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  1. You get the tyre repair kit instead, this seems to be the norm. What you get told is sales talk etc, but what I can ask is when did you last have to change a tyre?
  2. Sounds like the sender unit from the throttle pedal is failing. I had a similar issue on a ford focus
  3. The figures from the Honest John Real MPG are close the same which are being mentioned on this post
  4. I thought exactly the same. Pluscsaw a white Dynamic on the Norwich road leaving Fakenham, first one I have seen on the road
  5. Dorneykaz, I have ordered the same model this week and have been told May/June 2020
  6. Greetings all, I have ordered a Rav4 Dynamic this week. Hopefully will arrive by the renewal date of May 1st 2020. Luckily a friend of mine had inquired about one and told me about the long lead times. I would have normally not even thought about ordering until after Christmas, so I would have been very disappointed. So my count down has started. Glad I have joined the forum. Lots of great information to read up.
  7. Greetings All, I ordered a Rav4 earlier for a May/June 2020 delivery. Anyone else been given a really long delivery time? The delivery time suits me as my current lease expires 1st May 2020 ago hopefully it will be ready in time. Are there any current Rav4 2019 owner's on here who can give feedback will be gratefully received. Rocks