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  1. Thanks for the replies. Yes on OEM Bridgestone's 18". Comparing noise really to Merc e Class Saloon, and I thought that was noisy. Will wait until tyres a bit older and try and source quieter tyres.. Will probably only keep it another 12 or 18 months anyway, I get bored with cars very quickly and change often, I was tempted by the 5 year warranty with this car and thought I would keep it longer. Oh Well, best intentions.
  2. I bought this car, used with 4000 miles on the clock about six months ago and am mainly happy with it. One problem I have noticed is high road noise, I have checked tyre pressures and all are ok as recommended. The car is factory fitted with "running boards" (side steps) ??, does anyone know if these amplify the road noise, and if so, can they easily be removed. Thank You.