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  1. All passed no advisories 👍
  2. Always buy from a dealer or Toyota eBay store 👍
  3. Thanks for all the replies in the 2 years I've owned it it's the only car I've had that's just run and run without any niggles, I'll source the Toyota oil off fleabay I reckon think it's about 45 quid
  4. Hi folks hope everyone is well? The time has come for MOT, not expecting anything major but want get the oil changed too. Car is 08 reg 1.6 petrol covered 60k, what's the best oil to use ?
  5. For the sake of a tenner I'd just replace it, my shaft is now black instead of grey 🤣
  6. About normal mate u got a 2008 1.6 with 57k all town driving between 29 and 32 mpg
  7. Hi does anyone know if a 2008 model tr has an alarm or immobilizer?
  8. I had mine done to my 2008 auris other day. Part £11.50 eBay, auto electrician £20. Cheap upgrade all works to my 1.6 petrol 😀
  9. I'll have a look when I can get out
  10. I thought it was strange as well I'll check and change them anyway thought Id have go in through the arch
  11. I believe the cabin fuse box is under steering wheel kinda where your knees are?
  12. Do they have their own fuse? If so is it in engine bay or cabin? I had brief look earlier that fuse was also for rear number plate lights and fogs
  13. Hi folks hope everyone is well? Further to my topic few days ago and thanks for the responses, just managed get my car through mot Monday, but this morning noticed both my front fog light bulbs are out, they were working other day...know on a 2008 they are a h11 fitment but how do you get in to swop them? Through the wheel arch?
  14. I bought a pack of the 10 pack plastic coated ones and did the interior ones X3 bootx1 ( standard boot light bulb is rubbish) and number plate light bulbs (pain to change) cost fiver result much better whiter light
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