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  1. Could it be that to erase code with obd maybe of more use than disconnecting battery?
  2. I recently got myself one, I'm abit novice with it, I did do a check with the obd when I noticed the lights were still on, prior to that when I replaced the egr I checked with the obd reader which said egr fault, so I disconnected battery for about 15 mins thinking that would reset the ecu, after connecting battery I used the obd and no codes found, went for a drive and lights came back on, then before making this post I did erase codes with the obd, I haven't driven anywhere since.
  3. hi, ive just replaced my egr valve with a new mapco egr and hoping that my dash lights would go off this isnt the case, will the ecu take some time to register the new part?
  4. ok, il be doing all the brake disc's and pads this weekend so il find out for sure then. fingers crossed.. and thanks for your time
  5. hi, thanks for the info, ive found some 17s alloys, 7j 17h2 et 45, and they've come with 225/50 r17 tyres, will they be ok?
  6. hi, ive recently brought an Avensis d-4d estate and have been having trouble finding the right alloys for as i understand the fittings may be different for saloon and estates, if anyone has a set for sale or could give me advice on what i actually need id be most grateful. thanks