week and confirmed I was right. I assume it must be software rather than any hardware?
  2. I agree with Ezcritique the current infotainment is abysmal compared to ALL of the competition and Toyota do not give a monkeys, nobody as yet seems to make a direct fit replacement unit, my previous model Rav system was far better and you can get several different replacement units if you want to. Apple Car Play was one feature my dealer (pre launch) was adamant my vehicle would have and was really apologetic and embarrassed when it wasn't. This situation may seem small to some people but has really hit my Toyota loyalty.
  3. Thanks, now just need to find out what the direct suitable replacement unit is?
  4. Hi everyone I tried tagging this on to the Apple Car Play thread but thought it may be better on its own? All of us with 2019 Rav4 know how pathetic the infotainment is, and that now Toyota have our money they are in no hurry to bring us Apple Car Play, Android Auto update. Does/has anybody found a replacement unit on the market that I can fit to my Rav so that I have current features and the Apple Car Play that my wife and I so dearly want? Obviously the Toyota unit is stand alone (not Android) so the options are probably limited but worth it rather that wait until Hell freezes over and Toyota finally update our units to what we thought we were getting (in my case anyway) Thanks
  5. The bottom line seems to be to buy and retrofit a compatible unit that has Apple Play & Android Auto as standard, as Toyota really don't seem that bothered now that they have our money. I have been looking but not sure which unit will fit the 2019, not lose any standard features but give Apple Play, any recommendations please?
  6. I am being a total pain in the Toyota backside, Twitter, Facebook, Toyota directly, I get standard answer (when they can be bothered) every time, Gen3 seems to have everything we want to make our systems what we were expecting (in my case promised).Adrian is so right about the system we have been fobbed off with and is one of two reasons I chopped in my C-HR after just three months!
  7. Any information from whatever source whoever posts it even numerous times is helpful. The infotainment system Toyota are fitting in the Rav4 is crap compared to virtually all competitors and other Toyota territories.
  8. Hi All, based on the posts by Chris and Frosty I messaged and Emailed Toyota UK who are probably fed up with me banging on about the fact that I collected my Rav in June based upon the assurance of the dealer that it was Iphone compatible, it plainly wasn't (cue ongoing argument). I have received yet another email from Toyota today which says "We still don't have anything official that I can share on our future plans for smarphone intergration, once we do this information will be filtered to our customersand network of dealers. Until that point there is nothing more I can comment on" If any of you can give me concrete information I can shove up them I would be extremely grateful ans the current infotainment is absolutely awful and way behind the competition. Thanks
  9. Hi all had my 2019 Hybrid for three months now, the dealer assured me that mirror link would be ok for my Iphone, not true. True smartphone compatibility is not available in the UK on the Rav. I have made little digs on various social media platforms where Toyota advertise and they always come back with the stock answer that they are looking into it and to keep looking on blogs for the current status, it seems that Toyota aren't really doing anything? My Aygo has Apple Play and it is excellent (even though nothing to do with the Toyota input in the car's production) I love my Rav but this issue really niggles me, I read an update in early 2020 (for Corolla) will be the one to give all smartphone compatibility, will that be for Rav as well? Toyota are saying nothing which tends to make me think (to quote a popular saying) they are "kicking the can down the road"?
  10. The dealers aren't happy with the lack of compatibility, my salesman assured me it was due for a software update anytime soon, but Toyota just come out with the standard reply even when you make a comment on their Facebook adverts. It really is the only let down on my Rav4, inconsequential to some but having been loaned a car with Apple Play (An awful Vauxhall) it really is a brilliant addition.
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    Stop Sat Nav

    Thanks for your help guys Sidrat was bang on thanks again Just need Toyota UK to get their fingers out and sort out the smartphone integration a bit sharpish instead of living in the past?
  12. My Aygo has, so the Toyota excuse for my Rav is weak.
  13. Considering Toyota RAV4 in the US and other markets have Entune 3.0 obviously they are on the ball for some markets, why bring out two models (Corolla & Rav) before they are on a par worldwide?. Aygo (being the PSA system) has Apple Car Play and it works a treat, so it shows “they” don’t have an issue sharing the technology Toyota and Harman are being made to look fools in our territory?
  14. Let us hope Toyota tech digits are extracted soon and our "state of the art" Toyota models can catch up with inferior competition who do offer smartphone connectivity? My one and only disappointment with my car.
  15. I emailed to asked Toyota UK why/when the new Rav4 would get a software update to enable Apple Car Play in my Rav and they said "we are actively looking into Smartphone connectivity but we would suggest you keep watching blogs to get information". Surely it is not beyond the great technological wizards at Toyota to come up with this update without going down the Entune route after all you just connect your Iphone with the USB cable so half the job is done by you. Every other manufacturer offers Apple and android so what is stopping the great Toyota;, even the dealers find it frustrating just being able to offer the useless Mira Cast? Maybe Toyota don't realise how much demand there is out there for Apple, so can't be bothered to spend their time incorporating it? So frustrating!
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    Stop Sat Nav

    My 2019 Rav has the latest touch 2 plus multimedia system all works fine (apart from the glaring lack of Apple inter connectivity) my question please to anyone who may know. If I am using my sat nav and get to a point where I no longer need its help, how do I stop it. On my previous model I just pushed the three dots at the bottom of the screen and selected stop, there is no such option on the latest one so I just have to mute it until I arrive at my destination. Have I missed something? Any advice would be great please..
  17. Some cretin at Stansted Airport drove my Rav into a post when he took it for meet and greet parking, I am currently using a loan Vauxhall Grandland X, the car is a pile of poo but the Apple CarPlay is brilliant. Toyota are really need to get up to date in the UK and update our cars asap.