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  1. Delighted to at last be able to drive away my 2WD Excel w Prem. Pack today that was also ordered in May. No Android auto etc so assume it is MY19. I have been told that the software upgrade will be available in May. Interestingly "My Toyota" sent me an email this morning at 4:30 am to tell me that my car has "Left The factory". Did not realise that I had a 'Buy One - Get one Free' deal!
  2. My understanding is MY19 with no change to the specification as ordered. Will know for sure next week!
  3. I was told the Reg Number the day after the ship docked (29th) and have just completed some pre-delivery paperwork and will be picking up the car w/c 13th. So after nearly 8 months I finally believe that the car actually exists! BTW - The My Toyota website still shows it "In Production"
  4. Just been told by dealer that my 2WD Excel with Pano Roof (also ordered in May) has at last shipped. Dealer spoke to Toyota and told me that it is on the Sirius Highway which is due in to UK on 30th Dec. Car delivery date on 17th Jan - reassuring to see consistency amongst dealers. Found a Vessel finder app - shows the ship due in Suez Canal on Dec 16th. My "My Toyota" still shows car is at Processing Order stage - hope it works better when using it to book a service!
  5. My order: RAV4 2WD, Excel, Obsidian Blue, JBL & PVM and Pano roof. Ordered 26 May with delivery quoted for mid November. Mid June had call from dealer delaying delivery to 17 February 2020. Such a sudden and long delay knocked my confidence in Toyota's ability to (1) accurately quote a delivery date or (2) even deliver at all. Confidence in new date somewhat restored after a meeting with the dealer mid July who explained the background/reason for the delays. New date also confirmed by Toyota Customer Services. And If I understand the posts here, it is reassuring to see some consistency in the reports. Dealer has promised me monthly updates. I think the next tangible milestone is that I should know in December when my car is scheduled for manufacture. I look forward to tracking the ship from Japan! At the July meeting I could have changed order to an AWD for December 2019 delivery.