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  1. AtoniB

    DAB issues

    Ah ha, that makes sense. I spotted the wires embedded on the screen only yesterday and I wondered if one was for one and one the other but had no idea which was which. I do indeed have a dash cam on the windscreen but I didn't when I was driving my mums car. I'll stop using it for a while and see what happens and then maybe move it around the windscreen to see if better position. Thanks for your help
  2. AtoniB

    DAB issues

    Hi I have a 2017 Auris and my daughter has a 2017 Yaris. My mum had a 2017 Auris as well. My daughter's Yaris has a normal bendy type of aerial on the roof of her car. My mum's and my Auris' have a sharkfin type. My daughter's DAB reception is fantastic and only cuts out in one specific place on a long route we take regularly. I used to borrow my mum's Auris before I got mine and DAB reception was shocking and it used to cut out completely more than it was actually one. I put it down to a dodgy car and didn't say anything. I've now got my own Auris, different model to my mums but the same style of Sharkfin aerial. Oh boy the reception is once again absolutely shocking. Does anyone else find appalling reception? If my daughter's Yaris was as bad in the same places on our journey I would put it down to the areas we drive in but its fine 99% of the time. It is literally the two Auris' that have appalling reception. Are sharkfin aerials not great? Anyone else experience awful reception particularly with an Auris? Thanks.