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  1. Hi everyone, I sell my TTE Performance Kit which I used in my RAV D4D from 2004. I can be used in all RAV type A2. I don't use it anymore since I bought a new car. The Kit works perfectly and comes original with all original papers and packing box. You can see everything on pictures in the link below. It is very easy to mount the Kit. There is like I already mentioned, the original manual. This is the link: http://www.benl.ebay.be/itm/Toyota-RAV-D4D-TTE-Performance-Kit-/111272289393?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_123&hash=item19e8586471 I hope this Kit can be of use for somebody. Best Regards.
  2. Hi, I have a 2004 Rav D4D and cruise control was installed on delivery. It is a Toyota approved item. I think it is Gold Cruise AP-300 or AP-500
  3. Hi all, I ride a 2004 D4D RAV and I used Esso Regular Diesel. In the years I had 2 faults on the SVC Valves. These Valves are quite expensive. First time in warranty. Second time 385 €. These valves don't like the bio diesel that is mixed with the diesel. So I used with succes Forté Diesel Conditioner. Now I only use Shell V Power to keep the engine as clean as possible at all times. The SVC Valve problems are well known. There is even a video on you tube how to replace them. AND there are cheaper ones to be found packed in the same box but with no Toyota stamp on it.
  4. I had the inside cap that covers the lightbulb broken off. Repairing it was not possible. I had to pay 520 € for an original headlight unit. So I replaced it with a "pirate" peace which costs 120 €. The only thing which had to be done was changing the motor inside the light unit. I hope this helps.
  5. Finally the new tires will be mounted tomorrow. I went for the Continental CrossContact UHP tires because they are the best tires in the tire tests I have read.
  6. Maybe I asked / searched for answers to late because today I have ordered the Michelin Latitude Tour HP. They will be mounted saturday. I just asked a few different Tire specialists and they all adviced the Michelins over the Continentals. Tonight I read some tire tests and well... the CrossContacts are good or maybe even better than the Tour HP. So I'm hesitating to change my order tomorrow. Which will it be???
  7. Hello everyone, I ride a RAV d4d 2.0 2004 at 100.000 km with the original Bridgestone Dueller 235/60 R16 tires on it. The tires have still 4 mm on them? I didn't like these tires from the beginning. They last long but haven't much grip. Yesterday I experienced some aquaplaning in a light turn on the highway. I was surprised because I saw the water and had already slowed down gently to 100 km/h. I decided to get some new tires. Searching everywhere I came up with some tires to choose from. Continental CrossContact UHP Michelin Latitude Tour HP Uniroyal 4x4 Street I would appreciate any advice.
  8. Lower price http://cgi.benl.ebay.be/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?V...em=110211936029
  9. With TTE Performance Kit you will be 1 second faster when doing 0 to 100 km/h but most important when going from 100 to 160 km/h in 5th gear you will be 10 seconds faster.
  10. http://cgi.benl.ebay.be/TTE-Performance-Ki...1QQcmdZViewItem This is it : the link
  11. There is a TTE Performance Kit for sale on ebay.
  12. I have this TTE Performance kit installed and I can say that the difference from 0-> 100 km/h is only 1 sec but from 100 to 160 km/h the difference is 10 sec. Now I can say that it is interesting to let your cars performance be checked on a test bench. My car only gets 105HP and 245 NM as standard. With the TTE change is 123 HP and 280 NM. Since I start lower the result is lower.
  13. Today I went to my dealer to have my RAV's alignement checked. This is the first time that this dealer checkes it. It seemed like the left front wheel was out the range. The repair man had to do some heavy repairing to get it correct. Not the repair discribed here under. After 3 years en 60000km my car finally drives straight. I can feel the car steers more relaxed. :D For those who are interested: I saw a letter from toyota that states that some RAV's have a problem pulling to the right and they do not know the cause. The solutions is to mount 4 special bolts and correct the alignement to certain degrees.
  14. Hi everybody, I have a RAV D4D VX from 2004 and from the beginning I also had the problem that my car was pulling to the right. Well it was like saying white to black. I said white and my dealer said black. I had to prove it that my car pulled to one side. I had to visit the VAB here in Belgium. There they saw on their machine that the 2 front wheels and the left rear wheel where not aligned. Even with this proof it was difficult to convince Toyota and my dealer that it was not good. Than I made the mistake by going to a tire centre to get my wheels aligned. They confirmed what the VAB had seen and aligned my wheels. It was much better but still I could not leave the steering wheel loose because soon I was over the right white line of the road. Today, after 60.000 km my car still pulls. What I also noticed is that when I drive and I steer a little to the left my steering wheel returns quickly but when I steer a little to the right the steering wheel returns somewhat slower. When I drive a straight line and I let go of the steering wheel it turns a little to the right. Just a few mm. Then the car starts a slow turn but after 50 meters the turn gets stronger until I take the car back on track. Than I already rode from the 3rd lane to the 1st on the motorway. I am well aware that not all roads are flat. They have to evacuate rain water when it rains. I have the experience to have driven several different cars and I have never had this problem. Last week I was with my car at my dealers (not the one whom I bought the car from) and I told him about the problem. They changed the position of the wheels and told me that the felt the car pulling on the test drive. They advised me to wait until first tire change and then with the proper alignment all will be solved. I should change them right know if it would be so. But… I don’t believe it. I even think to change my car with the Ford Kuga that comes out next year. But this would be spending a lot of € .
  15. Has anyone mounted a roofrack between the roofrails and the front screen?
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