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  1. Thanks, that's really useful. When you say 'behind the glovebox' - where exactly? All the videos I found online had it under the plastic above the pedals in the driver's footwell in some utterly ridiculous position - but they were all for the LHD cars. I know it's not behind the little storage hole to the side of the steering wheel. Is it near the diagnostics port?
  2. I know this proabably isn't the right place to post this but not sure where else to go. The forum's being really dodgy; every time I try and log in it tells me my details are incorrect and I have to go through the whole password reset process. Today I've had to do it twice; I know the password was correct becuase I asked my browser to save it, and it was only about 2 hours since I'd reset it previously. Anyone else having the same problem or know what's going ion?
  3. Can anyone help me out with a diagram of the interior fuse box on a 2005 corolla hatch? The cig lighter/power socket has stopped working. Cheers
  4. Hi, Total newbie here. My wife has a 2005 Corolla T3 1.4 D-4D 5 door. It was passed down to her from her grandma who'd kept it in generally really good shape apart from the odd minor scratch and a couple of rust bubbles, and it's only got about 84,000 miles on at the moment. So far she's had it 3 years and apart from eating its way through about 34 wheel bearings it's been pretty faultless. Whilst I'm really familiar with VAG cars of this era, I know literally nothing about Toyota, so I'm hoping that people on here can help me out and tell me what the common faults are likely to be as it gets older, and what issues may arise that simply aren't worth the cost/effort of repairing? Thanks!