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  1. Just to clarify are you talking about a sound which beeps once for a short time ( how long?) beeps repeatedly until you release the pedal ( approximately how long and what interval between beeps ?) makes a continuous sound until the pedal is released ( or pressed harder?)
  2. But before blaming the tyres get the tracking checked again by a specialist. Also double check tyre pressures. Tyre depots don't necessarily have the expertise and what you are experiencing could be due to insufficient toe in due to poor adjustment. Poor alignment is often cited as the cause of tyre wear when uneven wear is actually a normal result of driving condition etc. It is also possible that, given how serious your symptoms seem to be, there is a much bigger problem than alignment such as failed suspension bushes etc.
  3. Sorry I've hunted around but don't seem to have kept the phone number. As far as I know it isn't going to address the North up issue and its only the maps that get updated not the device firmware. If your dealer isn't helpful you should be able to contact Toyota via their web site.
  4. For me the test drive was the clincher. For an 'ordinary' driver ( as opposed to motoring press hack ) this car, or at least the current model, is both easy and rewarding to drive, being civilised at moderate pace and yet responsive and rapid when required. A couple of other Rav4 owners I know say much the same. So I would recommend that you drive any prospective purchase and decide accordingly.
  5. Yes that's correct and my dealer didn't have a clue how to do it. They gave me a phone number at Toyota and when I rang them they where able to do whatever was required immediately.
  6. Mine is the same, I switched off daylight saving yesterday after I had done a map update ( to 2019 v2).
  7. I'm not sure if the day/night mode for the map display has anything to do with the light sensor for the automatic headlights. I will check mine more carefully and let you know. The manual says that day/night mode is determined by the position of the headlamp switch only so I suppose headlights on by any method should invoke night mode.
  8. I would but I'm a bit worried about breaching copyright and forum rules. Unfortunately PMs don't seem to allow attachments.
  9. I got no printed manual at all, but having looked at another copy its not that useful anyway. Even the downloadable full manual is a bit of a nightmare to decipher, that's when you have waded through all the warning panels and certification stuff. I have created a cut down version with all of those ridiculous certificates removed.
  10. The Keple one I mentioned proved to be useless. The first one stopped continuous charging and just pulsed on and of every couple of seconds. The replacement refused to charge the tablet even when no other device was plugged in. The best I've tried so far is a Duracell branded one model DR5010A marked as 2 X 2.4 amp which works OK so far.
  11. Yes that baffles me too. Let us know if you find a way of getting something ( anything! ) actually useful.
  12. The cars ICE control algorithms have to take account of several factors but have been significantly improved in the new model. The usual charge level of the traction battery is held within a range that includes optimization of overall battery life for this type of battery. Ultimately the driver still has the choices about acceleration, speed, interior comfort etc. and its fairly obvious that higher power demands have some impact on fuel consumption and longevity as with any vehicle. What I like about the car is that it will respond effectively to any driver inputs in the best possible way and that would include sitting on your driveway in ready mode with the heater on full blast and radio blaring if that is what you choose to do.
  13. Yes I'm a bit disappointed about playlist support but interestingly I dug out a very old I-pod yesterday and plugged it in via USB. The I-tunes format playlists on the I-pod are supported. Trouble is I haven't used I-tunes for years and I don't think I can be bothered to revive it.
  14. As I use the front USB slot for a music flash drive I am using a cheap cigar lighter/USB adapter but finding one with two outlets that actually meets the claimed 3 amp total output is an Ebay nightmare. So far I have bench tested 3 different ones and none of them will provide a full charging rate to one ordinary mobile phone and one 7" tablet simultaneously. One was so bad I sent it back just as a criticism rather than needing to get the £3.89 refund. They can also run extremely hot. I could use the centre or back ones with longer leads but I don't really want leads trailing around. Now I have a slightly more expensive one on order ( Keple ) so I'll report back.
  15. Thanks to PeterB and everyone for the information and links. I have watched quite a few of the Weber videos and they are certainly informative. I particularly found the one about battery management systems and the test procedures for the inverter/control box useful for understanding how the two batteries interact. It would be really good to see the components of the Rav 4 Hybrid gearbox shown both physically and diagrammatically. I understand the principles of epicyclic gear trains well enough but it would be fun to know how the relationship with the electric motor/ generators is managed. Definitely some wizardry going on there! Having said all that the performance from the drivers seat is faultless and completely smooth, unlike the ZF 9 speed auto which I previously put up with but never enjoyed.