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  1. I also noticed a spot on my steering rack. Anything to be concerned about?
  2. Thanks for your comment At the time, after fiddling with my suspension, I wondered whether the misalignment could cause such issues with the power steering pump. It may well have been there since purchase, but what are your thoughts on that?
  3. I noticed this while under the car. You can see it is routed from one of the belts if this helps to identify it. I've looked through a manual I've got, but still can't identify what this component is. It also has hoses running to it. Any help would be appreciated
  4. It's pretty rough you're right. What in particular are you currently having difficulties with? Maybe i can offer some assistance.
  5. There are a few breakers on Gumtree that might be interested in taking it off your hands.
  6. These calipers have been sold. This thread can be deleted as it is no longer useful.
  7. A buddy of mine had a project ongoing with his car and has run into some financial issues so can no longer keep it up. He can't get these items refunded, I told him i'm on one of the forums and could post on his behalf He would be happy for someone to take both for £80. Passenger side had been installed a few days ago from box but since the car does not currently run, this caliper has not been used and drivers side has not yet been installed. includes all hardware such as bleeders, brakeline bolt and washers, they are both brand new. From a 97 celica 1.8
  8. I dropped the subframe and the rear suspension is completely gutted. My general day to day motivation has been pretty low which has effected my progress on the car, but i'll update with some pics when i find the time. Currently determining which parts can be re-used and what needs to be bought. For those that are in a similar position as myself with ABS wires, i found a thread on a sister forum ' http://www.6gc.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=80199 ' A user had transferred front sensors from a camry and had success with it, something i'm curious to explore myself but with the rear axle t
  9. What are the specifications for my caliper pistons? Does anyone happen to have this info on them? I would check myself but my calipers aren't off the car and i don't have any vernier calipers to measure anyhow. I have referred to repair manuals but they do not include this.
  10. Called TCBPARTS and he had suggested that I could drop the subframe to remove the bolts as an alternative. I don't know if it's any easier than dropping the fuel tank but I'll have a look and see 😂
  11. Probably worth replacing my wheel bearings now since I've made it to the wheel hub. Still need to cut the roll bar link on the passenger side front, so I can release the control arm and replace these bushings. Drivers side front I am yet to start. Still need to remove the axle nut etc At the back I've managed to take off a few control arm bolts, though I didn't realise I would have to drop the fuel tank to actually remove them from the car. Instead I'm going to cut through the bolt and then install the bolt the reverse way to avoid the tank entirely. Still have the trailing
  12. Does anyone have some advice removing these seized ABS without damaging. I already accidentally broke the harness that mounts into the hub, I'd prefer not to damage the abs wire. Any issue with buying an aftermarket abs line if I have no choice but to drill it/force it out?
  13. Planning to give an update on this thread soon
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