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  1. flash22 Its the KPMG airelease from MDP. Applied dry by myself and my BF helping with heat gun. All airbubbles came out just the areas where creases occurred, was too late to lift and heat to try fix the creases. Lessons learnt so far. Outside is not the way when, windy, scorchio hot and seeds blowing of trees. Lol or your fella is on one.
  2. Thank you RUToyota & Agent Orange. Tbh it was the front i messed up lol always the way. I agree about the front..needs a little titavation.
  3. Never done a wrap before, enjoyed process but its rubbish, needs to come off as full of wrinkles, needed car so been using as is for past few days. I tend to do mirrors also. I am a magpie for Purple, this wrap is black purple gloss. Its going to cost another £50 for materials and a prof is going to help and teach me circa £50. Thoughts please. I can handle the good bad ugly. I own the car.
  4. flash22. Thanks for your help, just in the car now having a think and prodding headliner. Light bulb moment! Took down the courtesy light and the bolt for aerial is accessible from in there, no need to remove headliner. The wrap is a Air Release from M and P black purple gloss flip, doing the roof and door mirrors, should look trick.
  5. hi, putting a wrap on my Aygo roof, is the only way to remove the aerial mount from under headliner? Its the only thing standing in my way of creating my dream car masterpiece.
  6. Hi. My 2016 Aygo keeps dropping telephone conversation between Mytouch and my paired phone. Sony Xperia L3 with Bluetooth version 5.0 It will drop to my phone handset, then pick back up on the Mytouch about 5 seconds later. The drop can be 15secs into conversation or 2+mins randoms 😢 My dealer took a unit out of a 2019 Aygo and the problem ceased for about a week. The Bluetooth never drops audio? Anyone else have this issue with the Xperia L3 or any other phone make? Bit begrudge spending another £££ on a new phone if it's a vehicle issue. My L3 works in other car make dim problems.
  7. Make sure when your phone and my touch pair. Go into Bluetooth settings on your mobile click the cogg next to my touch on your list of Bluetooth devices and tick box permissions. Ie contacts, messages etc
  8. Ace thanks, will get my self off to my sweet shop that is MDP vinyl .
  9. My 2016 white Aygo is getting a custom paint job. Roof and door mirrors, black with a purple and a gold flake pearl over. For that is it or is it not purple flip look. Rage extreme paints 😘 I've never had tinted windows, can't decide on % it's a 5 door so will be tailgate glass and pop out rear door glass. Don't want limo black, wrong car and I'm wrong age group lol. What is 5% or 15% like. Any tips appreciated, I own the car so no problems with hand back.
  10. I'm experimenting with my Aygo touch screen at mo to get nav, so will follow this post with interest.
  11. Good thought, job for the morning now, in my cocktail dress cooking supper. Not
  12. Hi. My 66 plate Aygo is a swimming pool. Bought her in July this year. Vac boot liner at w/end noticed driver side of the boot carpet drenched, side carpet dry. I have a horse so thought I'd spilt water. Took mat out to dry, replaced with some thick foam. On getting stuff out of boot. Water on foam same place as was on carpet, lifted and it's like a swimming pool under there, the carpet must of absorb so much I didn't notice before. I've looked under both arches, boot seal, windows and doors seal good, I know we have had big rain recently but she's not even 3 yet! I welcome your thoughts, even silly ones. Ta.
  13. Dark Matter, the display says call ended but the call is still actually going on, on my mobile phone, it will then click back to car screen...
  14. You guys, thank you. I have had my 66plate Aygo for a few weeks now and the Bluetooth coming in and out during calls has almost caused a domestic! I reported this twice to the garage and phoned tech. Neither could help. But with this info and the simple software update, fingers X Tuesday I will be in reliable communcardo.