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  1. Provided the gear selector is in park the car should remain mechanically locked by the transmission. If for some reason the car was in neutral this could have contributed to the flat battery situation ( see owners manual advice about using neutral).
  2. Thanks that could be very useful. Speaking for myself I probably won't take the chance because I try to curb my natural enthusiasm and follow the mantra " if it ain't broke don't fix it". In any case I have no issues with the central display which I normally turn off unless I need a map or some music during traffic hold ups.
  3. It looks like its a dealer job and doesn't come with map updates. Mine has an up to date map database but still on version 1512. Interesting that Toyota Canada do offer some DIY firmware updating but its on different software used only in North America.
  4. Start by charging your battery on a good quality charger, or alternatively drive a long distance and see if the stop start works again.
  5. I suspect that there is now an option to set the default configuration to your own preference. This might please people who don't like the default North up. I'll confirm this later because although I saw it briefly my memory could be playing tricks.
  6. Yes the FMU folder should be at the top level of the memory stick, it sounds like that is your problem.
  7. I have just downloaded and installed the 2020/1 map update via USB and here are a few observations which may help others. 1) You will need at least a 16 GByte usb stick, preferably USB3 for speed, the file size is 11.9 Gbytes. 2) If your computer is like mine (Windows 10 64bit ) don't try to unzip by directly copying the FMU folder straight to USB. This was desperately slow and would have taken hours. Instead unzip to your local hard drive ( 2 minutes ) then copy the FMU folder to your USB stick, 3 minutes or so at USB 3 speed of around 80 to 90 MB second. 3) The message on the Toyota screen says the engine must be running but of course the hybrid will only run the engine when it needs to. Just stay in READY mode. 4) Feel free to curse Toyota for requiring a huge validation code to be entered on the touch screen! There is nothing you can do about the slow install time ( > 1 hour) for the update but the car can be driven while it is in progress.
  8. There is some slightly incorrect advice in this thread. Once the car is placed in READY mode it doesn't matter whether it actually moves even one inch. The battery is charging from the traction battery and if that starts to deplete then the engine will automatically run if necessary ( usually for short periods ). What matters is the time in ready mode, nothing to do with driving fast, slow, or not at all. Make sure that all ancillaries such as air conditioning, fans, radio etc. are off. You may find that later cars will automatically switch off after a certain time ( 30 minutes I think ) so you do need to keep an eye on it. The alternative is to use a decent battery charger connected to the jump start point inside the fuse box on the right side of the engine bay as seen from the front of the car ( i.e. its on the passenger side of a RHD car). A good quality intelligent charger is recommended and attention should be paid to getting proper connections to the jump start tab and to a good earth point. Dealers that advise against using a charger are somewhat hypocritical because I have seen these in use in dealer showrooms. The charger must be the type which automatically detects charge level and switches to maintenance mode once the battery is fully charged. These are often labelled as chargers suitable for stop-start cars and for all lead acid battery types. Under no circumstances switch the car on while a charger is connected.
  9. Yes the one from Germany is a good fit ( rear seats up ) and the base material is tough but had quite a pungent petrochemical smell when new. It has a second mesh layer on the centre section and this has been slightly damaged when moving heavy furniture but that is better than scratching or tearing the car floor.
  10. Double check that air can get in without obstruction and exhaust can get out. I have seen incorrectly assembled air filter housings that block flow and there may also be a butterfly which provides manifold vacuum but should open on demand ( sorry not familiar with this model ). Exhaust can be damaged externally by rocks etc. or blocked due to baffles coming loose. I mention these things because you have no electronically detected faults and I have seen some highly qualified engineers struggle with such unusual things.
  11. You seem to have completely the wrong item. The cheap one I got from Germany has the extra width with ears fitting behind the wheel arches as you would expect. Although the lower slot for the floor panels might very occasionally help with extra headroom I doubt that it gets regular, if any, use for most owners. I wouldn't mind another bit at the front for when the passenger seats are down but I haven't seen one as yet.
  12. In that case you should try to arrange a test drive as soon as current circumstances permit. It was the test drive that convinced me to buy. You may like the low load lip at the back and you can assess ease of entry and general levels of refinement which I find pretty good. Fuel consumption is very much in the drivers control with lots of feedback from the cars instrumentation to help. The plug-in hybrid will definitely benefit if typical journeys between charging don't exceed about twice the EV range and don't involve high speed. My personal view was that the Rav4 offered a degree of self-indulgent luxury but not to excess and the price reflected this fairly.
  13. There is surely a more fundamental point when you demand fuel efficiency at any price. For a large ( in UK terms) SUV retaining very high performance and rewarding driving characteristics the current hybrid model returns very reasonable fuel consumption and is relatively clean when used in an urban environment. If your journeys do not need its large carrying capacity and you are happy to drive more slowly in order to conserve energy then the Rav4 is by definition ruled out immediately. It could probably be argued that, now that all-electric battery range has been increased on the latest models, we do have the option of using no petrol at all provided daily round trips do not exceed about 150 miles.
  14. I went for cheap and got this one from Ebay It did suffer some damage to the non-slip centre mesh which is only stuck on but the main mat is fairly tough and protects the boot floor from scuffs and spills.
  15. If you go directly to the european map update site You should be able to see which image looks like yours. I'm afraid that the link between the GB my toyota and this site is not very logical or straightforward.