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  1. I bought mine online from scrap dealer. Use one of the many links such as 1stchoice.co.uk who many dealers subscribe to. You enter the part that your looking for and you receive various quotes from around the country. I paid £65 back in August. Your much better searching for switches for the c-hr as the driver door switches are illuminated on that model. Don’t be put off by the trim that it’s attached to as the switches unscrew from that and fit perfectly in the Rav4 trim. Fitting takes no more than 10 min all plugs are exactly the same. I used bicycle tyre levers (plastic type) to remove the
  2. I am having poor sound quality problems whilst using hands free. Callers are telling me that there is a huge amount of background noise. Is anyone else having a similar problem. If so have you found a solution.
  3. Headlights are self levelling but they still have to be set correctly in the first place mine were very poorly adjusted had them checked at mot Centre who adjusted them for me. Made a huge difference
  4. As the passenger seat isn’t supplied with a height adjustment does anyone know if it’s possible to lower the seat. It doesn’t have to be adjustable just lower.
  5. There was no problem fitting it to mine and there seems to be plenty of room. I’m wondering if it was the previous model this was the case.
  6. Thanks Martin No sheep round here they’ve all been mown down by Toyota drivers. My freezer is full to. Not sure how we will manage without the Welsh leisure centre.
  7. I to have had headlight issues and found that the headlights appeared very low making night time driving difficult bordering on dangerous. The vehicle has only covered 1300 miles. Yesterday I took my car to an Mot test station where they put it on the beam setter. The mot examiner said it was absolutely disgusting how they were set up and were massively out of adjustment. He adjusted them for me and in the evening I took the vehicle out onto some unlit roads and the difference is like night and day. I can’t understand why this isn’t picked up on PDI or even why it’s coming out of the
  8. Ordered a new Rav4 Excel AWD on 9th August 2019 have been given the 30th November as delivery date. I previously had C-HR Excel hybrid but found it too small I’m 6’1 and constantly bashed my head getting in and out of the vehicle. Sold C-hr so will use my Hilux until new car arrives. Test drove the RAV 4 AWD and found it to be so much smoother and quicker than C-HR plus the added bonus of not bashing my head getting in.
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