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  1. I own the early MK3 Petrol 2011, 1.0 liter with 5 speed manual, and common issues on this gen is rust on the tailgate, check beneath the rubber cover which leads the wires and other stuff to the tailgate, and rear shocks/springs/bushings, which can produce a clunk (shock/springs) or squeaking (bushing) sound when going over bumps, so definitely take it on a test drive. Other than that it's a solid car, unless u do a fair bit of highway driving I would recommend 1.3, but for city it's fine.
  2. Hi, about a week ago I had the low fuel light warning pop up - as I had low fuel obviously (no surprise), however when I turned off the car, and turned it on again it was gone (the needle was still low and pointing almost at empty), and after I refueled it, I noticed that the low fuel light warning doesn't come on when I turn the ignition on, I know some lights dont 'check', such as the handbrake light, but is the low fuel light warning supposed to work like that too? Or did the bulb blow? Thanks,
  3. Hi, i’m trying to install cruise control on my 1.0 Toyota Yaris, it’s a 5-speed manual built in France, it’s a 2012 model (3rd gen). Pictured is what it looks like https://ibb.co/8B7HNBs
  4. Could it be either one of the fuses has blown/both fog bulbs has blown? The bulbs did come all the way from China, so i might check them.
  5. Shouldn’t my fogs work if i installed the stalk and relays then?
  6. Someone else has done it, idk how he got access to it though, that is what im trying to figure out
  7. Mine is built in france, im adding a relay for the front fog lights
  8. Hi, im looking to install a relay, anyone know how to access the R/B No. 5 relay as the picture shows?
  9. Hi, this might be a dumb question, but when removing the airbag and pushing the pin down, do i need to push the pin down, and pull the airbag simultaneously, or is it only required to push the pins down? The car is a 2012 Yaris XP13. Thanks.
  10. Ah, looks like i need relays and fuses the , and yes, it came with it on wiring
  11. Denmark, but you are correct in the stalk, its way easier to purchase a stalk stalk with the fog light switch on it, if your car is pre-wired from the factory which is what i have bought instead.
  12. Hi, my 2012 yaris P13 comes prewired with cables for the fog lights, i have installed the fog lights themselves, but i have no idea where the cable runs for the switch? Its a button type, and it seems to be a 5 pin.
  13. im in europe, but thanks for the link, i was confused as to what size t3/4/4.2/5 etc.
  14. Hi, the small bulbs needs to replaced, anyone know where to buy them or got a link for them/know what type of bulbs they are.
  15. I actually did the same with my rear bulb yesterday, ended up taking the whole light out to get it out.
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