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  1. Thank you all for the advice and comments. Not heard back from the Toyota dealer yet but as you all said not expecting much. Looks like a costly repair. Not sure I will sell the car after that as I would only get another Rav 4. Guess I will just put it down to bad luck, don't think the previous owner had these issues and no reason to believe there were dishonest in selling it to me. I did get the car checked over before buying it. Will let you know if I get anywhere with Toyota on the issue...
  2. Mike I had the petrol vvti version before and would have bought another one as I was aware of the D4D had issues in the past but they simply didn't make the 2013 version in petrol. I think the only version was an automatic and I didn't want that. So I totally agree with you. Aware it's put of warranty and maybe just bad luck but asking for advice, is this worth pushing Toyota or should I just bite the bullet and pay to fix it? What would you do?
  3. Hi Folks I've been a Rav 4 lover for the past 7 years and recently just sold my beloved 2004 Rav 4 petrol and upgraded to a Rav 4 2013 2.2D Awd model. I have the car about 3 months, purchased from a private owner with a full service history and checked over by a local mechanic. The car is fantastic but before a long journey this week I was checking oil & water when I noticed some coolant sprayed around the engine coming out of the overflow pipe on the coolant bottle. I took it to my mechanic and he told me it looks like a blown head gasket and a very expensive repair. To say I was shocked is an understatement, I was aware of some D4D 2.2 issues in the past but I read that those issues were long sorted before my Mark 4 model and when I look online I can't find anyone else with this issue on the 2013+ models. I took the car to my local Toyota dealer and they pretty much said there was not much they could do as the car is over 1 year out of the 5 year warranty even though it has only done 88000 miles. They said they would forward my complaint to Toyota but not to hold out too much hope of them sorting it. Has anyone any advice on this or has anyone had a similar problem. The car still cost over 10K and I think its a disgrace this has happened to a car which I expected so much more from being a Toyota Rav 4... Thx Lee