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  1. That's terrible. I would be asking to cancel. Perhaps look at the Ford Kuga PHEV instead, same size, about the same price, way lower company car tax, I know someone who just ordered one and is expecting delivery in August... the same year, not the next!
  2. According to Autocar, its not the standard RAV4 Suzuki is getting its the 'prime' PHEV, which makes sense if Suzuki's aim is to drop group CO2 average.
  3. Test drove a Vitara the other day and the dealer was telling me they were getting RAV4s, was very excited. I assumed as it was a multi franchise dealer they were adding Toyota, but it seems Suzuki are going to actually re-badge them. It will be interesting to see the pricing as Suzuki are strong on value for money. Apparently Toyota get the Vitara in return to market as the next Toyota Urban Cruiser. Suzuki desperately need something bigger like the RAV, the biggest, the SX4 is still small. The RAV is the best way to add a bigger car without pushing brand average CO2 up and suffering more punishment from the EU targets.
  4. I considered and tested both, it was very much swings and roundabouts, either having small advantages and would have been happy with either. In the end it came down to company car tax and lease rates, it was that close. I tested the 2WD one and found it a little bit easy to push traction to a scrabble, the engine is quite pokey! and the tyres nothing special. So I wanted the AWD to avoid that. But to be honest it doesn't make much difference. The rear electric motor is very weedy compared to the combined motor and engine power at the front so it is still almost as frisky on the front end as the 2WD (if you stoke it or loose surfaces). As other say, it may keep you out of trouble on the odd snow day but I suspect the Honda AWD system which is still a mechanical 4wd that can shift a decent amount of power between axles would be better. Enjoy your Excel, I have racked up 17,000 miles in mine since September, the RAV isn't the best for A-Road blasts and isn't very agile, quite a bit of roll too sometimes feels a bit woolly. Its good in town but my fuel consumption always suffers then. It is however an awesome motorway tool, quiet, steady, smooth riding, easy driving, comfortable and great fuel economy, really, really good.
  5. When I used to take in my Outlander PHEV they are not allowed to use the rolling road for brake test on electric motor drives. They have to use option B, an on-road brake test with a portable accelerometer instrument onboard. The requirement is very easy so a couple of sharpish stops easily passed. Might still be possible in neutral on the 2WD RAV but not the 4WD as the rear motor cannot be physically uncoupled.
  6. just to add, last time I did it, you didn't have to keep the car on the whole time in one go. It doesn't mind you turning the car off and will pick up where it left off each time until its finished. So fine to spread across several journeys.
  7. OK so it doesn't have car-play (never actually missed it though), but mine was under the old emission test method so rated 104g/km, this gives a 25% company car rate for 20/21 staying frozen until 24/25. The new MY20.5 model is 131g/km (4WD) under new WLTP method so will be 29% for 20/21 rising to 30% the year after then 31% next.
  8. Yes a lot of Chinese chargers are obsessed with voltage which is of no real use. A charge current reading would be far more useful as you could see that you have a good coupling and confirm its charging well. I like the ambient Blue light strip on this though. Sadly being a lease car I can make such significant changes.
  9. After-market fitted ones coming to market, there is even an install video on this one doesn't look terribly hard. According to listing text right hand drive versions are also available. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000717469220.html
  10. Sorry, the photo is not very good, but no wiring, I have mine plugged into the USB outlet in the armrest
  11. Mine like some others here have windscreens that were fitted by Toyota when the car was made and also have smearing on the return stroke drivers side. I suppose we could try telling them they made a design mistake in the angles of the screen but I am guessing they wouldn't be much interested....
  12. So I am not crazy!!! exactly the same thing from day 1, smears on the return when cold. Gets a bit better if the wipers have been on a while. I have just been degreasing the blade edges regularly and making up my screen wash extra strong. It's like when they finish building the RAV, some joker pours a capful of silicon oil into every washer bottle.for a laugh. Hopefully this thread will develop with eventually someone reporting a brand that works better. I am reluctant to pay my own money on some unless assured better because they are included in my car lease so would be paying for them twice.
  13. To the new owners, enjoy, a very relaxing car. I still get 50mpg+ on a longer run but less in town. Expect to see your mpg drop in the coming weeks when you discover its quite fun and quite a pokey car and it can be enjoyably hustled when your in the mood. And be careful of letting your cruise speed creep up, it does settle quite effortlessly into naughty and mpg unfriendly speeds. Don't be scared of ordering the Beige interior, after 15,000 miles of rough working and family life mine is looking good as new without picking up dirt, creasing or scuffs. My wife had reservations about my choice but its fine and looks much more expensive IMHO.
  14. Ha ha! brutal, but true. if you have an Excel you get bored of saying' yup, mine has that too' 😎
  15. Rav Rob


    It depends on how good you are at 'sourcing' videos. Not had any issue with avi or mkv format content. Issues are there is a scroll bar that can pop up but it doesn't work so difficult to jump to a place in the movie, you can fast forward though like you can a music track. One interesting thing is how good some movies sound in the car, the standard sound system is reallypretty good! and you can have it as loud as you like 😉
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    2019 Rav4 eStore

    Does seem a massive waste of effort to build the estore system but no apps! I had a courtesy car recently, a new Corolla and it had more or less the same media system so there must a a lot of vehicles out there that would benefit.
  17. Its inevitable I guess when you add a big battery costing several thousands and keep everything else already in the car. Mine cost about of £36,500. I can't see the PHEV costing less than £43500 so its sadly going to make the Outlander and Ford Kuga PHEV's look good value as they will be a lot cheaper. The RAV PHEV is going to be over what our company permits I suspect
  18. I like the way it defaults back to showing odo just when you open the door and car is off. So when I am filling up using my fuel card and need to tell the machine/operator my mileage and I inevitably forget to look before getting out, its easy just to pop your head in and read it without having to power up the car.
  19. I wouldn't worry about it, its mainly the front, although sort of a 4WD vehicle the RAV has a lot more power on the front than the back as it only has a fairly weak electric motor back there so the Dunlops don't come under much demand on the back (my rears are over 6mm left, the fronts less than 4mm after 10K miles). The way mine are wearing it won't be too long before you can replace with something better. Sideways they are not too bad, its just getting off the line it takes surprisingly little prod on the pedal for a bit of spin, you get used to it.
  20. Oh I had my first service the other week, I forgot to ask about the map orientation doh!!!!, engine definitely sounds better for the oil change. I am used to other brands where they do updates during services automatically. I don't know what the service cost, its lease covered, but I bet it wasn't cheap for basically an oil change and valet. Courtesy car was nice though, new Corolla which felt very familiar to the RAV as interior is largely the same, although it had no usb sockets and only one power socket, in the armrest which is a right pain for hooking up a TomTom. Also courtesy car was manual which I very rarely drive now, changing gear yourself.. it felt so crude and old fashioned!
  21. I am hoping the Dunlops are (and remain) unavailable! especially to Kwikfit who handle our fleet tyres. The traction of the Dunlops is laughable, lightly buttered icecream would be better. At least sideways grip is tolerable so its not too dangerous. So I hope when mine are worn (and they are wearing fast) I get given something else, anything would probably be better. Worst tyres I have ever had on a new car. God help us if they try fitting them to the 300bhp PHEV RAV4!! you will disappear in a cloud of tyre smoke every trip
  22. My last car, Outlander hybrid had a sound generator, the type of sound made and the way its pointed out the front of the car, you couldn't hear it from within the car whatsoever, even with the window open outdoors, only could hear it in a multi-storey car park where it bounced off walls. It was a strange metallic ghostly noise, I became strangely tuned into it from outside and could tell my car coming (when my wife was driving it and I was out on the drive) before the car even came around the corner and within site.
  23. The best interior and exterior combination (IMHO)... mine really turns heads! 😎 ....... enjoy.
  24. Once the process is under way you don't have to leave the car running for 2 hours. You can just drive normally and every time you start the car up it will automatically continue from where it left off until its finished. I did it over numerous journeys no problem, business as usual.
  25. Incorrect map version for the model of media unit perhaps? Your device: ToyotaTouch2Plus17MMToy 2019 v2 Map Update File 2019v2_MapUpdate.zip (about 12Gb) FMU folder on FAT32 formatted (not NFTS) USB stick, contains 4 .iso files, dated 23-09-2019 - vehicle main power on, not Aux, insert stick then. Can't think of anything else.