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  1. Have done thru' local dealership (who confirmed their findings the same as mine with regard to road signage display) and with JBL Harman direct (they responded but not with any answer to the issue - just the usual marketing stuff). I offered my posting for the benefit of other 2019 Prius owners and to elicit response of other members' experience on the issue. But thanks for your response.
  2. Love my new 2019 Prius - I regard it as my 21st Century version of my 1990 Carina 25 - limited edition of Carina II GL to celebrate 25 years of Toyota in Great Britain. Only 500 were ever build in Japan and shipped over to UK for the celebration year... sadly no longer the owner, perhaps it may even have gone to that garage in the sky. Regarding the new Prius, a bit of a disappointment on the new JBL Sat Nav tho'. Unlike my two previous Auris Excel models with Toyota Touch n Go, and on the Prius demonstrator I took out in May this year, the sat nav on the new Prius model does not show Speed Limit information (road sign image), either on the screen or on HUD. Also, I cannot save a route to Favourites. I was tempted to install my old Tom-Tom but found the route detail I needed was on Recent Routes. But because the JBL from Harman does not allow speed limit information (is greyed out when searching for it on settings), I have re-invested in latest model of Inforad K3 (upgrading from my old K2 model) that not only indicates (by audible warning) approaching a speed camera but also audibly indicates if one is exceeding the speed limit, and sensitivity settings are available (even the Toyota Touch n Go sat nav didn't do any of that). Come on Toyota, you have the technology, use it to good purpose. My little 20 gram Inforad has saved me from speeding fines on numerous occasions over the years when in unfamiliar territory... even on suddenly being confronted by a hand-held device by a traffic cop standing out of sight of my approach on a couple of occasions.
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