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  1. I'm happy with the economy, my previous car a diesel Tiguan 2wd didn't better the RAV and didn't have its performance.
  2. Hi there, Its UK gallons based on litres, so 1 Gallon is 4.54609 litres, on motorways at 70mph it averages 44/45mpg (UK), 75mph is where i tend to drive (72mph true speed) it averages 42mpg. I'm expecting the economy to improve with the higher ambient temps in spring/summer
  3. Couple of reasons, first off i'm doing 35,000 miles a year, so refuelling when the range says so would mean 400 miles per fill, if i drive on i manage 500, this would mean fuelling more often over a year, if I did 10k then yes it wouldn't bother me, the second is fuel price, I do not want, nor afford to fuel up on the motorway, so I want more flexibility on where i fuel rather than looking for petrol after 350 miles. and another point is that I live in NI and when i travel "down south" i want to be able to buy my fuel in northern ireland, as the fuel in the tesco was £1.14 yesterday and €1.40 in the south, so a big difference.
  4. Hi there, sorry should have said, fuel light comes on at 25 miles range and i've been running past zero on the range. At zero the most fuel i could put in was 45L, in a 55L tank, so i had been going almost 80 miles over, but after talking to the dealer i'm not not going past 50 miles. Kevin
  5. Hi there, I had a diesel Tiguan before my 2019 RAV 1. I'm getting average 42.19mpg actual this year, second column is litres, 3rd is trip distance, 4th total miles last is MPG, 2. Wind noise is grand, a lot quieter than my old Tiguan. 3. No idea, car will be gone at 3 years old. 4. Fuel tank issue is a gauge issue, took this up with my dealer at the service, they said thats how it is, its to protect the hybrid system, they said that if i continued to drive past range zero too far the car would run out of petrol, it would then run on electric, but the hybrid system needed the engine for cooling and thus without the engine running it is at risk of overheating. They also said if I ran it out of fuel the car would need to be recovered and a charge of £140 to restart it would be levelled. When i think of it my boss had a C300h as a company car and he ran it out of diesel, when this happened the electric motor wouldn't drive it, to his disgust, but using the toyota dealers explanation it kind of makes sense. When the gauge says zero range there are still 10L left, i'm still driving up to 40/50 miles past that, hence the 50L fills. Kevin
  6. Yeah, my last car wasa 2017 VW Tiguan SAE with the AID as VW call it, the updated AID is better as mine couldn't get rid of the dials, i don't mind the screen in my RAV, its the nav that i hate!
  7. The sat nav is pretty poor. I had a 2014 vauxhall insignia as a company which was rubbish, but its multi media was light years ahead of Toyota's.
  8. I've been quoted £150 from local dealer, Toyota not interested in doing it for free. I'm quite annoyed by it TBH, the std sat nav is rubbish and the money they saved by not developing it properly could be spent on giving me Carplay. My car is a lease car and i'm not paying for it out of my pocket, the lease company said they will not pay. So If my work won't pay then it won't get added, pretty poor because ive another 90,000 miles to do in it before it goes back. And because of this I probably won't get another Toyota when my car is due in 2022. It sounds petty but i can choose what I drive and there is no reason to get another Toyota.
  9. Ive 8500 miles in mine since October, its averaged 42.79mpg, mostly motorway. At 75mph it averages around 44mpg but it has dropped with the cold weather, my old diesel Tuiguan did the same, and it averaged around the same MPG.
  10. Evening, The horn on my 2019 RAV is a bit, weak, has anyone modified it witha "stronger" horn?
  11. Fitted this to my new RAV. Seems to work ok. And only cost £17.
  12. Exactly. The car tells me I’m out when I’ve still 20% left. My old car, a Vw Tiguan was accurate, if I got to zero I would end up putting 60L into a 58L tank. If I wanted to keep stopping constantly I would have gone with the BMW 330e and it’s 35L tank.
  13. Yep, when the range says zero I want fumes in the tank, i've done 4,800 miles in the last month and every five stops should be four fuel stops, went to germany from Oxford last week I had to stop and top up the tank in Ashford just to ensure i would make the destination on the "tank", without paying Mway services fuel. So I just want a fuel guage that tells me how much fuel I have remaining, my Rav's does not do this.
  14. Stupid fuel gauge, shows empty but 10L remain in the tank, like (Mod edit: swearing removed)! There is 20% left in the tank