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  1. Many thanks for the replies, will have a dive around the boot to see what I can find.
  2. On my Corolla, when driving slowly/Parking, the noise from the front parking sensor is loud (The volume level is set to the middle position in settings). However when reversing it is very quiet., I can barely hear it. Does any know where the speaker for the rear sensor is located, perhaps I have got it covered with something in the boot?? or does it use the same speaker as the front sensor. Thanks.
  3. tried the update again today and it worked ??, no idea what the problem was but happy it seems to be sorted.
  4. Hi Les, tried as you suggested, unfortunately when I sign back in, there is no estore option ??. Deleted all cookies on computer to see if that would help but still no go. Will leave it a few days and try again later.
  5. Thanks Les, tried that, also no go. Have found that when I go to the Mytoyota website, before I sign in, if I click on the headandshoulders icon near the top right, I can also see lots of option ie Sign IN, My Account, My Vehicle, My Finnance etc, but after I sign in, the only option available is to sign out, perhaps it really is a problem with their servers. I was going to try and access My Account and see what details were recorded there, but can find no way to access it on the website once signed in.
  6. MR B, yes get free downloads for 3 years. Les, yes put both phone numbers on the "Billing Summary", tried with spaces, no spaces, + sign at begining and no + sign at the begining. Ian, yes both boxes ticked. Thanks for help so far
  7. HI, Has anyone managed to download this update yet, I click "Checkout Now" then complete the "Billing Summary" and then get the following message: Been like this since Thursday/Friday. Thanks
  8. After a phone call to my local dealer to chase things up, they agreed to contact Toyota UK again. The dealer phoned me back later today to say Toyota UK had agreed to carry out the work under warranty, booked in next week. A decent result.
  9. Have the same problem with trims going grey. Took the car to my local Toyota Dealer in Grantham 2 months ago, they took photo's and said they would send them to Toyota, heard nothing since, they also said they had not seen it before. Strange that it is only the ones on the door and not the piece on the rear pillar. Perhaps it is time to chase them up.
  10. Thanks also to Rambler56, your advice was spot on. 🙂
  11. Many thanks for your advice Corolla2004. All up to date now. Age is a terrible thing, forgot how to do it, have written it down for next time. 🙂
  12. Yes Corolla2004, formatted 16Gb stick FAT32, have moved files to FMU folder on stick, will try later today when the rain stops.
  13. Thanks for the advice, will do as you suggest and try again tomorrow.
  14. Didn't call it anything Les, just copied the 5 files to the root directory. The USB was freshly formatted, so empty.
  15. Some advice please. I have updated my satnav on this car and my previous car (rav4), so I think I know how to do it. With this update (2021V2) I have downloaded the files from MyT, unzipped them, copied the correct files to a blank formatted USB stick but when I insert the USB stick into the USB slot on the dashboard I get a message saying "checking the USB etc" and then nothing happens. I have tried with another USB stick and the same happens. Can someone confirm that I have the correct files please, the one I have are FMU_PONCF3_1.iso, FMU_PONCF3_2.iso etc. The unzipped files for 2021V1 were in the format of FMU_PONC94_1.iso etc. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  16. My Excel is on 17 wheels with OEM Falken tyres, it would be nice to listen to music to drown out the noise of the tyres but I would have to have it so loud the owners of neighbouring cars would complain. I have never sat in the back of the car but the 3 people who have, all comment on the tyre noise. Only just done 2500 miles so I will have to put up with them a bit longer. When driving i am always checking to see that the windows on the passenger side are closed.!!! I seem to remember when I first got the car I thought it was really quiet but the noise level seems to have risen the more miles I do. Pity really because apart from the noise, I like this car a lot.
  17. Hi, My car is the 2lt TS Excel . I was in contact with my local Toyota dealer on Wednesday about getting a Spacesaver spare, they came up with the following: T09111-F4010 Stock Jack T09113-F4010 Stock Handle T09150-F4010 Stock Wrench T42600-05812 Stock Wheel Assembly T51931-02320 Stock Carrier T64777-02400 Stock Cushion Was also offered T58570-02260-CO Mat Assembly (This is the same as the mat already in the boot but has a small hole punched in the cente so the spike that holds the tyre in can get to the threaded hole in the boot). Decided against this on advice from the parts department, will carefully cut small hole with sharp blade. All these parts we available to order and were in stock, expect delivery to dealer today. Total cost for 6 items £189.72 incl VAT. Hope this is of help to someone.
  18. Thank You StreetHawk and TonyHSD, both of what you say makes sense to me, will keep and eye on things over the next couple of weeks and try to tie it down more as to when it happens.
  19. Again, thanks for the help so far. My previous car was a RAV4 so I understand the relationship between the engine revs and the speed of the car. What I sometimes hear now, is not the CVT gearbox. Nothing loose in the car that could cause a rattle, what I hear is a throaty roar when the petrol engine is working and can happen when it is cold or hot but does not happen all the time.
  20. Thanks for the replies, this "noise" didnt appear for the first 3 weeks I had the car, it is so loud I would have heard it earlier, not sure about the speed but pretty sure I was doing over 12mph yesterday when it happened. As I said, it is intermittent, happens some days and not others on the same route.
  21. Hi, can anyone help with a problem I have with a 2070 2.0 corolla please. I have only had the car 4 weeks and for the first 3 it was a delight to drive. At low speed, the only time I could really tell the petrol engine was running was by looking at the Rev Counter. Over the last week I have noticed a loud noise which comes and goes. At first I thought it was the radiator cooling fans cutting in but this noise appears even when the car has stood over night and has driven less than 100 yards. Yesterday I drove about 40 miles with no problems, mostly town type driving, then this throaty noise started, rising and falling as I accelerated but after about half a mile it stopped and I was back to quiet. Dont want to go direct to Dealer as in the past when I have had problems, the service department say, "We need the car until it does it for us" as though I am making up problems !!!!. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thank You.
  22. Many thanks for the replies, will have to ask next time I am near a dealer.
  23. HI, Can anyone help me please. I have just changed from a 68 reg RAV4 to a 70 reg Corolla TS. Lots of things I like since the change, especially the digital speedo. One thing I miss is the fact that when I started to drive away in the RAV4, within a few yards all the doors locked. I have been unable to find this on the Corolla, does this function exist. Thank you for any help offered.
  24. Thanks for the replies. Yes on OEM Bridgestone's 18". Comparing noise really to Merc e Class Saloon, and I thought that was noisy. Will wait until tyres a bit older and try and source quieter tyres.. Will probably only keep it another 12 or 18 months anyway, I get bored with cars very quickly and change often, I was tempted by the 5 year warranty with this car and thought I would keep it longer. Oh Well, best intentions.
  25. I bought this car, used with 4000 miles on the clock about six months ago and am mainly happy with it. One problem I have noticed is high road noise, I have checked tyre pressures and all are ok as recommended. The car is factory fitted with "running boards" (side steps) ??, does anyone know if these amplify the road noise, and if so, can they easily be removed. Thank You.
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