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  1. hope you didn't mind i start a new topic. So to resume (I think!), Cat Thefts in hybrids are increasing. There's no foolproof way to stop them only to reduce risk. 1-Parking near a wall to restrict access to the undercarriage. 2-Getting a third party to add a motion-sensor to your alarm (I've been assured this will not affect Warranty, unless it can be demonstrated that the ThirdPartyAlarm caused that particular electrical fault) 3-Arranging fitting by a third party of a Cat Lock if we should fall victim to such an expensive theft, we ought to claim on insurance: however, that does put up your premium. My questions are: my dealer mentioned that Toyota would be bringing out their own bespoke CatLock. Does anyone know when this might be? I imagine it will fit better than the generic ones available Secondly: what do people think of this product? It's a standalone motion sensor that texts you if your car is lifter or moved. Obviously, it requires on hardwiring and cannot thus invalidate the warranty.
  2. has anyone been able to update without taking it into a Dealer? cos my Dealer in Croydon told me any software updates were chargeable
  3. For those of us who have to park in our forecourt or street, it's not always possible to park the car near a wall. All the thief has to do is to use a jack to raise one side of the car to get underneath and saw each side of the catalytic converter. I've done some ringing around and discussed with dealer. Speaking to a local Toyota service department, Catlocs will apparently be coming out soon for the Corollas. Until then, you can have a generic one fitted for about £300 which is attached by a security cable to the underneath of the car: the idea being it will deter a thief, because it would take longer to saw through the security cable. Alarm specialists can fit a Tilt Sensor to the factor fitted alarm for about £400: this won't necessarily invalidate the Toyota electrical warranty unless it can be shown that the installation caused an electrical fault. I'm hesitating, because at the risk of causing electrical problems, it will only just draw attention to the thief for a few minutes until he/she saws off your Cat.
  4. very concerning... any advice from any Toyota dealerships here?
  5. have a new Touring Sports. Does anyone have ideas? standard Side Mouldings difficult to source, but i've found the following on eBay has anyone stuck side mouldings on? I imagine they fall off after a while
  6. does hardwiring invalidate the Toyota Warranty?
  7. thanks guys, you're a great community, with lots of jest and good advice. gonna update my map (not easy! I've tried, but as it's a new car, it said I had to wait a certain number of miles before it allowed me!). I don't pass any 20mph signs along my 5minute route, which I've driven identically since 1996. I do need the beeps to show me if I go above 30mph because ashamedly I did get some Speeding Points :( the thing that stuck me is the 20mph indicator on my dash seems to come up randomly, some days yes, some days no, and at different parts of my route.
  8. on my 5minute commute (lucky!), i don't use maps, but i do have the Speed Warning set, which will alert me if i go over the speed limit on the road i'm on. there are a few 20mph zones in my area, but i don't happen to drive through them. but my Corolla (bought 1month ago) randomly changes to 20mph, in my 30mph roads, and of course i get incessant warning beeps has this happened to anyone else? i've done several weeks of observations, and there's no rhyme or reason to the error!
  9. I think people are talking about different things. for my own Touring Sports: "Smart Entry" means i press the fob to unlock the car. Then, once sat in the car, I press the Start button. (the car senses that the fob is nearby). by disabling Smart Entry in Settings, the car no longer senses my nearby fob. So i need to press the fob on the Start button (ie. make contact) to start the car. This is no extra hassle for me. With Relay crime, thieves send a signal to your Fob, which amplifies your Fob's unique signal for them to open the car door. (i keep my fob in an effective Faraday bag, which reduces this Relay crime possibility). But even if i didn't, and they were able to amplify my Fob's signal they cannot now start my car, because they need the actual Fob to be in contact with the Start button to start the car. It's true, there's no foolproof way to stop crime, just to reduce risk. And Toyota luckily have given us this option to turn off Smart Entry. I realise that for other cars, you can even open the car door without pressing your fob, just having it in your bag or pocket. This is terribly convenient, but in my own mind, unsafe. I'm unsure if thieves can actually copy your Fob's signal as you're pressing the key. If so, then they can easily open the car when you've left. But switching SmartEntry off, they will not be able to start the car without having the Fob. On a separate note, there have been 3 break-ins in our street over the last 12months, where the only thing the thief took were the car keys, thus stealing just the car. So it's definitely worth NOT keeping them hanging in the entrance of the house!
  10. Jon, the problem with supposed key sequences, is that you're never quite sure if they've worked! best to do it through the settings screen as I did.
  11. I imagine you have 'double-locking' by pressing keyfob twice in succession. I can't imagine anyone wouldn't (unless leaving Gran in there for a few minutes whilst you popped to the pharmacy to get her prescription).
  12. see my Post about 'keyless theft' MissionDarkness faraday bag
  13. "Which" survey seems to suggest that by turning off 'Smart Entry", you can minimise keyless theft
  14. just to let others know.... I have a Touring Sports with Keyless fob. I've read about thieves sending signals to your fob in your home to start your car. I bought a Mission Darkness Faraday bag for Keyfobs from Amazon for £17 to keep my keyfob in overnight. I tested this faraday shielding bag with the Faraday test app, and it gave so much more shielding that other faraday bags out there I also went to Settings on the car and disabled SmartEntry&StartSystem (so now I have press the Start button with the fob to start the car): I think this further reduces chances of KeylessEntryTheft While I was there, I changed setting such that my double clicking the lock button on my fob, it Double Locks the door locks. I suppose that's also good right? But I don't know why that doesn't come as default! Hope people find this helpful. Do leave comments if I've done something whacky! I'm new to this forum, and find people Really friendly!
  15. manual implies there should be one (?). Do any other Touring Sport owners have one? there is a slimmer temporary spare wheel