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  1. Try cleaning the windscreen with isopropyl alcohol and also clean the wiper blades til no more dirt comes off
  2. I am a key worker so I would be driving everyday. Plus I need to speak with my existing lease provider as you rightly mentioned I don't want to be charged mileage for a vehicle that should have gone back
  3. Mine arrived at the dealers in the 20th March. Garage is now temporary closed, so just have to wait for them to reopen to get the delivery date
  4. This is the guide I found (US model) but looking at the one I have off the CHR the connection looks the same
  5. When my car finally get delivered, it's at the dealers, lock down has now delayed it. I'll have a look and go from there. Any succeess will be shared as well as the learnings
  6. Illuminated switches
  7. Thank you for the fast reply and answering my question. I've found a cluster on evilbay from a C-HR that all light up. When the lock down is over and mine can be delivered I'll make a post of the difference. Thanks again
  8. Hello Rav4er's As I'm still waiting on a delivery date for my Rav4, could a UK owner answer a question for me? Do the window switches all light up? I have seen a few mods on the American model where owners have swapped out the switches from other Toyota's that have illuminated switches. So before I buy I just wanted to check if it was the same in the UK.
  9. Shame you weren't nearer i could have machine polished that out 😞 As Grumpy has said, go lightest first and slowly up the aggressiveness. Halfords have all the products mentioned so easier to get hold of. Plus Japanese paint may be easy to mark/marr but it is also easy to repair
  10. I have seen lots of various ones on American Instagram posts, from different tips to full systems. I'm sure if you look on demontweeks etc you could find something to suit your taste
  11. Its the Dynamic 2WD drive with PAN roof which I have ordered. Called again, with no progress, now waiting for another call back
  12. Yes, Panoramic roof. Do you know why the roof is leading to the delays?
  13. I received an email yesterday from the lease firm and my delivery has been pushed back to July 15th. I ordered in August last year hoping for a May 1st delivery. I have spoken to the lease company to ask why and I'm waiting for a call back. I think this is really odd as it seems most people on here are having their orders brought forwards??
  14. Loads of options on Wish. Haven't seen much on aftermarket accessories site yet
  15. Hybrids require more frequent oil changes due to all the start and stopping of the engine