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  1. Done it and success of sorts.. It works for about 2 minutes then switches to the radio and won't connect again until the engine turned off and on again 😕 works with volume steering controls but no track up and down
  2. Hi guys, hope we're all well? I'm looking at replacing my headlight bulbs got the correct bulbs, but before messing wanted some advice at tackling the plastic engine cover, believe its held in with plastic studs? What's the best way to remove them and put them back safely?
  3. Hi guys just completed my first job fitting new leather gaitor replacement for the leatherette one, very fiddly but rewarding, anyone else tried this?
  4. Couldn't be bothered if it charges be perfectly honest
  5. Great I'll give it a go, saves burning CDs all the time!
  6. That's really good... What's the sound quality like?
  7. H guys with regards to my post last week, and thanks for the feedback.. Can anyone tell me the part number of the lower cowl piece that fits in around the stalk, Thanks in advance
  8. Saw the guy on the YouTube clip flicking between the 2 so would of thought so, but don't quote me
  9. I hope my hands arnt too big lol. I'll get one ordered.
  10. Is it easy plug the lead in the back of the stereo?
  11. I'll just do mine I think by getting a sticky pad mounting it in the lower glove box I think, for £20 cheap upgrade isn't it?
  12. Looks sound that mate bit beyond my technical know how thou 😥
  13. Just seen a guy do something very similar on YouTube so thanks a lot
  14. So you wouldn't have take out the stereo do this? Just reach fom behind the glove box? Not really bothered about different stereo like how it is easier just play 2000 odd songs in a USB stick.