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  1. I am planning to do the same so any information on removal will be appreciated
  2. I ordered the same spec in July my delivery date was end of June 2020, had an email from the lease firm Friday saying it going to be middle of June 2020... so fingers crossed it will come forward some more to be ready for May 1st
  3. Just got a quote, £140. Far better than the £250 from the lease firm. Thank you
  4. Greetings fine folk, I am looking for recommendations for GAP insurance? I thought I would ask rather than going straight to the lease companies one.
  5. Personally i am not a fan of them, but it's yours and you make it your own 🙂 I get why you fit them as some people don't know how to park and just don't care about other people property. I tend to park the further point away as they are always the emptiest places. But I never take up two spaces... hate those people 😛
  6. This weekend myself and my wife went to have a look at the Rav4. I ordered a dynamic back in July before seeing or driving it as I liked the look and it had a mpg I was happy with. It came down between the Rav4 Dynamic, xc40 D3 R Design or the Tiguan R line. The Rav4 topped the list as when you started to spec the other two to be the same as the Rav4, the price soon became too high for me. Was just wondering if anyone else had ordered one on specs without test driving?
  7. I'll get some in the post 😄
  8. Thank you Mike 🙂 That's great to hear. I have a long wait for mine to arrive but I am gleaming all the info I can prior to the arrival 👍
  9. Hey Mike169, thank you for the welcome. My name is Andy, I go by Rocks as it a nickname, my family make seaside rock 🙂 So if you have ever been to Great Yarmouth and seen the rock being made the likelihood it was my parents place.
  10. Fantastic feedback, thank you. I found when I watched the reviews and were complaining about the noise I thought I must be going deaf as it was no different to other SUVs
  11. Lovely jubbly. I thought at first you had some crazy spoiler on the back then realised it's the fence post Haha
  12. With all the high demand it will not be long before they will be every other car 😥
  13. Anyone else thinks that the cyan colour makes it look smaller? Or is it because of the fish eye lens
  14. No bumper protector would have prevented that damage, you would have had to replace the protector as well. Speak to your colleagues as someone will be able to recommend a good local body shop. You may find with some manipulation and a respray you will be as good as new.