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  1. Follow up on cigar lighter USB adaptors. Having found many of the nasty Chinese ones with dual outlets don't match their spec. and overheat I have now received one at about twice the price which works better. It is the Keple DK08C. I bench tested this with a battery power supply running at 12.7 volts under load and measuring input current. Nothing connected - 1.3 mAmps ( input side) Ordinary Android phone - 0.48 amps Greedy Samsung 12" tablet - 0.77 amps Both together - 1.2 amps Neither device was below 80% of full charge so the input load could well increase but I couldn't push it any higher by making the tablet brighter or increasing the computing load so I suspect the claimed 2.4 amp USB side output is probably way above what typical devices will draw. It got warm but not hot and both devices seemed to be charging as they should. I reckon this is a better design even though it probably uses the same Qualcom chipset. Only strange thing is that the box it came in had an illustration of a slightly different design, hazards of buying through Ebay I suppose!
  2. Yes I'm a bit disappointed about playlist support but interestingly I dug out a very old I-pod yesterday and plugged it in via USB. The I-tunes format playlists on the I-pod are supported. Trouble is I haven't used I-tunes for years and I don't think I can be bothered to revive it.
  3. As I use the front USB slot for a music flash drive I am using a cheap cigar lighter/USB adapter but finding one with two outlets that actually meets the claimed 3 amp total output is an Ebay nightmare. So far I have bench tested 3 different ones and none of them will provide a full charging rate to one ordinary mobile phone and one 7" tablet simultaneously. One was so bad I sent it back just as a criticism rather than needing to get the £3.89 refund. They can also run extremely hot. I could use the centre or back ones with longer leads but I don't really want leads trailing around. Now I have a slightly more expensive one on order ( Keple ) so I'll report back.
  4. Thanks to PeterB and everyone for the information and links. I have watched quite a few of the Weber videos and they are certainly informative. I particularly found the one about battery management systems and the test procedures for the inverter/control box useful for understanding how the two batteries interact. It would be really good to see the components of the Rav 4 Hybrid gearbox shown both physically and diagrammatically. I understand the principles of epicyclic gear trains well enough but it would be fun to know how the relationship with the electric motor/ generators is managed. Definitely some wizardry going on there! Having said all that the performance from the drivers seat is faultless and completely smooth, unlike the ZF 9 speed auto which I previously put up with but never enjoyed.
  5. I've yet to find any use for this. Planning a route at home on a full sized screen is quite handy but doing that on a small phone screen goes a bit beyond my level of patience ( or manual dexterity!) I was hoping for some useful information from the car such as tyre pressures, fuel level etc. and frankly if I can't remember where I parked it I probably shouldn't be driving.
  6. I don't think the CVT in this model has much in common with the hybrid one but so far all my attempts to find out more about the design and layout of the hybrid transmission have completely failed. I'm fairly convinced that its a planetary gear design rather than variable pulleys but if anyone has up to date information I would be very interested. Your reaction to the CVT behaviour of the 2.0 model seems to be echoed by comments from the US.
  7. I got one of these for my 7" tablet:- Although it is screen mounted I have placed it in the bottom right of the screen where it is unobtrusive. It allows me to mount the tablet over the right hand air vent and because the tablet is angled correctly it is easier to glance at the tablet screen than it is to use the centre screen. It does vibrate a bit over bumps but only at low frequency and I have used an extra adhesive foam pad to minimize this. The aluminium flexible tube does have to be bent quite aggressively as its a bit too long so it is somewhat snake-like across the horizontal surface.
  8. Apart from aquaplaning, which is a matter of tread depth and design, wet weather grip is a matter of material formulation and the hardness of the rubber compound. If I remember correctly tyres with more silicon give better wet grip. There may also be problems with the age of the tyres which can be checked by looking at the date code which all tyres have on the sidewalls.
  9. Yes there is a continuous high pitch noise which is only noticeable to my ears when the engine is off. This car does make a few such unfamiliar sound effects at various times and if yours is louder than "normal" I expect it will quieten down after a few miles are clocked up.
  10. I suggest looking at some of the US stuff on youtube. Particularly the roller tests comparisons with and without trail mode active. Most of the off-road tests are conducted on rough stoney trails so I don't know how the car would cope with english mud. Maybe I might get to try some wet grass this winter but I won't be doing any real off-roading!
  11. No they have thought of this. In order to roll again you must either press the accelerator or press +RES. So far I haven't had the nerve to try this and in that sort of situation I think I would have hit the brakes and disengaged cruise control long before coming to a stop. I also don't find the automatic speed reduction very smooth but that's probably because it takes you by surprise when the brakes come on. These systems only look at the one vehicle ahead so they don't anticipate a slowing queue that the driver can see and react to more gently. I don't know how/if the parking brake hold function works in this situation.
  12. For anyone concerned about this its worth remembering that the key can be deactivated so that its undetectable as follows:-
  13. Yes but the purpose of indicating is to alert other road users to what you are intending to do, not what you have already started to do.
  14. Grateful to Peter B for testing and confirming this behaviour. I will go ahead and report to DVSA as suggested by Frostyballs. If anyone else would like to test and report it would be most welcome.
  15. There is one aspect of the radar cruise control which to me verges on being dangerous. Namely the effect of indicating right in order to make a lane change /overtake. My usual method would be to signal before any intended manoeuvre by about three indicator clicks or more. The purpose being that if another vehicle intends to do the same thing from behind you or for example a motorcycle is closing very quickly in the outside lane they have time to react. But when radar cruise control is active and your current speed is below the target setting because you are following another slower vehicle hitting the right indicator causes an immediate, very immediate, surge of acceleration and seems to instantly ignore your proximity to the vehicle ahead as though it has disappeared. This results in closing dangerously and quickly on the back of that vehicle and leaves no choice but to change lane violently or hit the brakes to restore a safe distance. Surely an automated feature which leads to implicitly unsafe driving is very bad and in my opinion this is so dangerous that I am contemplating how I might bring it to the attention of the appropriate safety authority