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    I want one!

  2. Nope, tiny pin ubik indent at start of crack line, already had a crack in another unrelated part of screen. Methinks something not right with this one! Last RAV went back after 60k with only ever 1 minor chip repair.
  3. Oh yeah mine is due too, although currently in a hire car waiting a windscreen replacement on mine (going to be a week) damn thing has nearly cracked into 2 halves right up the middle. And I always remove stickers too, partly because glass is made transparent for a reason, and partly because why should I advertise them without payment.
  4. I must be lucky, on my 2nd RAV4 and both LTA dead centre, did about 100 miles on it today.
  5. Getting silly on the RAV4, it pretty much overlaps with the Lexus NX. You may get a few more toys in the RAV at a specific price level but they both share a chassis and powertrain now (the NX gets bit more power) and most are 4wd, allegedly more refined and better driving, I would put my money that way instead. (unless you want a PHEV, the NX PHEV is shockingly pricey)
  6. Oh yeah, check the fuel gauge, if its low keep asking is that enough to get me to the fuel station? are you sure? isn't that one expensive will I have enough to get to a supermarket are you sure? hint..hint.. If your lucky and they tank it up its like getting 25% off the purchase cost of the car at current petrol prices!
  7. I would take a tyre pressure gauge and check, both my RAV's came with way over inflated tyres. Drives much better once corrected. Just for fun, if yours has the memory seat, you can ask them to demonstrate it and see if they have done the initialisation procedure otherwise it won't work, often gets missed on the PDI. PS. its easy to do yourself if necessary.
  8. That is interesting to see different perceptions, I found the CRV noticeably more comfortable and quieter than the RAV4 but the RAV wins hands down on CO2 which makes all the difference company car wise. I also considered the Tucson, I adore the look of it, but as a company car driver it falls down on the RAV's Ace card, its 2.5L engine, the Tucson only has 1.6L As I get reimbursed at HMRC AFR rates I would be losing money per mile now if I had gone for the Tucson as its gets a lower rate, with the RAV I am still making a profit per mile on the higher rate!
  9. Its a Yaris bud! ...don't you just jump out and lift it by the bumper and drag it into a space?
  10. I really struggle to make myself use the camera instead of the mirrors, its a sort of phobia that whilst looking backwards on the camera, the sides of my car are scraping something. And the fact the camera seems to have been made by Sinclair in 1984.
  11. Realistically, although they can work well for private owners, PHEVs mainly exist for the company car market due to the drastic BIK tax advantage. I believe the PHEV price drop was a response to competition from others for this lucrative market. The Kuga PHEV is only £1300 more than the full hybrid Kuga in ST line trim now. And whilst the RAV PHEV is a superior car in all respects, the old prices made if look very pricey compared to the Ford, enough that people not so picky or car enthuiastic would be happy with the Ford instead. At the new prices, and with Toyota's superior residual values the lease costs look a lot more competitive.
  12. Love it! so much better (yes a shade firm but OK). Would never have thought about it without your post. Thanks!!
  13. Mine arrived today and just fitted, looking forward to trying it on a few miles tomorrow. Tried several positions before fixing but it ended up virtually exactly same as yours, seemed to be the natural fit.
  14. Might defeat the purpose of anti-tamper if it makes them come off too easy though!
  15. I will keep an eye on them. They appear to have a sort of anodised coating. As the (HEV) RAV only provides a miserable lamp for loss of tyre pressure instead of proper readings, they will be removed fairly regularly to check pressures. Also with my mileage, services are very close.
  16. Aliexpress, I fiddled with shipping option on pulldown and changed to Cainiao Standard for an extra couple of quid to speed up delivery considerably (couple of weeks). https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005003106686648.html Plenty around on places like Ebay, but most of those use a side entry grubscrew to lock on, to me that is liable to damage the valve thread so are a bad idea, Also a garage not realising and trying to force them off will definitely wreck the thread. These ones are just very tight so using some grips for example wouldn't cause damage except to the cap.
  17. Arrived today, nothing sophisticated, you can just do them up very tight with a standard Allen key (supplied) and they are very smooth and slim so very difficult to get enough gip to remove by hand, I couldn't do it. Hopefully anyone trying to deflate a tyre wouldn't be carrying tools. Will keep the Allen key in the lock nut box in glovebox.
  18. Day off today so gave my Rav its first ever wash, blimey I don't know what they put on factory/PDI but the paint was very greasy, had to clean it with solvent brake cleaner to get it clean enough to wax after a hot strong car shampoo scrub. But same problem with the glass, its horrendous, the usual glass cleaner I use with good result didn't work well, I even used isopropyl alcohol, still smeary inside and out. Will have another crack tomorrow, neat detergent wash and some of my array of solvents I have.
  19. But I will swap you my sensor washer bottle for your non-sensor bottle if... you also swap me your 302bhp for my 222bhp 😉
  20. perhaps your PHEV is so ecological and Green it will never run out as collects rain water and recycles it...
  21. Maybe its just bad and its not the current drain, cars shutdown systems in stages, on some models it can take a surprisngly long time to reach fully asleep and even opening a door or a bonnet (alarm sensor) can wake some things up and the current rises again for a while. If you can, setup the current meter, lock the car and don't touch anything for a couple of hours then take a reading. Many cars can get as low as 30mA after a while. Then you know if its just the dying battery and not an unexpected drain.
  22. Fuel is excluded from my criteria for the same reason.
  23. Actually it won in 2020 too so that is three years in a row its voted best Mid sized SUV! Quite a credit to Toyota that it designed the car to so jump ahead of the competition its held its place against some strong competition.
  24. Are you thinking of 2021? where RAV4 won best PHEV and best mid sized SUV also. Impressive for RAV4 to win the mid SUV 2 years in a row. In 2021 it beat 'premium' BMW X1, Range Rover Evoque and Volvo XC40
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