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  1. Mine wasn't very happy for a time when I had a dodgy usb stick left in the socket (just music files) I suppose the system registers the device during start up then indexes it like any computer, seemed to hang for a long time. The dodgy stick didn't like being connected to anything very much. Replacing the stick solved it. Just thought I would mention it. Edit - reading again and your battery issues really are unacceptable!! whether they are related to the screen issue or not. I would be setting a bonfire under the backsides of my lease company!
  2. Fair enough but that's you. For me with it fully in I would be in serious agony in less than an hour, that's me.
  3. The overhead cabin light annoys the hell out of me instead, can't find the little Black switches in the dark ever,
  4. I do find I have to keep moving the lumbar regularly to keep my back comfortable but I have more issue with the base that isn't as comfortable as I would like, get numb bum on longer drives. Certainly not the best seats in a car I have owned. But a lot better than my last at least.
  5. Ditto! also on HMRC rates, so below 2.0 = 40+ mpg break even, above 2.0 = 28 mpg break even. Having run a PHEV before, the lower rate is hard to live with so it excludes virtually all German, Swedish and British (Indian!) PHEVs. No point saving lots of tax if you run the risk of being out of pocket on fuel reimbursements doing your job which is why this time I went for the RAV4. My company also sets a 130g/km ceiling on petrol cars and under WLTP only the 2WD 'poverty' RAV model in MY2021 scrapes under that so no more RAV4 for me I am afraid. Kuga non plug-in hybrid is 130 in hi
  6. Makes the Suzuki look a good deal as its fully spec'd for the £45K. I will find out mid next year when the company car quoting system is open to me to see how the discounts/residuals affect the lease cost. Otherwise its possibly a Kuga PHEV for me, an ST line with the drivers aids pack and winter pack has all you could want for £38K. (once they cure the burning battery!) Another one I may have as a choice by then is the new Hyundai Tucson which is coming in hybrid and PHEV, its pretty marmite on the outside but the inside is superb, a match for anything German and its loaded with new
  7. It seems to be quite intelligent in its judgement of the situation, one day I was following minicab at a reasonable distance, came up to a traffic light on Green but it went Amber literally as he crossed the line, for some insane reason he literally stood on the brakes. My Rav did its thing and stopped dead by itself before I even had a chance to lift off the accelerator pedal, pretty sure I would have had time to react and stop safely but didn't even get the chance, it was over in a blink. The cars radar had evaluated the taxi's emergency rate of deceleration and didn't like it so stopped me.
  8. I have the 4wd, to be honest it still feels more like a front wheel drive most the time. The rear motor may help you get some traction going in snow or ice, but its no off roader, the rear motor is a quite weedy 53bhp unit in a heavyish car with a peak output of 219bhp total.
  9. I replaced my dire Dunlop Granteks PT's for Continental Sports Contact 5 tyres which according to its EU noise rating should be louder but they are certainly not, they are lovely and quiet and so smooth rolling. But best of all was the handling step change, it was like I traded the car in and bought a sportier one, grip is phenomenal, my enjoyment and trust in the car increased 5 fold.
  10. Haha! Land Rover would be catastrophic for me, I would lose money every mile I drive for doing my job. Also the Across/Rav is pretty fully specced as standard. The LR starts at the same price and then you would have to hit the extortionate extras to get a car as well equipped, say goodbye £50,000+ And LR actually stands for Loves Recovery (trucks) too!
  11. I wouldn't even try and persuade you as its not designed for you. Its designed for people like me to lease as a company car, being over 2.0, unlike most other PHEVs, I would get reimbursed 17p per mile by my employer so would only need to average a comfortable 28mpg to not be out of pocket and infact as long as I better that, I even make a small tax free profit. If I had one of the German PHEV's which are all sub 2.0 I would only get 12p a mile so would have to keep over 40mpg over all distances to break even, not much fun as PHEVs are heavy so it means feather footed driving. Compar
  12. sorry but as a lot of motorway miles driver I wouldn't buy a car with 19" wheels rather have a better ride than a minimal cosmetic tweak. Tried many cars back to back over the years and its always been a inch too far for me as could feel the difference instantly. Interested they have more 4wd 20.5 models left over. I suspect after the WLTP emission ratings took over UK company car sales slowed down for the 4WD. My company limits petrol car choice to sub 130g/km. So I could no longer have the 4wd I had last September as its well over now. The 2wd just, just scrapes in. 130g/km is a common
  13. Yes and the Autocar review seems to have no gripes either. The good thing about the Outlander was the weight affect on the motorway, it felt like a train! rock solid on the road, invincible. The bad side was when we had snow, when it slides there is no stopping it! The tyres had the same limited grip on snow/ice as any car does but are being asked to hold back another half ton, I had some really very scary moments. Fortunately we don't get too much of that kind of weather these days, but I would seriously consider switching to Winter tyres during that time on a PHEV.
  14. It should have one no excuse, the only reason they left it off some UK ones being weight with the glass roof and trying to keep to the CO2 rating. On the PHEV the weight is irrelevant as intrinsically a PHEV waltzes through CO2 tests whatever. It amazes me they do still manage to make room for one, chassis designed for it from scratch. The Outlander has a bodged up carry over ICE chassis, the auxiliary 12V battery was sunk in a hasty added well, cut into the boot floor that removed some of the trim fixing points so they just left it to wobble about! it removed any chance of a spare. If yo
  15. There is money in Mitsubishi sales still, I had an Outlander PHEV, and they are still popular choice among our company drivers. The Outlander does face some stiffer competition now from other PHEV's though so its niche is ending, the RAV/Across and Ford Kuga to just name 2 that do it better.
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