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  1. Hi, on my Yaris there are there ridges on wheel hub. Is this normal? Thanks
  2. Anyone tried to facelift the 2013 model year Yaris with the facelift taillights? Also if they’re just plug and play. Thanks
  3. hafnia

    Panel gaps

    Not sure of the year, but it’s the exact as my old one. I didn’t replace the bumper brackets since they seemed fine, compared to the other side which sits flush. The chassis is also bent in (approximately 4-7 cm) on the left, and needs welding, do you think I will have issues with rust? The reinforcement is fine though.
  4. hafnia

    Panel gaps

    So last Monday I hit a wall... I’ve already replaced my rear bumper and getting it painted next week. Sadly the tailgate, bumper and taillights don’t line up that well. If it was a tiny bit I could ignore it, but it looks terrible. Anyone here knows how much it would cost to get this sorted out?
  5. Anyone knows if Yaris (P13)rear bumper with a tow hook, will fit those without? Thanks,
  6. Probably the bulb. I’ve changed around 6 bulbs in 7 months of ownership.
  7. You’re welcome, but I haven’t used it, nor have I properly checked if it fits the XP130 since they don’t give an OEM number.
  8. Hi, does anyone know where I can find a service/repair manual for the XP130 generation Yaris. Preferably for the 1.0 1KR-FE, or the location for the PCV valve 😉 /Hafnia
  9. Hi, if you have LED DLR it might be because of that. The only option i have is for turning on/off daytime running lights, since my Yaris only has halogen bulbs, and DLR and beams is the same ‘unit’. I don’t know the precise terms, but hope it helped.
  10. Thanks for the link, in my own stupidity I forgot to double check and Bought the wrong ones, that’s 8£ wasted, oh well.
  11. Hi, thanks for the reply. Could you send a specific link to Euro Parts, since there seems to be many variations of companies using this name. Thanks, (Edit: I am in EU, Denmark to be specific).
  12. Hi! I need to change my rear drum brakes soon, and was wondering if anybody had changed their drum brakes before on the XP130 gen cars, and could guide me to the correct parts I tried comparing OEM-numbers, but this particular set doesn't have one, but should fit on mine (KSP130), has anyone tried this kit before Link; Bosch Brake Kit Thanks