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  1. I don't know much about Android Auto, would this replace the current navigation software with Google's, or would it simply be additive to the existing software (i.e. just function as an Application, rather than a replacement).
  2. Your dealer is probably confusing software updates with navigation updates. I do wish Toyota would train up the dealerships on these things.
  3. The SOS fix is that the button SIM was not properly activated for people who bought the car early on (I assume due to Toyota not sending out the details to all the dealers on the correct procedure). I got a recall note about this fix in May / June, but it may be that some still slipped through to net.
  4. And that has done the trick, I either now need to wait 24 hours, or drive around for a while for the activation to complete. I've also sent these instructions to the local dealer.
  5. The instructions there say (and I said, my dealer doesn't know how). Connect your car Congratulations, you have a car that can be connected to the My T app and all its services. However, before you can use the app, you have to go to your dealer so they may activate your car.
  6. Anyone have a number (UK) I can call to get my car activated on connected services? I have contacted local dealer, but they don't appear to know how.
  7. Just logged onto mytoyota, to find 2019v2 maps available.
  8. In my Auris, and I assume in the Corolla to, it connects/piggy backs to a fuse in the internal fusebox that is underneath the passenger footwell, choose a fuse that is only powered when ignition / accessory is on. The back of the fusebox ought to have a schematic on it to identify one. If in doubt ask nicely at your dealership - its a 5 minute job, and if not, and you need to buy a hardwire kit, then Halfords may fit it for free if you buy the kit from them.
  9. I hardwired a NexBase 412GW to mine, I mentioned this to my Toyota dealer during car purchase (it was hardwired to my trade in vehicle), and they did it for free, using the cable from the trade-in. Originally when getting it hardwired to my trade-in I got Halfords to do it, doesn't cost much.
  10. Snows - Paignton - I've had it since March 1st, so not too long before 1st Service is due, so will bring up all these things at the point of service.
  11. I have version 1512, however I have no idea how to apply 1520, I'm Wifi connected and there's no option to update over the air (update is greyed out), so assume I need to obtain a file on a USB stick from somewhere.
  12. So the software issues I have come across so far on my Corolla Hybrid Excel: Traffic on Maps appears on right hand side of road, rather than on the left side (as we drive on the left hand side of the road in the UK) Fuel prices have stopped updating, looks like this happened around May time when we could get a litre for around £1.17 Map Heading resets to 2D North pretty often (there's another thread about this on this forum) eStore app does nothing in-car I know the map heading issue has been reported by others, can anyone confirm whether the other two issues exist elsewhere? They are only minor glitches, so will look out for software updates on MyToyota and failing that will bring it up at the next service.
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