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  1. Tyre wear is the result of so many factors that its pointless to guess. If the mileage that you get is reasonable then its probably not worth investing in rectification on a vehicle that is more than ten years old because you won't know if there is any improvement for 1000s of miles and on new tyres. If you actually have negative camber when static and not loaded its likely that springs and shock absorbers are tired but rebuilding rear suspension with new parts ( including soft bushes etc. ) would not be worth it unless you are sure that you will keep the car for another ten years.
  2. Having a genuine spare, albeit a space saver, was a key plus point for me. There are three reasons why:- 1) I've been stuck for hours waiting for roadside support when a tyre was ripped open by a road defect, and in my experience the sealant only works in 50% of cases. When the recovery van arrived his solution was to have the tyre replaced from a local supplier but of course there wasn't one. Luckily he had a VAG group space saver on board so he was able to follow me home and retrieve his space saver leaving my car on an axle stand. 2) As mentioned above the fluid only stores for tw
  3. Although it is true that a cheap multimeter is all you need to get to the bottom of this you should be aware that when measuring current it is very easy to fry the meter, or at least blow its internal fuses, if it is wrongly used. Firstly you should always start with the high current setting of the meter ( usually the 10 amps range) and even then you should not under any circumstances try to start the vehicle while the meter is connected in series with the battery and negative lead. Even switching on headlights would probably be enough to overload the meter. Only very expensive meters with ind
  4. I have the same model and about the same age with the standard "sports" seats. I don't quite understand what you mean by lumbar support being off. Do you mean its adjusted for the least intrusion? I am of average height and weight and I prefer the seat to be as high as possible although this does result in the seat base being tilted back a little further than I would like. So no specific issues such as yours. A relative who has the Excel model actually prefers my seats to the more plush ones in his car. I suspect it is almost impossible to accommodate every variation of the human form perfectl
  5. My car was OK from new after I cleaned the screen the first time. Then it had its first service and the dealers cleaned it, not having very much else to do I suppose! They obviously got something on the screen which left a film and it took quite a while to get the glass clean again to stop the smearing. Next time I'll tell them not to clean it. The irony is that they went to great lengths to insist that I had the special cleaning treatment on the new car even though it was not charged for as such.
  6. There does seem to be a revised tank sender for fuel level on the way in the US but it might not be suitable for EU type tanks. In any case Toyota may feel that there have not been enough complaints about inaccurate gauges to make it worth a recall. Mine is certainly pessimistic but then so was my other recent Japanese car - a Mazda MX5.
  7. No problem with filling the tank although there has been some discussion about the pessimistic fuel gauge and range display. For the nervous owners this reduces the actual range to well below the 500 miles that is achievable if the gauge doesn't worry you. There are some serious issues if you do truly let it run dry though.
  8. When I bought my dynamic one of the attractive selling points was definitely that it did not have low profile tyres and did have a spare wheel. Could be a bit of a marketing mistake trying to turn a very practical SUV into a sports car. Bigger wheels with low profile tyres are an option which might cost the owner a lot of money in tyre replacement and rim damage, not to mention ride quality.
  9. Once or twice this system has been briefly triggered by a parked car in unusual traffic situations but never in a true avoidance. It operates in a limited speed range and is very dependent on sensors which may be affected by rain or debris. Such safety aids can be counter productive if they result in the driver being less attentive or following other vehicles too closely, so I try to maintain the same caution as normal and assume that they only have a 50/50 chance of working in the real world. There are similar issues with the radar cruise control which has sometimes failed to slow down until
  10. I'm talking about the main map screen rather than the home screen but not necessarily while following a route. Using manual zoom while driving is rather dangerous in my opinion.
  11. I haven't had any actual freezes but my satnav is pretty useless. The most annoying trait is that the map display is quite happy to show your location as the middle of a patch of uniform green even when stationary. For some reason the auto zoom setting does not zoom in far enough to show the actual road - definitely no artificial intelligence there! On the first service I asked for the firmware update but they chose to ignore this. Typical dealer all fine words but no action. They sent me a completely pointless video after the service but didn't pay any attention to my request or concern about
  12. Yes I have noticed this but I'm not sure if its documented anywhere.
  13. Unless Toyota themselves ( not an ill informed dealer ) recommend this I would take it with a very big pinch of salt. I suspect that selling fuel additives is big business in the US.
  14. If you are sure that the starter is spinning the engine properly a couple of other suggestions. Does it make any difference whether you floor the throttle pedal or don't touch the throttle pedal? If you obtain some of the ether based cold start spray see what happens when you spray it into the air intake while an assistant cranks the engine over. If the engine fires it would confirm that you have a fueling issue which on a diesel is actually fairly certain unless the air intake or even the exhaust is blocked.
  15. Your about right. Neutral has very little use except in a workshop situation where the traction battery is disconnected from the motor/generators while the engine is ( potentially) still running or the wheels need to be turned by hand. Personally I prefer park in circumstances where my attention might be diverted. I do use the hold capability and the parking brake while still in drive but I am always slightly worried that an inadvertent touch of the accelerator pedal could be dangerous. As a left foot braker I will generally have the brake pedal covered even if not applied.
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