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  1. I never did find my rattle although plenty of people found their own ones, all different. I put it down to it being one of the early 2019's built. My (late) 2021 has not a single rattle anywhere so I suspect build improved or the odd tweak in tying things down as often happen during a cars life.
  2. I nearly went BEV last year, so glad I didn't! the company fuel reimbursement rate for EV's (AER) is only 5p per mile, whilst charging at the current 29p kwh, assuming about 3 miles per kwh means 9.5p per mile cost to me, I would only get half the money I am paying British Gas just to go do my work. When the price cap goes up again in October it will get worse a the HMRC is reluctant to raise the AER rate. PHEV's are different in that employers tend to pay as if it was just an ICE car, so big incentive to plug in, getting paid 25p a mile whilst it would only cost me 9p in electricity for those miles, profit in my pocket!
  3. Although lots of private PHEV owners are doing very well with the majority of their local travel in EV mode and able to still do longer trips in the same car running on petrol.... Realistically the vast majority were sold to company car drivers to reduce BIK tax, its why I had one, and they are in the majority in our company fleet. I guess the EU sees it as closing the 'loophole' by changing the emissions measurement method and handily raking in more tax too from the higher CO2 ratings. But its not the EU killing off PHEV's, its fuel costs. Most our drivers can't wait to get rid of them. Whilst the RAV4 PHEV is an exception in that it can still do a commendable MPG purely on petrol power, most others can't, I have colleagues in BMW PHEV's getting 27mpg!! Worse still... nearly every PHEV is sub 2.0L, companies paying AFR rates for business miles, an increasing number, only pay 15p a mile, so if they don't make 45mpg they lose money! I have colleagues right now losing money from their own pockets driving for work! The RAV with its 2.5L engine means you can claim 22p a mile instead meaning only need to do 30mpg to break even. So whilst the RAV4 (and perhaps Ford Kuga) PHEV's still make a lot of sense for company drivers, almost everything else from BMW, Mercedes Kia, Hyundai, Citroen, Renault, Audi, VW, etc, etc, etc.. don't! due to engine size= low AFR. PS new AFR rates from 1st June, sub 2.0L 17p, over 2.0L 25p
  4. Not many I suspect. I was just relieved they could get a windscreen in the end. Just had my first service, I switched to a different dealer this time. I must say I was really impressed, treated like royalty. But a bit of a waste of time making and sending me a video of someone doing a walkaround the car showing the tyres and brake pads are still good, on a car that has done 9500 miles!
  5. Well had windscreen replaced yesterday by Autoglass. Took a week for them to get the glass and an available appointment arranged. Took just over 2 hours before I could drive away. Had to be taken to a depot to have camera aligned as well as reglazed as is common these days. They appear to have done a good job, no evidence of the swap or damage and spent a lot of time on Lane keep today and its still tracking perfectly. I personally think the original glass was defective, it wasn't long before it picked up one chip that spidered, then unrelated it virtually cracked right up the middle in one line with no apparent hit point. My last RAV survived its whole life with one very small chip repair, this one was in a right state within 9000 miles! One thing to note, the depot guys were great, but Autoglass call centre seems to be chaotic, first agent told me they had no windscreens in stock and couldn't give an appointment until purchasing found one, tried dealers instead but they just use 3rd parties such as Autoglass, went back to Autoglass an hour later to be told by another agent actually they do have RAV4 windscreens in stock and arranged an appointment! It was nice being out and about in the RAV today after a week in a rented Ford Ecosport, the RAV is sooooooo much nicer.
  6. Rav Rob

    I want one!

  7. Nope, tiny pin ubik indent at start of crack line, already had a crack in another unrelated part of screen. Methinks something not right with this one! Last RAV went back after 60k with only ever 1 minor chip repair.
  8. Oh yeah mine is due too, although currently in a hire car waiting a windscreen replacement on mine (going to be a week) damn thing has nearly cracked into 2 halves right up the middle. And I always remove stickers too, partly because glass is made transparent for a reason, and partly because why should I advertise them without payment.
  9. I must be lucky, on my 2nd RAV4 and both LTA dead centre, did about 100 miles on it today.
  10. Getting silly on the RAV4, it pretty much overlaps with the Lexus NX. You may get a few more toys in the RAV at a specific price level but they both share a chassis and powertrain now (the NX gets bit more power) and most are 4wd, allegedly more refined and better driving, I would put my money that way instead. (unless you want a PHEV, the NX PHEV is shockingly pricey)
  11. Oh yeah, check the fuel gauge, if its low keep asking is that enough to get me to the fuel station? are you sure? isn't that one expensive will I have enough to get to a supermarket are you sure? hint..hint.. If your lucky and they tank it up its like getting 25% off the purchase cost of the car at current petrol prices!
  12. I would take a tyre pressure gauge and check, both my RAV's came with way over inflated tyres. Drives much better once corrected. Just for fun, if yours has the memory seat, you can ask them to demonstrate it and see if they have done the initialisation procedure otherwise it won't work, often gets missed on the PDI. PS. its easy to do yourself if necessary.
  13. That is interesting to see different perceptions, I found the CRV noticeably more comfortable and quieter than the RAV4 but the RAV wins hands down on CO2 which makes all the difference company car wise. I also considered the Tucson, I adore the look of it, but as a company car driver it falls down on the RAV's Ace card, its 2.5L engine, the Tucson only has 1.6L As I get reimbursed at HMRC AFR rates I would be losing money per mile now if I had gone for the Tucson as its gets a lower rate, with the RAV I am still making a profit per mile on the higher rate!
  14. Its a Yaris bud! ...don't you just jump out and lift it by the bumper and drag it into a space?
  15. I really struggle to make myself use the camera instead of the mirrors, its a sort of phobia that whilst looking backwards on the camera, the sides of my car are scraping something. And the fact the camera seems to have been made by Sinclair in 1984.
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